There are various yoga asanas or poses, which help to relieve backache and also strengthen our back muscles, and shoulder. These poses also provide various other health benefits.


Backache or back pain is defined as prolonged or continued pain in someone’s back. The physical discomfort may occur in arms, hands, legs or feet. It may be ranging from mild to severe.

So episodes of back pain may depend on the duration of the symptoms.

  • If it remains for <6 weeks, it is considered as acute back pain
  • If it remains between 6 to 12 weeks, it is considered sub-acute back pain
  • If it remains for more than 12 weeks, it is considered as chronic back pain.


  1. Neuropathic pain (shooting, burning or stabbing pain)
  2. Muscle pain
  3. Sciatic pain
  4. Increased pain on any movement like walking, standing, bending, or lifting
  5. Muscle spasm in the lower back


There is no exact cause for back pain but there are some conditions that may be responsible for the causation of backache.

It includes:

  • Osteoporosis (a disorder in which bones become brittle and weak)
  • Arthritis (inflammation of joints)
  • Irregularities in skeletal muscles
  • Bulged disc (spine injury)

Other Risk Factors which Cause Backache

  • Obesity
  • Gender
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Stress and anxiety


Home Remedies for Backache

Following yoga poses are the natural way to get relief from backache.

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Cat-Cow
  3. Sphinx Pose
  4. Locust Pose
  5. Bridge Pose
  6. Extended Triangle
  7. Cobra Pose
  8. Child’s Pose
  9. Two-Knee Spinal Twist
  10. Pigeon pose
  11. Eagle pose

This pose is very helpful in relieving back pain. There are various benefits of this pose:

  • Strengthens the entire back
  • Stretching of the back, shoulders and front body
  • Reduce stress and headaches by stretching the cervical spine, neck and relaxing the head
  • Increased respiration
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased blood circulation to the brain and eyes.
  • Increased blood circulation throughout the body
  • Increased strength to the arms and shoulders
  1. CAT-COW

This pose is considered the beginner’s yoga pose and help in relieving back pain. There are various benefits of Cat-Cow pose which are the following:

  • Releases the tightness of both upper back and neck
  • Strengthens the striated muscles or abdominal muscles
  • Improves flexibility of the neck, spine, and shoulders
  • Regulates breathing patterns
  • Improves kidney function
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve functions of the gastrointestinal tract and female reproductive system
  • Relieves menstrual pains, lower back pain, and sciatica
  • Stretching of the back, torso, and neck

Sphinx pose also known as Salamba Bhujangasana. It is also considered as a beginner pose for back pain. It relieves back pain.

Other Benefits are:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system
  • Strengthens the spine, chest, and shoulder
  • Energize your body
  • Reduces stress and fatigue

Locust Pose also known as Salabhasana. This pose helps in strengthening the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and muscles of the back of the arms and legs.

Other Benefits are:

  • Stimulates abdominal muscles
  • Alleviates stress
  • Calming and soothing of the brain
  • Improves focus
  • Massages the intestinal tract, so improve digestion
  • Strengthens core and back muscles
  • Therapeutic to hamstring injuries, arthritis of the knees, postural problems
  • Reduces weakness and fatigue

Bridge Pose is also known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. It is beneficial to get relief from lower back pain.

Other Benefits are:

  • Stretching of the chest, neck, and spine
  • Reduce stress and mild depression by calming or soothing the brain
  • Stimulates internal organs such as abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid
  • Strengthens tired legs
  • Promotes digestion
  • Alleviates the symptoms of menopause
  • Relieves pain and stress during the menstrual period
  • Decreases stress, anxiety, weakness, headache, and insomnia
  • Ease asthma, osteoporosis, and sinusitis

Extended Triangle Pose is also known as Utthita Trikonasana. It is beneficial for people with back pain.

Other Benefits are:

  • Stimulates the abdominal muscles
  • Reduced stress
  • Improves digestive system
  • Relieves pain and other symptoms of menopause
  • Relieves backache associated with pregnancy
  • Improve the strength of the knees, thighs, and ankles
  • Stretching of hips, hamstrings, and calves
  • Ease osteoporosis and sciatica

Cobra poses also known as Bhujangasana. It improves the strength and flexibility of the entire back.

Other Benefits are:

  • Decreases anxiety and stress
  • Cure asthma
  • Improve digestive system
  • Increase strength and flexibility of back and neck
  • Relieves neck and back Pain
  • Relieves Sciatic Pain

Child’s Pose is also known as Balasana and it is considered as the beginner yoga pose for stretching of the low back and inner thighs muscles.

Other Benefits are:

  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Provide massage to the internal organs or intestinal tract and improves digestion
  • Improves the functioning of the brain
  • Improves the strength of the lower back or ligaments in the knees

Two-Knee Spinal Twist is also known as Jathara parivartanasana. It is a restorative posture that increases the movement and flexibility of the spine and the entire back. It reduces the back pain and increases the strength of upper back muscles.

Other Benefits are:

  • Stretches the Spinal Muscles
  • Improves the digestion by stimulating the elimination of waste products.
  • Stretches the chest, shoulders, and hips
  • Reduces pain in the spine, shoulder, and hips.
  • Provide massage to the internal organs
  • Massages, stretches, and tones the internal organs

Pigeon pose also known as Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. This pose helps to alleviate low back pain and stiffness.

Other Benefits are:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance hip flexibility
  • Helps in the treatment of the urinary disorder
  • Prevent sciatica
  • Improves posture

Eagle pose is also known as Garudasana. It can help to relieve lower back pain and sciatic pain.

Other Benefits are:

  • Improves concentration
  • Improves digestive system
  • Strengthening and stretching of ankles and calves
  • Stretching of thighs, shoulders, hips,  and upper back

Some Other Yoga Asanas Are:

  • Triangle Pose
  • An Upward Forward Bend
  • Upward-Facing Dog
  • Knees to Chest With Slow Rock
  • Reclined twist
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