What Should be the Perfect Lifestyle in Winters as per Ayurvedic Vaidyas?

Is it November? Yes. Winters are about to come. So after being exposed to high temperature and humidity it’s lovely to feel the fresh cool air, experience changing landscapes and cherish the rays of sunlight. Seasonal flu, fevers are most common these days due to the change in environment. To prevent oneself from these illnesses, we are going to talk on Seasonal regimen (Ritucharya) for wintersPerfect Lifestyle in Winters According to Ayurveda, following a Ritucharya educate us about numerous preventive measures to adapt to the change of environment. Acharaya mentioned Six ritus (seasons), which are mentioned in the below given shloka.Classical Reference

This verse states that there are six seasons in a year i.e.

  1. Shishir
  2. Vasant
  3. Greesham
  4. Varsha
  5. Sharad
  6. Hemant

The above three falls in the adana kala (when sun takes northern course) and the rest of the three falls in visarga kala (when sun is in its southern course).

Let’s Discuss in Brief about Adana and Visarga Kala

Adana Kala

  • Sun is in its northern course
  • This phase is agnaya (hot)
  • The air is ruksha (so much dry)
  • Sun and air does shoshan (exploitation) of the body and body
  • Physical strength of the body decreases accordingly.

Visarga Kala

  • Sun is in its southern course.
  • This phase is Saumya (cool)
  • The air is not dry
  • Physical strength of the body increases accordingly.

Shishir and hemant are the two ritu’s which are considered as the winter season.Classical Reference

This verse states that Hemanta and shishir are similar with some difference that there is more roughness because of the beginning of adana and cold due to clouds, winds and rains. Therefore, the Ritucharya of hemanta is applicable for sishir as well. A person should reside in a wind free and heated house.

Dominating Dohas in Winter Season

According to Acharya Charak, there are two doshas which play important roles in Winters and these are kapha (accumulation) and Pitta (Mitigation) Dosha. Along with that, there is vitiation of Vata Dosha also. The reason behind this is when the gani does not get proper diet then it absorbs the rasa dhatu and due to dryness of the body and sheeta air in the environment, there occurs aggravation of Vata Dosha .

Now, Let’s Discuss What to do in Our Daily Routine During Winters?

Diet in Winters

In winters, a Person Should Follow this Regimen

  • Madhura (Sweet), snigdha (smooth), amala (citrus), lavan(salty) rasa dominant diets like heavy, nourishing and hot foods.
  • Non- vegetarians should take meat of fatty, aquatic and marshy animals.
  • One can also take Madira (wine), seedhu (alcohol), madhu (honey) as anupana.
  • Milk and milk products like curd, buttermilk, e should also be taken during the winter season.
  • Sugarcane products like gud, rabb, cheeni, mishri, etc. should be included in the diet.
  • Oil and cooked new rice should be taken.
  • A person should take a shower with hot water and also drink lukewarm water

Lifestyle Modifications During Winters

  • During winters, one should do Oil massage, ubtana (Body scrubbing) with snigdha (smooth) ingredients, Head massage, Induction of sweat with jentaka swda method, etc.
  • A person should stay in heated room and avoid travelling outside in airy vehicles.
  • One should use carriages, beds and well covered seats with heavy sheets of wool, silk, hair braids and variegated blankets.
  • Use of winter clothes, and scrubbing with Agar wood is good.
  • Healthy Sexual intercourse is indicated in the winter season.

Perfect Regimen for Winters

This Regimen Should be Followed by both Healthy and Sick Person:-

  1. Brahma Muhurat Jagran: – one should wake up in brahma muhurat (1 Prehar (45 minutes) before sunrise).
  2. Defecation:- After waking up, one should drink lukewarm water (minimum 2 glasses) and do mal utsarjan (defecation).
  3. Dantadhavan (toothbrushing):- Acharya mentioned about dantadhavan twice a day. It helps in maintaining oral hygiene and prevents us from various diseases.
  4. Jihvanirlekhan (cleansing of tongue):Tongue cleaning after brushing teeth or Gargles are recommended to maintain oral health and avoid ailments.
  5. Anjaan Prayoga (Applying Kajal): – Daily use of Sauveeranjan is indicated by Acharya Charak and is very beneficial for eyes.
  6. Dhoompaan (medicated smoke):– Daily inhalation of medicated dhooma with certain herbs like Aprajita, hartala, mansil, agar, tejpatra, etc. through nose and mouth helps in maintaining respiratory health.
  7. Nasya (Administration of medicated oil in nose):- According to Acharya Charak daily use of anu taila for Nasya is i 2 drops per nostril is the normal usage.
  8. Abhyanga- Daily use of vatnashak oils for abhyanga (massage). Til tailam (sesame oil) is best for doing massages.
  9. Snana (Bath):- Regular bathing is considered as ayu vardhak (Age enhancer), agnidepaka (digestion stimulator), and baldayak (strengthen the body).

Don’t of Winter SeasonClassical Reference

As per the above verse, following things should be avoided in winters,

  • Vata vardhak ahara vihara (Ruksha, laghu, katu , tikta, kshaya rasa dominant diet)
  • Vayu sewana
  • Alapahara (Less intake of food)
  • Sattu (intake of cold drinks)

Some herbal formulations are effective to assist us in preventing seasonal ailments along with the above described diet and lifestyle modifications.

  1. Chayawanprash
  2. Brahma Rasayan
  3. Agastya Haritaki
  4. Amalaki Rasayan
  5. Pippali vardhmann Rasayan

These herbal formulations enhance immunity, prevent us from various body infections and sustain the normal functioning of the body.

At last, we can conclude that we should welcome the winters with a big smile on our face. A particular regimen is mentioned above for the winter season. These lifestyle and dietary modifications will lead their way to happy and awesome winters.

Happy, Healthy and Safe Winters Ahead

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