Let’s talk one of the Hushed Topic – SEX and SEXUAL HEALTH out loud!


Sex is a fundamental of being human, refusal to openly discuss about it doesn’t make it go away, infect, it paves much simpler way for the rising sexual violences and STI’s! Therefore , all the taboo ,stigma, shame , hush hush etc needs to stop high time ! Sex is a natural, magical source of deep pleasure, it’s almost tuned in with your desire and can take many forms and it’s all good!

Especially , given our population ,sex is happening- a lot of it, but we plaster our mouths out of it, we shut our eyes closed , our mind is sealed off the topic and yeah , that annoying ‘beep’ our censor board has come up with is not at all helping! It’s high time we discard the stigma and in fact, it’s need of the hour to normalize talking about sex and sexual health in lieu of the rising sexual violence’s and also STI’s,but that alone is not a reason , sexual health is about knowing our own body, its about pleasure, to be comfortable in our own skin,needs and feelings!

Sexual Disorders

Sexual Health Remains one of the Important Topics that is Hastily Brushed Under the Carpet !

Imagine not knowing how to conceive a child, how to Prevent an unwanted pregnancy or how to avoid STI’ s? In a country where sex education is restricted to a quick biology class, it comes as little surprise that it is rife with misinformation and misconception that last into adulthood! Let’s not fall prey to the rather false portrayal of sex as all candlelit rooms and burning passion!

By Sharing and Openly Talking About Sex, we Grow and Learn!

Sex Education:- need of the hour, to melt the clouded reality under stereotypes.

In a country where sex education is seen as an unnecessary example,bad influence  and an unhealthy topic to interest the students! Sex education is not about promoting the idea of sex , as formerly mentioned , it’s about advocating the awareness/precautions  required during the act, it’s about knowing our body much more, it’s about appraisal of one of the most important aspect – natural phenomena of mankind and should be taught from a young age!

Let’s Discuss:-Sexual Health!

  1. Sexual health is the ability to accept and embrace sexuality throughout our lives and is a part of our emotional and physical health!
  2. Acquainting that sexuality is a part of our life and involves more than sexual behaviour.
  3. Recognising and respecting all the sexual rights we share.
  4. Being able to experience sexual pleasure,satisfaction and intimacy tuning with our desire!
  5. Mastering ourselves to communicate openly about sexual health- with your parents, sexual partners , doctors etc
  6. Promoting respect towards the opposite gender.
  7. Use of contraceptives as protection .
  8. Provides a better understanding of sexually transmitted disorders (STI’s).

These are only a handful of the the benefits that would be rightly obtained from a proper sex education ! And do you still feel shame to openly discuss about sex and still willing to keep it as a separate sphere of health ? Think again.

Testing Positive for STI does not make you Dirty!

It’s eleventh hour to stop pretending that STI’s are not a common part of life if you engage in sex? STI’s are not a fear tactic to scare everyone into completely avoiding sex, this is your reminder not to judge, not to avoid conversations, not to make jokes on it, and not to drive past learning owing to your confidence of not contracting one! STD stands for sexually transmitted disease, spread through sexual acts such as vaginal intercourse ,anal intercourse or oral sex or even a skin to skin contact!

Let’s Talk about the Most Common Sexual disorder :Human Papillomavirus(HPV)

As the name suggests, human papilloma virus is one of the common viral infections(according to centers for disease control and prevention) transmitted through skin-skin contact and presents itself in 100 different forms ! Studies claim that more than 40 of its types are spread through sexual contact hence affecting the parts involved ,ie throat, genitals or mouth.

How Can you Steer Clear of it ?

This virus requires a mere skin to skin contact , hence a sexual contact isn’t always necessary. However most of the people contract HPV through direct sexual contact- be it oral , anal or vaginal. Since HPV stays asymptomatic for most of its phase, you might be unknowingly transmitting /being contracted with one! However unusual cases are suggestive of relaying HPV from the mother to her baby through delivery and the baby is infected with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis affecting the airway passage.

