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Trailokya chintamani rasa is a potent rejuvenator. It is one of the best rasaushadhi to deal with multiple health ailments. The mixture or blend of multiple herbal formulations increase the potency of associated herbs. The associated gold in formulation enhances the authenticity multiple times. Preparations containing mineral drugs as main ingredients are called rasa yogas. They may be in pill or in powder form. Different herbal and mineral ingredients are there in different rasaaushdhis. It is important to detoxify the ingredients. The potency of such a rasaushadhi prepared properly based on the principles of ayurveda is definitely high and result oriented without side effects. Trailokya chintamani ras is such a rasaushadhi which is potent and rejuvenates the overall body status. The ayurvedic research shows that the trailokya chintamani ras with shuidh parad and gandhak can be effective in a variety of ailments considered as fatal. This article contains information about trailokya chintamani rasa, its ingredients and method of preparation and therapeutic uses.

Trailokya Chintamani Rasa


The reference about Trailokya chintamani rasa is mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali. It is tridosha shamak It is an ayurvedic medicine in a tablet form that contains herbal and mineral ingredients. The medicine is tridoshnasak and helps in improving stamina and strength. This medicine is used in treating diabetes and heart diseases. This medicine is prepared from several bhasma that contains precious minerals. Bhasma such as swarn, lauha, rajat, abhrak, heerak etc are used to prepare baidyanath trailokya chintamani ras.

Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali


  1. Purified mercury (Shuddha parad) – Improves the overall strength of the body. Act as a catalyst and enhance the rate of action of other ingredients.
  2. Praval bhasma (Calcined coral) – Natural calcium, promotes cooling effect and pacifies pitta.
  3. Purified arsenic (Shuddha hartal) – Useful in various respiratory disorders.
  4. Shuddha manhashilla (Sulfide of arsenic).
  5. Hirak bhasma (Calcined diamond) – Improves strength, cure debility, improve the male sexual hormones.
  6. Suvarna bhasma (Calcined gold) – Improves the brain tone, intelligence, and vocal capacity.
  7. Abhrak bhasma (Calcined mica) – Pacify the vitiated doshas. Cure the respiratory issues.
  8. Moti pishti (Purified Pearl paste) – Promotes the cooling effect, act as a natural calcium.
  9. Purified Sulfur (Shuddha gandhak) – The immunity booster, yogvahi, used to prepare kajjali with Parada.
  10. Shankh bhasma (Calcined shell) – Promotes cooling, cures abdominal problems.
  11. Rajat bhasma (Calcined Silver) – Improves the sperm quality, pacifies weakness.
  12. Tamra bhasma (Calcined Copper) – Pacify the vitiated kapha and pitta.
  13. Tikshna loha bhasma (Calcined iron) – Improve the Anemia, increase the iron content in the body.

Bhavna dravya are basically the ingredients which are being mixed in liquid form to increase the pharmaceutical properties of a formulation.

  1. Chitrakmool – Cure digestive issues like constipation.
  2. Arkadugdha – Detoxifies and drains out the free radicals.
  3. Nirgundi Swaras – Act as pain reliever, vata pacifier, anti-anxiety, act as natural relaxant.
  4. Surankanda rasa – Antibiotic, antioxidant.
  5. Snuhiksheer – Cure the problems like fistula and piles.


Kharal (Crush) the above mentioned ingredients like Purified mercury, Hirak bhasma, Suvarna bhasma, Rajat bhasma, Tamra bhasma, Tikshna loha bhasma, Abhrak bhasma, Moti pishti, Purified Sulfur, Shankh bhasma, Praval bhasma, Purified arsenic, Shuddha manhashilla by pestle and mortar after mixing in equal part with decoction of chitrakmool kwath for 4 days. After completion, kharal it in arkadugdha, decoction of nirgundi, surakanda and snuhiksheer for 3-3 days respectively…………………………………(Yogratnakar)

DOSAGE-– The formulation is in tablet form (125 mg each). The dose generally guided is one tablet twice a day after meals.


It can be given with rasa of ginger, honey, decoction of dry ginger, jaggery.


It can be given with different anupanas. It improves digestive fire, strength, immunity, semen count. Drain out the toxins, boost the overall status of health. The regular and prescribed intake of trailokya chintamani rasa promote longevity and act as anti-ageing. It can cure cough, tuberculosis, vata, abscess, anemia, pain, grahani, blood mixed stools, ascites, diabetes, calculus, halimak, udarroga, dysuria. Trailokya chintamani rasa is hot and pungent in nature. It acts as a stimulant to improve the functioning of nerves, a best herbal formulation to counter influenza and pneumonia. It promotes the better functioning of body tissues. Promote the cardiac muscle tone, hence act as a rejuvenator. Pacify the kapha aggravation.


It can be used in following ailments –

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Loss of libido
  3. Act as an antioxidant
  4. Drain out the free radicals and hence detoxify the body.
  5. Increase the immunity hence can be called as immunity modulator.
  6. Tone up the brain activity
  7. Reduce the pain
  8. Improve digestion as it is mentioned as agni dipyte
  9. Ojaskar increase the body aura
  10. Blood purifier
  11. Increase the semen and semen quality
  12. Help to increase the sexual weakness
  13. Cure the numbness associated with weakness
  14. Cure anemia
  15. Fever
  16. Diabetes
  17. Depression
  18. Liver disorders
  19. Plihavikar
  20. Asthma
  21. Skin diseases


Should be taken after consultation with a physician. Overdose can cause serious complications. Should be avoided in case of lactating mothers or pregnant women. Keep out of the reach of children.

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The Trailokya chintamani rasa is one of the best rasaushadhi to cure the ailments like allergy, aggravated kapha, mucus, cold and other variety of ailments mentioned above. The trailokya chintamani rasa rasa of planet ayurveda is best loaded with authentic and natural herbal minerals as mentioned in classical texts. The formulation is cent percent result oriented, best, GMP approved and serving mankind since decade.

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