Cleanse Your Colon Fast With These 7 Natural Remedies!

CLEANSE YOUR COLON Fast With These 7 Natural Remedies!

Colon Cleanse

Colon cleanse is a term used for a process which can be helpful in improving the overall digestive health by detoxifying the body, eliminating the build-up of harmful toxins/wastes, and promoting healthy intestinal bacteria.

The colon, or the large intestine, is an important part of the digestive system as it maintains ‘electrolyte’ balance in the body. The main functions of the colon is to extract water, nutrients, vitamins, and salt from food, process the food which is not digested in the small intestine, maintain pH, and expel solid waste from the body.

The process of colon cleanse is required when the colon stops performing its functions properly because of a person’s unhealthy eating habits. The improperly functioning colon starts absorbing the toxins rather than eliminating them, and can lead to several problems including constipation, gas, bloating, vomiting, fatigue, sudden spells of headaches, joint pains, low energy, and weight gain. These problems can trigger some serious health conditions such as gall bladder stones, heart problems, colon cancer, asthma, skin allergies, kidney disorders, and liver diseases.

It is believed that most of the problems related to the improper functioning of colon can be prevented or reduced with the help of a colon cleanse. Hence, for optimal digestive health, cleansing of the colon can be very beneficial.

Top 7 Natural Remedies for Colon Cleanse

Natural remedies for colon cleanse involve the use of certain foods or food-items which can enable the colon to expel its contents completely. These remedies can detoxify the body in a natural way, along with enhancing the digestive system and improving the overall quality of life.

The 7 best natural remedies which can help in cleansing the colon fast are:

1. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

The intake of Apple Juice is an excellent natural remedy for a fast cleansing of the colon. Apples are abundant in nutrients like Vitamin, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, which can support the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, apples are also a rich source of fiber, which is helpful in bulking up the stool and making it easy to pass. Apples help in weight management, and can also prevent/control the growth of colon cancer cell.

To prepare Apple juice for colon cleanse, blend the slices of one apple in one cup of water and drink it. After half-an-hour, drink one glass of water. This remedy should be followed a few times a day, for at least three days.

2. Juice made from Raw Vegetables

Juice made from raw vegetables

Raw vegetable juice is also a beneficial natural remedy for colon cleanse and improving digestive health. This juice can eliminate waste from the colon, detoxify the body, help in stool formation, and reduce weight significantly.

For preparing raw vegetable juice, a combination of vegetables — such as spinach, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, and tomato etc. can be taken. The vegetables should be blended with some water, and consumed several times during the day.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Another effective remedy for colon cleanse is lemon juice, which can be prepared as a very useful detox drink. Lemons can facilitate the process of detoxification and improve body metabolism because of the presence of Vitamin C in abundance. Lemons also have natural antioxidant properties which can protect the body from free radical damage and improve bowel movement.

For colon cleanse, the juice of half a lemon should be added to one glass of lukewarm water, along with 1-2 teaspoons of honey and a pinch of salt. This lemon detox drink should be taken every morning on an empty stomach.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of Apple Cider Vinegar is extremely beneficial for a healthy gut and colon because of its antioxidant and antibiotic properties. It also helps in digestion because its acidic nature increases the acid level in the stomach, helps in eliminating toxins, and leads to weight loss.

For using Apple Cider Vinegar as a colon cleanse remedy, 1-2 tablespoons each of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and honey should be mixed in one glass of lukewarm water. This concoction should be consumed once a day, in the morning.

5. Ginger


Ginger is also believed to be an effective natural remedy for a fast colon cleanse. Ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of a bioactive compound called ‘gingerol.’ Ginger can boost the functioning of the colon, stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, eliminate harmful toxins, and reduce bloating.

For colon cleanse, a few slices of ginger should be chewed regularly. Alternatively, two teaspoons of ginger juice and 1/4 cup of lemon juice should be mixed in 2 cups of warm water. This solution should be taken several times during the day.

6. Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are helpful in colon cleanse naturally because they have abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants, which altogether have a laxative effect and increase bowel movement. Flaxseeds can also remove toxins from the body, and have remarkable properties for overall health and well-being.

To benefit from the goodness of flaxseeds for cleansing the colon, mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds in one glass of warm water. Add some honey for flavour and taste, if desired.  Drink this mixture two times a day in the morning, before eating breakfast; and at night, before going to bed.

7. Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Another excellent remedy for natural colon cleansing is the intake of saline water, using sea salt. The intake of salt water can increase bowel movements and eliminate various toxins, bacteria, and accumulated faeces from the colon. In addition, salt-water colon cleansing also ensures that the body does not lose electrolytes in excess.

To prepare saline water for colon cleanse, boil one glass of water with sea salt added to it. Drink this salt-water solution in the morning, on empty stomach.

Final Word : The natural remedies discussed above are very beneficial for colon cleansing. Along with using these remedies, it is also important to ensure good colon health by consuming fiber-rich foods like cereals, whole grains, bran, oatmeal, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, fluid intake should also be increased; while tobacco and alcohol should be avoided.

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