What is Hypophosphatemia?, Low Level of Phosphate in Blood, Electrolyte Disorder

Hypophosphatemia is a very rare disorder related to one of the main constituents of blood. The name seems longer and typical but hides the clear meaning of the disease. Hypo means low and phosphate is an electrolyte, emia means present in blood, thus keeping these words together clarifies the definition as “low levels of Phosphate in Blood”. So, first of all, if by a chance you have heard this name in any physician’s clinic, don’t be afraid. There is no disease which cannot be treated, especially when we discuss about it in Ayurveda. This most ancient system of medicine has the solution for every problem whether it is related to health or life. So, why to wait now, let us move forward to know about the related information of the disease and its best available treatment without any adverse effects.

What is Hypophosphatemia?

Hypophosphatemia is a health problem in which the phosphate levels in blood reduce to a very low level, disrupting various other functions of the body. It is also termed as an electrolyte disorder. Electrolyte disorder refers to the abnormal concentration of electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes help in maintaining homeostasis in the body. Along with this, they support some main functions including regulation of cardiac and neurological functions, balancing fluid, delivering oxygen to various body parts, etc. Likewise, being an electrolyte, the phosphate aids in maintaining energy levels, healthy nerve functioning, and building strong bones and teeth. Its reduction can be very severe, if not taken care of timely.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypophosphatemia

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Hypophosphatemia?

The symptoms of Hypophosphatemia are not easily visible as it does not affect the people directly. It comes up in the association of some other diseases. As per the findings till the time, below are the symptoms that are diagnosed in the patients with low phosphate levels.

  • Abnormal functions and weakness of Muscle
  • Breathing Troubles
  • Appetite Loss
  • Lethargy
  • Bone Fractures
  • Numbness
  • Change in Mental State
  • Worsening of Infections, if any exist already
  • Mood Irritations
  • Confusion and Reduced Concentration
  • Tooth Decay

Which Can Be The Factors Responsible for Hypophosphatemia?

Low Phosphate levels in the blood are mainly the result of inadequate intake or excretion of Phosphate.

But some other factors that trigger the problem are

  • Alcohol
  • Severe Malnutrition
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D
  • Malabsorption
  • Respiratory Alkalosis
  • Diabetes Complication
  • Severe Burns
  • Lymphoma or Leukemia
  • Heredity
  • Hyperparathyroisism
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Liver Failure

Who are more at risk of the Disease?

Above enlisted causes and health issues can lead to Hypophosphatemia in people. But, the individuals taking certain Medications such as Asthma, Insulin, etc. and those who gets admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are at high risk of developing this disease. As the already existing patients of the diseases have low immunity and also their dietary intake is not proper.

How can Hypophosphatemia be Diagnosed?

Hypophosphatemia can easily be diagnosed with the help of a Blood Test. In the case of severity and complications, some other tests can also be done. Basically, the diagnosis is to check the level of phosphate in the blood.

What can be the complications of Hypophosphatemia

Maintaining an adequate amount of phosphate and ensuring its well absorption inside the body through our healthy diet and lifestyle, Hypophosphatemia can be prevented. But, if in case it has arrived from somewhere, then timely treatment should be done to balance it. Otherwise, it can show some serious consequences as follows:

  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Loss of Breath
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Bones Softening

Herbal Remedies for Hypophosphatemia from Planet Ayurveda

Herbal Remedies for Hypophosphatemia

Treatment of Hypophosphatemia

Being a leading herbal manufacturing company and the followers of Ayurveda, Planet Ayurveda always tries to spread Ayurveda and its benefits to people suffering from any kind of health issue. The Ayurveda experts at Planet Ayurveda are strictly bound to the Ayurvedic principles and help the affected person to combat the disease according to them. Similarly, for Hypophosphatemia, it provides the following explained herbal supplements, that work on the root causes and treats the disease effectively.

  • Brahmi Capsules
  • Cissus Power Capsules
  • Ashwagandha Capsules
  • Mahashankh Vati


1. Brahmi Capsules

Brahmi Capsules include the pure standardized extract of a single herb, Bacopa monneiri. Brahmi is a Sanskrit word that is linked with Lord Brahma in Ayurvedic literature due to its wonderful and amazing benefits in promoting Consciousness. It is good at improving intellect, longevity, and mental strength, rejuvenating the nervous system and boosting the energy levels of an individual. Being the best brain tonic, it helps in the Treatment of Hypophosphatemia by eliminating the symptoms related to the CNS and brain.

2. Cissus Power Capsules

It is a single herb formulation prepared using the pure extract of Hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis). This herb possesses Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antioxidant properties because of which it is helpful in healing bone fractures, promoting CNS Activity, and strengthening bones. It acts as per its names, Hadjod is a Sanskrit word, where “Had” means bone and “Jod” means to join, therefore it is one of the best herbs used to restore the bones’ health and their mobility.

3. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is the only ingredient whose extract is used to manufacture these capsules. The herb shows efficacious results in reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, muscle weakness and stiffness, and relieving pain in joints. It also aids in the Treatment of Diabetes and preventing its complications. Thus, it can be a good choice if used in the management of Hypophosphatemia.

4. Mahashankh Vati

The classical formulation, Mahashankh Vati is prepared as per its details mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali. The ingredients of each of these tablets are Shunthi, Pippali, Shankha Bhasma, Tamarind Bark, Shuddha Vatsanabha, Rock Salt, Black Salt, and Sea Salt. These herbs work together to enhance the absorption of the nutrients, promoting a healthy appetite, and improving Liver Functions. It also acts as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiulcer, and is helpful in various digestive disorders.

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Finally, we are done with all the essential information about Hypophosphatemia. As it is rare disorder and mostly associates with some other disease, we have also provided the Herbal remedies available for its prevention and treatment. So, let the nature heal you internally as well as externally and maintain your health wisely.

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