Top 7 Superfoods to Treat Vitiligo

Top 7 Super foods to Treat Vitiligo

What is Vitiligo? It is a disease that spoils the color of your skin. It appears on any part of the body and spoils your looks, makes you look ugly. It is a disease that imbalance your 3 doshas, melanin cells get disturbed and changes the color of skin where it is reduced. White patches emerge here and there, and these are more visible on dark colored people. It begins with tiny patches, which keep spreading with time. Mostly it happens on the skin, which is exposed to the Sun.

Mostly this disease is genetic, if anyone in your family has it, you are more prone to acquire this disease. People who remain tense get infected quite easily. Actually, it has nothing to do with stress, it just enhances this disease. When you eat stale, incompatible food or sour-salty food, it further destroys the tissues or dhatus like plasma or rasa, blood or rakta, and muscles or mamsa. Today we are going to discuss a few homely foods that prevent us from this embarrassing disease. You just need to alter your eating habits.

1. Papaya


This fruit has a unique taste and is beneficial for your health. If you get infected by Vitiligo, cut a Papaya and rub its pieces on the areas of your Vitiligo patches. Wash it with plain water till the moment it dries down. Keep drinking the juice of Papaya regularly, don’t let this disease come calling your name.

2. Drink Water in a Cup made of Copper Metal

Drink Water in a Cup made of Copper Metal

Water helps you a lot with removing hydration, making you not to get infected by Vitiligo and makes you look fit & fine. If you put water in a copper made jug, then it can help you in healing Vitiligo in a fast manner. It enhances your melanin in the body and cures the white patches from appearing. You just have to have a copper jug by your side, fill it and forget it for the night and drink early in the morning or whenever you feel thirsty, try to drink water from it always.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

It is an herb that eradicates dozens of ailments as it triggers the immune system, which secrets immunes that keep many infections at bay. It has anti-oxidants vitamins that are always ready to fight Vitiligo like Vitamin A &C, B12, and folic acid. It has minerals in plenty like chromium, copper, calcium, zinc and many more, which revitalize the skin, thus giving a chance for its cells to sprout. Thus the disease of Vitiligo has found its cure.

4. Turmeric


You have to add some other ingredients to Turmeric powder, a few drops of mustard oil and some neem leaves. Make a paste of Turmeric powder by adding the drops of mustard oil in it. Now spread it gently over the white patches of your skin, now relax for half an hour, and then wash it with plain water. This procedure might be followed in the afternoon and better be regular to reap in maximum benefits.

We have another method, just take the neem leaves and mash them. Add turmeric powder to it, not put this mixture in water to make a paste. Now gently spread it on the affected area and forget everything for 30 minutes. Now wash your face with lukewarm water, if you need some positive result, follow these steps twice a day and done regularly.

5. Honey


Honey has the power to regenerate the dead cells of the skin, the lack of which has caused Vitiligo. All you need is an authentic jar of honey. First, rub a cleanser on your area of infection and then rinse it with water. Now take some drops of honey and gently rub on your infected area very smoothly for some time. Then wait for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it off with a lukewarm water.

There is a different way done with different ingredients. 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and 1 tablespoon of rice powder. Combine them all by stirring vigorously unless it forms a paste. Now very mildly apply this paste on the affected area and relax for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash the area with plain water. This procedure should be followed at least twice a day.

6. Ginger


Ginger has strong anti-oxidants that help it from not getting infected by such an ugly disease. At first chop the raw ginger into small pieces. Now rub these over the infected areas for some time. Leave it unattended for 20 minutes. Later wash it with lukewarm water

You need ginger juice and lemon juice of the same quantity and a glass of hot water. Stir them well after mixing, now drink it twice a day. Do it regularly and you will see your white patches shirking and eventually fade away.

7. Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Neem flowers, leaves and seeds have an abundance of benefits that can be available very easily as neem trees are found in most of India. It has a sour taste, but lots and lots of benefits. If you are able to drink its juice, mash its leaves and flowers and then mix them in water, which should be drunk daily. You will never ever come under the infection of anything as it has the maximum benefits, which you can avail.

There is the second option of making a paste by mixing neem leaves and mixing them within a small amount of water. Gently rub this paste over the infected area. Don’t move an inch for 20 minutes, then clean it with water. Such a procedure should be repeated every day.

If you try any one of them at your home, as these can be easily grown in your kitchen garden, you can try and Vitiligo can never infect you. Because eradicating it is a slow process, at night some days, weeks, months or years to eradicate it completely. But the moment it emerges, it spoils your personality, as ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

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