When Should I see a Doctor?

Aforementioned, HPV remains asymptomatic and is naturally cured within a span of 1-2 years, but can be a potential carrier of the HPV virus. However , HPV if undetected and untreated for a long time may lead to genital warts and eventually can even be instrumental in causing genital cancers as well as cancer of the  neck , throat and even head.

HPV in Men

Lesions , unusual bumps on your penis , scrotum or anus if noticed ,should be checked in with a doctor. HPV contributes to penile, throat and anal cancer in men, this happens especially in men with low immunity.

HPV In Women

The disease presentation and asymptomatic phase is similar to men, and assists in causing cancers of genital area, anus, vulva and cervix.


The holistic science of Ayurveda lays emphasis on the normalcy and vitiation of the tridosas that govern our body namely :-vata, pitta and kapha . Ayurveda lays extreme importance to a proper sex and sexual health and has unified it under the umbrella of ‘vajikarana chikitsa’ , ensuring adequate sexual health and advocating it as well. According to ayurveda, HPV is classified under charmakeela, vyana vayu ( a subdivision of vata) accompanying kapha dosha and the manifestation is seen as nail-like growths identified as charmakeelaarsha. This is again further classified based on the involvement of dosas- Hence , warts along with pricking pain is attributed to vata related charmakeela, similarly knotiness owing to kapha and blackness , decaying to pitta.

Don’t let HPV Manage you, You Manage HPV by Following These Simple Steps!

  1. Wash your hands, the cloth after cleaning your warts and minimise touching on it.
  2. Administration of salicylic acid on common warts as directed by your physician.
  3. Refrain from picking, cutting and scraping, digging and pulling out your warts.
  4. Keep the region of the wart hair free.
  5. Withhold biting your nails or soaking your hands for a long duration.

Brush your concerns away by choosing the perfect companionship of planet Ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda has fabricated a specialised care pack for the management of HPV and will serve as an effective aid in your lifestyle and dietary regimen.

Herbal Remedies for Human Papillomavirus

Herbal Remedies for Human Papillomavirus

It consists of

1. Phyllanthus Niruri

Packed with the goodness and values of bhumi amla (phyllanthus niruri) best known as an excellent anti diuretic, alexipharmic actions also helps in replenishing body tissues , improving your immunity and in supporting your liver, managing thirst , hyperacidity and your perfect friend for any gastrointestinal disorders.

Dosage : 2 capsules twice daily after meal with plain water

2. Neem Capsules

Neems (azadirachta Indica)versatility is not alien to indian households especially for its remarkable effect in any sort of skin disorders, be it acne, rashes , associated warts , pimples, wrinkles , cold sores etc and contributes highly to a healthy skin. Also Neems capability as an antioxidant and blood purifying properties has also been exploited into these care pack capsules.

Dosage : 2 capsules twice daily after meal with plain water

3. Gandhak Rasayan

A renowned rasayan dravya – shuddha gandhak (purified sulphur)  married to the potency of other well known herbs serves as a perfect supplement and is employed for relieving skin disorders, expelling toxins and being a rasayana dravya helps in reclaiming your body!

Dosage :-2 tablets thrice daily after meal with plain water.

4. Kaishore Guggul

Guggulu is a blend of extremely potent herbs and goes a long way in managing HPV with its proven benefits of supporting a healthy skin, an excellent circulatory system and its capability to relieve any inflammation.

Dosage:-2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water

5. Manjistha Capsules

Rubia cordifolia – manjistha capsules whose properties and actions  have been traditionally exploited owing to its numerous actions and properties ,and also its capability to tally all the tridosas , planet ayurveda’s manjistha capsules contain an optimal extraction and a good serve of this single herb, effectively supporting the blood circulatory system , a healthy skin and is a forebears most of the gynecological issues of and enhancing the immunity.

Dosage:-2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water

Even Though Your Body is Not Kind to You, Remember to be Kind to Yourself !

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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