What deficiencies can be the reasons behind Eye Problems? What are the Natural Solutions?


If we are able to see this beautiful nature, it’s only possible because of eyes, if you are reading this article, only if your eyes are healthy. Eyes are the more important part of the body. Not only in seeing this beautiful world, eyes also warn us from danger. Life is very hard to imagine without eyes or unhealthy eyes which can happen due to some eye disorders. Eye disorders are further results of some deficiencies in the body. In this article, we will discuss the deficiencies responsible for the occurrence of eye diseases and how one can treat them in a natural way.

Eye Disorders

Under unfortunate circumstances, eyes become affected by some of its disorders which can harm eye health

Take a look at some disorders of the eyes.

  1. Cataract
  2. Refractive errors
  3. Diabetic retinopathy
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Amblyopia
  6. Strabismus
  7. Macular degeneration
  8. Night blindness
  9. Color blindness

These disorders can happen any time at any age due to some deficiencies in the body, so it’s necessary to know about the deficiencies which can lead to eye diseases.

Eye Problems

Deficiencies behind Eye Disorders

Everything happening in our body has some logic behind it. In the same way, here are some deficiencies which can give rise to the disorders of the eye.

1. Deficiency of Vitamin B

All types of Vitamin B are required by the body for healthy functioning, but mainly Vitamin B2 is an essential nutrient needed by eyes to achieve good health. Riboflavin present in Vitamin B2 is a strong antioxidant which contains the potency to lower down the oxidative stress in the eyes. Deficiency of this vitamin can develop various eye disorders such as cataract. You can get Vitamin B2 by consuming foods like green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, asparagus, etc.), lean meats, low-fat milk, eggs, bread, fortified cereals, etc.

2. Deficiency of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant which eliminates the free radicals from the body and provides protection to the eyes from harmful free radicals which can induce the risk of eye diseases. Vitamin C is also beneficial in formation of collagen which is a protein providing structure to the eyes, especially in the area of sclera and cornea. So, maintaining Vitamin C is an essential thing to enhance your eye health. You can get a good amount of Vitamin C by eating citrus fruits, strawberries, potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, blackcurrants, peppers, etc.

3. Deficiency of Vitamin E

A wide range of eye diseases can develop with excessive oxidative stress in the eyes. Basically oxidative stress is the imbalanced condition between free radicals and antioxidants in the blood. Similar to Vitamin C, Vitamin E also decreases the oxidative stress and being a strong antioxidant, it also provides protection to eye cells from being diseased. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin C can trigger the happening of many eye diseases. To maintain normal levels of Vitamin E in the body, eat pumpkin, almonds, red bell pepper, beet greens, spinach, sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil, etc.

4. Deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids

Cell membrane present in the retina consists of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acids in very high concentration. Basically Omega-3 fatty acids are a class of polyunsaturated fat which is beneficial for our overall health. These acids contain anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful in prevention of diabetic retinopathy and various other eye diseases. You can overcome the deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids by consuming flaxseed oil, canola oil, soybean oil, walnuts, chia seeds, sardines, cold water fatty fish like sardines, herring, tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

Other than above given deficiencies, some other factors can also raise the eye disorders, which include:

  1. Infection in the eyes
  2. Allergy
  3. Chemical irritants
  4. Genetic factors
  5. Excessive smoking
  6. Ageing factor
  7. Exposure to UV rays

Symptoms Demanding Immediate Checkup

Here are some signs and symptoms which need to be checked by the doctor immediately

  1. Watery and red eyes
  2. Severe eye pain
  3. Floaters
  4. Alteration in vision
  5. Loss of vision
  6. Blurred vision
  7. The foreign particle present inside the eye

Natural Tips for Eye Problems

  1. Get enough amount of nutrients in your diet
  2. Add carotenoids in food
  3. Be physically active and stay fit
  4. Avoid taking stress
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Wear protective sunglasses while going in sunlight
  7. Wear sunglasses while swimming beneath water
  8. Do exercise of eyes

Herbal Remedies For Eye Disorders By Planet Ayurveda

To help you in healing the diseases of eyes, Planet Ayurveda prepared some marvelous remedies with standardized extracts of herbs. All these remedies are completely natural and restore the health of your eyes in a natural way without giving any side effects.

Herbal Remedies For Eye Disorders

Herbs for Giardiasis

Take a look at these wonderful remedies.

  1. Bilberry Capsules
  2. Angel Eye Vitale Capsules
  3. Angel Eye Vitale- Under Eye Nourishing Cream

Product Description

1. Bilberry Capsules

Bilberry capsules by Planet Ayurveda consist of standardized extract of Bilberry herb (Vaccinium myrtillus) which is highly beneficial in improving blood circulation to every part of the body thus preventing various eye disorders. Consumption of these capsules will regulate your blood sugar levels, digestive disorders, nausea, ulcers, heart disorders, and various other health related ailments.

Dosage: 2 capsules daily with normal water after meals.

2. Angel Eye Vitale Capsules

Planet Ayurveda’s Angel Eye Vitale Capsules are made up with pure extract of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), carrot seed (sativus), corn (zea mays), marigold (tagetes), and zinc. These capsules rejuvenate eye health and protect it from numerous disorders.

Dosage: 2 capsules daily with normal water after meals.

Angel Eye Vitale- Under Eye Nourishing Cream

Planet Ayurveda’s Angel Eye Vitale Cream formulates from Tea Pure, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Propylene Glycol, etc. Massage of this cream under the eye to enhance its appearance and maintain it clean and tidy. Various essential nutrients are also provided by this cream to eyes for staying healthy.

Dosage: Massage a gentle amount of cream twice daily.


Eyes are one of the necessary body parts and their maintenance is required to live a long disease free life. Above mentioned tips and herbal remedies will help you in getting rid of numerous eye disorders and enhance their health.

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