How to Have Good Curves with Ayurvedic Herbs?


Each of us has our own standard of beauty, type, ideas in our heads – therefore, the wishes of our guests may be different. Some want to lose weight, others want to tone their muscles and good curves. But for the most part, everyone who comes to us formulates it this way – “I just want a beautiful and fit body”.So after reading this article, you will have a clear way on how to get a curvy body the right way.

What are Good Curves actually?

The stability between finding satisfaction in the body you’re in and the inspiration to keep it in good shape is a conflict. I would dare to say that most women face or have faced this conflict. The point is finding the true meaning of this word. Slender does not mean healthy. Curvy does not mean fat.

Everybody is beautiful in their own way – and I only expect that society, media, and individuals continue to embrace, showcase, and remember this. Every single girl wants to have curves in her body. Before going far down into the curves, first, it is essential to understand what the curves are? To put this simply, curves are fascinating because they are the signal of health and fertility. Women who are shapelier are seen as more fertile and have bodies that are better fitted for childbearing. So after knowing what actually good curves are, now we need to know some reason that leads a girl to have bad curves.

Good Curves With Ayurveda

What leads a girl to have bad Curves?

Girls, it is a time you need to know that the weight loss odds are stacked against you when you are talking about Curves. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have good curves—but it will be much more difficult for some to lose weight than others, or and this may become even more apparent as we age. While there are some ways to improve your weight loss or maintenance outcome, it’s important to understand the internal factors also play a role in weight loss as a natural process in the female body, even more so than males.

Let us look at some reasons which lead a girl to have Bad Curves

1. Effect of Genes

Thin people tend to blame their genes for their skinny figure similarly fat or obesity can also be genetic. It is believed that between 60- 70 % of our body weight is determined by our genes. That is why some people to this day carry genes that predispose them to be obese.

2. Eating Mistakes

Girls tend to eat too many or too few calories. The lower level of protein intake leads a girl to have bad curves. High protein consumption helps in achieving good curves by reducing appetite, increasing feelings of fullness, and boosting metabolic rate. Not Eating Enough Fiber also leads to bad curves as it internally affects the growth of tissues.

3. Improper Metabolism of Nutrients:

Improper metabolism of nutrients occurs when the metabolism process fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy and fit.

4. Human body is sensitive to a deficiency in metabolism

The body must have amino acids and different types of proteins to fulfill all of its functions. For instance, our brain needs potassium, sodium, and calcium to produce electrical impulses, and lipids (oils and fats) to sustain a healthy nervous system. Improper metabolism of nutrients can take place in many forms.

This may include

  • Missing vitamin or enzymes that are essential for a necessary chemical reaction
  • Metabolic processes can be hindered by abnormal chemicals.
  • Disease in the pancreas, endocrine glands, liver, or other organs involved in metabolism also lead to weight gain
  • Deficiency of important minerals and nutrients.

Drugs that affect appetite

Weight gain or body fat redistribution are common side effects of many widely used drugs. Taking too much drug, including prescription drugs, can result in an overdose. It may lead to harm appetite of a normal person.

Good Curves and Ayurveda

A beautiful body made without healthy food and regular exercise, for example, by surgery, looks good only from a distance, if we look at such a figure closely and without clothes, we will see poor quality, irregularities, unnatural folds or depressions, for example, a thin waist, but loose arms, etc. But healthy treatment and exercise improve health, the result is more stable and durable, and it is less expensive than going under the knife.

So Planet Ayurveda is here to provide you good curves with natural supplements. These supplements not only provide good curves but also maintain overall health. These supplements are made from natural herbs with ancient time tested formulas.

All these herbal Remedies of planet Ayurveda are 100% pure, natural, and vegetarian. All medicines are free from chemicals, additives, starch, color, and yeast. These are safe to use at any age. These herbal remedies are free from any kind of side effects.

Thinner You Pack

Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss

Thinner you pack

  1. Trim Support
  2. Stholyantak churna
  3. Garcinia capsules
  4. Guggul capsules

Product Description

1. Trim Support

Planet Ayurveda’s Trim Support is an effective Herbal Supplement for Weight Loss Trim Support works in a distinct way to burn fat from the body. It is prepared from the standardized extract of Vrikshamal (Garcinia cambogia), Mustak (Cyperus rotundus), and Triphala (The three fruits). The herbal ingredients of Trim Support work on curbing appetite. This herbal remedy mostly works with the liver to improve burning fat. This improves the proper balance of blood sugar levels and metabolism. This blend works perfectly in a natural manner to reduce the weight in a very convenient and comfortable way.

Dosage: – 2 capsules twice daily, with plain water, after Meal.

2. Stholyantak churna

It is a unique blend of various herbs like Mustak (Cyperus rotundus), Chirbilva (Haloptela integrifolia), Balbach (Iris ensata), Babool (Acacia Arabica), etc. to make you lose extra fat from your body. It works in a synergistic manner to help the body get rid of extra fats. It not only removes fat but also correct carbohydrates and metabolism levels.

Dosage: – 1 teaspoon full twice daily, with plain water or fresh juice, after Meal.

3. Garcinia Capsules

It is made up of pure extract of Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia gummi-gutta). It is a fruit that has enormous power to fight fat. It is useful in all forms of obesity and excessive weight due to any reason.

Dosage: – 1 capsules twice a day, with water, after Meal.

4. Guggul Capsules

These capsules of Planet Ayurveda are standardized extracts of pure quality Guggul (Commiphora Mukul). These are helpful in maintaining healthy bones and joints. It can be taken as a dietary supplement on daily basis.

Dosage: – 1-2 capsules twice a day, with water, after Meal.


From the above article, we came to know how to have a beautiful and fit body with Natural herbs. Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, without exception, but it is not always so easy. A person leads a certain lifestyle throughout his life, to which his body gets used, therefore, once deciding to lose weight quickly, it is necessary to understand that, for a number of physiological reasons, a sharp weight loss can lead to serious health problems. So it is good to go natural by using herbal products for good curves and a healthy inner body.

Live healthier, Live Heartily
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