Herbal Remedies for ITP During Pregnancy


ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is an autoimmune disease in which antiplatelet antibodies bind to platelet surfaces causing their destruction. ITP is the most common cause of thrombocytopenia during pregnancy. ITP can occur in any stage of pregnancy if a woman develops thrombocytopenia during the first trimester. A mild thrombocytopenia is frequent in pregnant women and it has generally no consequences for mother or to the fetus. This article will focus on clinical features of ITP and how we can manage this condition with herbal formulations.ITP during pregnancy


ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is also known as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. In ITP, the number of platelets decreases in blood. The immune system starts destroying its platelets.  Platelets are small cells that help to clot blood during bleeding. ITP increases the tendency to bleed and causes a red or purple rash. Initially it may have no symptoms but later on it includes:

  • Easy and excessive bruising
  • Bleeding from gums and nose
  • Blood in urine or stool
  • Bruises on skin in the form of patches

ITP during pregnancy is a complicated condition. It can occur anytime in pregnancy. Fetal intracranial hemorrhage is a very uncommon condition in pregnancy. The antibodies sometimes cross the placenta in fetus blood circulation and even stick to fetal platelets.

Ayurvedic Aspect of ITP

Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicinal system that improves the quality of life by doing changes in lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda believes in the concept of three Doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha. In ITP, increased Pitta dosha gets mixed with blood and travels in the whole body which causes various symptoms such as bruising of skin and bleeding. In pregnancy ITP is a complicated condition in which balance of three Dosha is very important, if Pitta continues to aggravate then various complications occurs like fetus growth retardation, fetal intracranial hemorrhage, or sometimes end up in abortion. Balancing Dosha during pregnancy is very important.

Causes of ITP

ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is caused by various reasons like:

  • Platelet reduction and Sepsis (blood infection)
  • pylori bacterial infection in the stomach
  • Drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia
  • Viral infections like hepatitis C, chickenpox, HIV, etc.
  • After exposure to certain toxins
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Enlarged spleen

Causes of ITP During Pregnancy

  • Previously existence of thrombocytopenia
  • Enlargement in spleen
  • The decrease in the shelf life of platelets
  • Severe preeclampsia

Symptoms of ITP

  1. Blood in urine and stool
  2. Bruising or purplish area on the skin it is due to internal bleeding
  3. Bleeding from nose and gums
  4. Pinpoint red spots on the skin
  5. The feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  6. Altered behavior
  7. Sometimes ends up in Abortion

Diagnosis for ITP

  • ITP can be diagnosed with simple CBC (complete blood count) for platelet counts.
  • A blood smear test
  • If the blood platelet count is decreased then bone marrow aspiration is needed in some cases.

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides the best and effective treatment for various diseases. Planet Ayurveda is best in treating ITP patients with their herbal remedies. These herbal remedies are prepared with the best quality natural herbs, 100% pure, free from chemicals and preservatives and prepared according to Ayurvedic principles. These not only help in fighting with the disease but also provide nourishment to the body. These remedies are helpful in pregnant women which are affected by this disease. Taking herbal medicines are safe and secure rather than steroids in pregnancy because these can cause serious complications. These remedies include:Herbal Remedies for ITP During Pregnancybuy-now

1. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha is known as “winter cherry”. Ashwagandha is the best herb in balancing Vata. Vata includes movement of nerve impulses throughout the nervous system. Ashwagandha boosts immunity, provides strength to muscles, helps in fighting conditions like fatigue, stress, & nervous breakdown. It is a nerve tonic that provides physical as well as mental health.

Dose: 1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Green Essential Capsules

It is a blend of different herbs like a grape seed (Vitis vinifera), wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum), alfa (Medicago sativa), etc. Here Green stands for ‘life’. It helps in clearing the toxins from the body. Rich in iron, B complex Vitamins, Vitamin C & natural antioxidants. Helps in blood formation & provides nourishment to pregnant women and growing children.

Dose: 1 Capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.

3. Gandhak Rasayan

It helps in balancing Vata, Pitta, Kapha. It has antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a blood purifier and rejuvenator. It helps in increasing immunity and is beneficial in urinary tract disorders.

Dose: 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals.

4. Amalaki Rasayana

Amalaki is a rich source of Vitamin C. It helps to fight against obesity. It is a beneficial HIV which leads to AIDS, regulates blood sugar level, and eliminates toxins from the body.

Dose: 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals

Home Remedies for ITP

Home remedies are simple remedies by which help patients to get relief from symptoms. Ayurveda believes in diet and lifestyle modification will lead to a healthy life. Just keeping track of what you eat and how much you eat will help you keep yourself healthy. There are various home remedies which help in increasing platelets count like:

  • Papaya leaf-Drinking papaya leaf juice or eating ripe papaya help in increasing the number of platelets.
  • Pumpkin and its seeds-Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and helps to produce platelets. Eating pumpkin and having its seed will also help in increasing its platelets.
  • Beetroot-Taking a glass of beetroot juice everyday will help in increasing the number of platelets in the human body.
  • Wheatgrass juice: –Wheatgrass juice with some lemon juice helps in increasing the number of platelets.
  • Orange juice, spinach and green leafy-Consume orange juice, spinach and green leafy helps to increase in a number of platelets because they are rich in Vitamin B9. Vitamin B9 is important in cell division and to increase the number of platelets.
  • Cabbage, parsley, eggs-Having eggs, cabbage, parsley, etc. will boost the production of platelets because they are rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in increasing the number of platelets.
  • Milk product-Milk, cheese, etc. are rich sources of Vitamin B12 which helps in increasing the number of platelets.
  • Pomegranate-Food like pomegranate, lentils help in the production of platelets because they are rich in iron. Iron helps in the production of healthy cells
  • Aloe-Vera juice-It helps in fighting with blood infections and purifies the blood and increases the number of platelets.


ITP during pregnancy is a complicated situation as it can exacerbate symptoms and discomfort. However it can be managed by Herbal formulations. The above herbal formulations are 100% Ayurvedic and they don’t cause any side effects as they are free of chemicals and preservatives.

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