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Do you know that your pancreas is the only organ in the human body that synthesises a hormone and an enzyme simultaneously?
Well yes, the Pancreas situated on the left side of your abdomen, both behind and below the stomach is the site for the synthesis of two important secretions, the insulin and glucagon the hormones and pancreatic amylase the enzyme much needed for digestion. The term “it is refers” to the general inflammation of an organ. The inflammation of the pancreas may be both short term and long term, later being more severe. In most cases the inflammation may vanish on it’s own without causing any complications, which otherwise can become fatal.

Pancreatitis Disease

Pancreatitis Signs & Symptoms

Pancreatitis often begins with episodes of pain in the upper abdomen that worsens especially after a meal and during any workout where pressure appears on the abdomen alongside a pain that radiates to the back from the lateral aspect of the stomach Tenderness while touching the abdomen is also an important sign often associated with frequent nausea, vomiting, fever, swollen and tender belly and rapid pulse are generally seen in acute pancreatitis. Having these symptoms with unaddressed weight loss, diarrhea and appearance of oily stool is a sign of chronic pancreatitis.

Causes and Pathology

The exact cause for this inflammation is not understood yet it is interpreted as the result of pancreatic enzymes being active within the pancreas (i,e; before it’s release into the gut), which irritates the pancreatic tissue wall and thus causes inflammation. The frequent blots of acute pancreatitis gradually lead to chronic pancreatitis.

Often abdominal surgeries, gallstones, cystic fibrosis, certain medications, increased content of calcium in the blood, abdominal injury, cancer, infection, escalated triglyceride content in the blood and alcoholism or even autoimmune infection triggers pancreatic inflammation as well. Based on certain researchers it is understood that alcoholism, obesity and binge eating are the newly traced risk factors for the development of the disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The right diagnosis of any maledy is essential for understanding the exeteng and chronicity of the conditions. Apart from direct physical examination, physicians may suggest an Xray. MRI scan or CT scan along with blood tests and pancreatic function tests to validate the findings.

With the advancements with modern diagnostic techniques and the multitude of treatment modalities, pancreatitis if diagnosed in the initial stages can be treated with antibiotics, injections to even fasting and diet control but as the condition progress, so does the treatment modality, and may include ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) to even pancreatic surgery depending on the extension of the lesion. Diabetics, malnutrition, infections, kidney failure, etc are a few of the complications associated with this disease.

Ayurveda and Pancreatitis

Ayurveda, the science of life that has generations of knowledge, understands each disease through a different perspective. The exact correlation to modern diseases may not be available in ayurvedic classics, but the treatment is achieved with the Dosha predominance and site of action.

Pancreatitis is a much discussed disease in the name of Grahani in all ayurvedic texts. Grahani is the inflammation to the site of release of pancreatic hormones, the duodenum. Pittaja type of grahani with its symptomatic reference shows almost the same features of pancreatitis and it is correlated so. Certain authors do opine that it can be correlated to Sotha in the Kloma as well, Kloma being interpreted as Pancreas. Both these conditions are treated well in ayurveda using dietary modifications, lifestyle adaptations with certain internal medications.

Dietary Modifications

Principally Satwik food is preferred in both the conditions. Satwik food is where the patient is refrained from consuming hot, salty, sour and pungent food prepared cautiously without much fat additives and that are light to digest. The patient is not allowed to consume anything acidic like alcoholic preparations or wines, or any food that turns acidic in the stomach, which are abundant in starch. A diet prepared at home without preservatives is prefered for these can cause irritation to inflamed cells and can ruin the condition further. In ayurveda, Takra or buttermilk is understood as the natural antidote for any disease of the stomach, especially the duodenum, and regular intake of the same helps to naturally optimise the functioning of the stomach and prevent any chance for development of such maladies.

Lifestyle Adaptations

Simple adaptations are vital to maintain the optimal functioning of the Grahani and Kloma for it to manage the digestive mechanism with ease. The meals must be consumed at the right timing without any delay between the meals. Food consumed must be warm but never too hot or cold. The meals should not be consumed too quickly or with too much haste. Avoid snacking between meals. Studious workout plans including cardio must be put to a halt until the system starts its normal mechanism or until advised by your physician. Exercise after consuming food should also be completely avoided.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Once the internal homeostasis is initiated with the food and lifestyle changes, Further the treatment extends to the detox mechanism of Virechana or stipulated purgations. This method removes all the vitiated Pitta entities responsible for the manifestation of the disease and further gives a chance for the digestive fire to initiate normal functioning. Once this has been achieved, the patient is followed with internal administration of decoctions or ghee preparations according to the digestive capacity of the individual, which restores tissue equilibrium. The patient will be asked to continue the diet prescribed some longer extension to avoid the occurrence of the disease.

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Ayurveda comprehends and analyzes a disease with yet another view where not the mere subsidence of the symptoms are the concern but evacuation of the root cause for the disease is given preference.Takra being the most common home remedy can help you with the pain provided you have a good digestive fire and mind the quality of your milk and curd. It is important to reach an ayurvedic physician to eliminate your disease and to avoid the frequent episodes of pain, but by following the dietary modifications you can surely get temporary relief from the pain and intervals of pain. In case of any query kindly visit

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