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Getting a direct version of insight into the experiences of a person suffering from IBS isn’t something we come across every now and then as they tend to suppress the need to talk out loud about the toilet issues they face. Their constant fight with the intestinal contractions and the time they spend inside the bathroom in a day which keeps being on rise and the paranoia of being in public as a consequence are no topics to be brushed off giving mere importance as they are not.! Defecation and issues related to the same are no fun and should be given the attention that they deserve. 


IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is otherwise called spastic colon or spastic colitis. It is also clinically known as mucous colitis and is a group of symptoms resulting from the inflammatory bowel disease. It is a direct consequence of intestinal irritations and are not related to any other inflammatory or bowel conditions. These symptoms typically occur together and the severity as well as the duration upto which they appear in a person vary. On a statistical scale, the analysis shows they last for at least three months and might be seen for three days per month. 

It is usually seen more in women than in men. The rumours on the risks that IBS may increase the chances of gastrointestinal cancers aren’t scientifically proven with sensible facts yet but they might affect day to day life with a significant amount of symptoms a person will have to cope up with. In some cases they may cause intestinal damages but aren’t observed in the majority of patients either.

Symptoms Of IBS

The symptoms experienced may vary from person to person but the most common sets of symptoms include the following

  • Cramping : Or a similar sensation of bloating which is usually relieved after the passage of a bowel movement.
  • Constipation and diarrhea : Both of which might be experienced on a uniform basis or as alternate bouts.
  • Stools with mucus may be accompanied by abdominal pain. 
  • Bloating and gas : often in excess than normally experienced levels. 
  • Changes in bowel habits : Changes in the frequency with which you have a bowel movement, pain during the urge to pass the stools and relief after the bowel passage, and changes in how your stool looks. Some patients also suffer from sensations like cramps which might actually be IBS pain.
  • In women : IBS symptoms may appear around their menstrual period and the symptoms become more visible during this period. Usually the women who made their way out of menopause will have lesser symptoms than women who are actively in their fertile period.

Natural Remedies For IBS

After the diagnosis or before and no matter if you are suspicious or sure already, there are some natural remedies you can always rely on

1. Manage Your Diet

Many people are so lazy to put in the effort to bring about a change in their food habits and diet chart. But in the case of IBS or any digestive or excretory disorder, it will be worth it. A healthy balanced diet is the key to open the doors of homeostasis.  As per the Ayurvedic classics the spices like ginger, pepper, and chamomile helps to reduce certain symptoms. And excluding food items that are dairy based, fried and indigestible sugars or other fatty foods also helps to a certain extent. Cut down on caffeine consumption, nicotine dependency occasionally, and artificial sweeteners or similar laxatives.

2. Try To Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Stress and anxiety are directly linked to the central nervous system and the corresponding neural impulses. The enteric nervous system which is a division of the peripheral nervous system of the body is responsible for gastrointestinal responses. The stressful conditions and strain you insert mentally affects the nervous system and as a consequence your guts are affected. Over responsiveness of the colon and disruptive digestion ends up in irritable bowel movements and the symptoms of the same follows. Being psychologically in a paralysed state is not a solution either. What we need is balance.

3. Correct Your Day And Night Schedules

Sleep is something you shouldn’t be compromising on. Same way necessary physical activities should be important in your daily chart to balance the food you consume in a day.  A 30 minute of exercise and a 6 hour sleep at least should be compulsory for your body to be smoothly functioning.

4. Be Conscious About The Fiber Power

Fiber is often not enough inside the food articles we consume everyday. So it’s important that we fit more fiber into our diet and in case it isn’t working for you, always go for a safe alternative method. Dietary supplements in fiber containing psyllium helps a lot and it would be wise if you avoid chemical laxatives that might end up damaging the intestinal walls. 

5. Choose Food For Your Intestines

Some food items you can trust for smooth digestion and excretion would be, tea, yogurt, Peppermint supplements, and probiotics. Being high on fiber is always a brilliant choice.

Planet Ayurveda’s IBS Pack

  1. Digestion Support Capsules
  2. Sanjivani Vati
  3. Pitta Balance
  4. Kutajghan Vati

Product Description

1. Digestion Support Capsules

It is a combo of two bottles with a total of 120 capsules made out of the blend of seven herbal regiment which together helps to balance of all the three fundamental body energies as Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas and helps to keep the Pitta dosha balance which is necessary for the healthy gastrointestinal responses. It helps in maintaining normal digestion via its pure herbal formulation.

Dosage- 2 cap twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Sanjivani Vati

The well proportioned natural preparation has been discussed on high terms in the Ayurvedic classics. The Sanjivani Vati capsules of Planet Ayurveda are prepared under highly sterile conditions using the natural ingredients that are important for healthy gastric reactions and functions of balanced entities.

Dosage- 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals

3. Pitta Balance

The bottle of 60 capsules acts as a natural supplement assisting normal bodily enzymatic reactions and intestinal functions. The pure vegetarian capsules helps with healthy digestion and absorption and are user friendly as it could be used by elders and children irrespective of their ages. 

Dosage- 1 cap twice daily with plain water after meals.

4. Kutajghan Vati

The capsules are prepared inspired from the herbal formulations mentioned inside the Ayurvedic classics for healthy stomach and intestines. The herbal formulation inside the capsules abets healthy digestion and supports other gastrointestinal responses of the body.

Dosage- 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals.

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Being healthy includes the proper timely expulsion of body wastes as they are the most natural ways of daily detoxification of the body. As the issue at hand could be taken care of to some extent by natural assistance via good food, healthy diet plan and exercise. And an additional input into the same would be herbal supplements. Planet Ayurveda’s IBS pack is one which is definitely worth a try.

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