Hypovitaminosis, Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Natural Sources


Hypovitaminosis means deficiency of a particular vitamin and in this article hypovitaminosis is discussed regarding vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that is obtained by ingestion of fish, meat and dairy products usually. It is also an important content in fortified foods and cereals. It is absorbed with intrinsic factor, a  product of stomach’s parietal cells, in the terminal ileum after being extracted from gastric acid. Vitamin B12 is crucial for the neurological function, red blood cell production and DNA synthesis. In this article we will discuss Vitamin B12 in detail, regarding the result of it’s deficiency along with the causes.

Vitamin B12


This is a cobalt containing porphyrin termed as cobalamin. The absorption of vitamin B12 from the lower ileum is facilitated by the gastric intrinsic factor, a glycoprotein synthesised by gastric parietal cells, which complexes with ingested vitamin B12 in the stomach. The complex is taken up at the special binding sites in the ileum where the vitamin B12 is released to the ileal cells. After absorption vitamin B12 is bound to a carrier protein in the plasma, transcobalamin 2, transported to the tissues and taken up by the cells as required. Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver where there may be 3year’s supply.

Role of Vitamin B12 in Human Body

Vitamin B12 is the cofactor for three major reactions in our body.

  • Conversion of methylmalonic acid to succinyl coenzyme
  • Conversion of homocysteine to methionine
  • Conversion of 5- methyltetrahydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate

You might want to know what is the importance of the above three conversions? Let’s just understand.

  • Succinyl coenzyme is important for the biosynthesis of porphyrin, heme and ketone bodies.
  • Methionine is the best amino acid that is important for the initiation of protein synthesis and is very much important for many cell functions. It is very important as it protects liver damage.
  • Tetrahydrofolate is the major folate in mammalian cells. Folates are required for the formation of red blood cells and white blood cells in bone marrow. It also converts carbohydrates into energy and produces DNA and RNA.

So if understood deely then vitamin B12 is very much essential for around 90% of the body’s metabolism. Moreover,

  • It is very important for the formation of blood cells in the body. It is also very much important in maintaining the shape of blood cells.
  • Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in developing the fetus healthy neurological and circulatory system.
  • B12 supports bones and improves bone health too. It prevents osteoporosis after menopause.
  • It also prevents macular degeneration and prevents age related macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin B12 also reduces chances of neuron degeneration hence prevents conditions like dementia.
  • It reduces the amount of homocysteine amino acid that is responsible for heart diseases.

Reasons for Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The reasons or causes in this case can be divided into people at risk and definite causes.

People at risk include true vegetarians, people in old age, chronic alcoholics, patients on medications like metformin and proton pump inhibitors.

  • Definite causes include decreased ileal absorption like in crohn’s disease, ileal resection and tapeworm infection.
  • Decreased intrinsic factors can be atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, post gastrectomy syndrome and genetic factors.
  • Prolong medication use especially metformin, proton pump inhibitors and histamine H2 blockers.

Effects of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  • Low levels of vitamin B12 causes improper production of blood cells, typically affecting red blood cells. The blood cells are typically round and small but due to deficiency they might grow big in size and thus are not able to move to the bloodstream from bone marrow. It gives rise to conditions like megaloblastic anemia. Here megaloblast itself means large, immature and abnormally developed erythrocytes.
  • If a pregnant woman suffers from B12 deficiency then the fetus may present with birth defects and an undeveloped mind and circulatory system. For a pregnant woman the vitamin B12 levels must be above 150mg/dl.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in osteoporosis even before menopause in females. In this condition the bone density usually decreases, fragility and delicacy usually increases in the bony structures. Making them prone to fractures.
  • Macular degeneration which results in diminished central vision is the result of macula thinning. Macula thinning takes place in absence of adequate B12 levels.
  • Lack of vitamin B12 levels results contributes to low memory performance. It also results in destruction of neurons and gives rise to dementia, ALS and other sensory motor neuron conditions.
  • In absence of B12 or in case of low Vitamin B12 homocysteine (amino acids) levels become elevated and increases the risk of heart diseases.
  • Further lowered levels of vitamin B12 can also result in accumulation of ketone bodies which in severe cases can lead patients towards metabolic acidosis and protein synthesis is also hampered or disturbed due to lack of vitamin B12.

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Hypovitaminosis

The symptoms in hypervitaminosis of vitamin B12 includes:

  • Sore and red tongue
  • Mouth ulcers
  • paraesthesia (feel of pins and needles pricking your skin)
  • Vision disturbance
  • In severe cases declining mental abilities
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Breathlessness
  • Lethargy (lack of energy)
  • Headaches
  • In heart patients palpitations are also noticed.

Some Good Sources of Vitamin B12

The normal levels of vitamin B12 ranges between 200pg/ml to 900pg/ml but a threshold of 300 350pg/ml is recognized as the desired amount in elders. Vitamin B12 can be increased through diet very easily. You can include chicken, fish and shellfish as trout, salmon, tuna fish etc. in your diet. Low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese can also be included in your diet to balance the vitamin B12 in your body. Vegans can prefer fortified milk products and fortified cereals. Boiled eggs are also a very good source of vitamin B12.

Herbal Remedies for Hypovitaminosis B12 by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is a leading herbal manufacturing unit which deals with the production of totally herbal products. These products are manufactured using standardized extract of potent herbs and are very effective in numerous conditions. The herbal formulations bring improvement in one’s condition and have no side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers some of its products that are very useful and effective in increasing the levels of vitamin B12 in your body. The products are as follows:

  1. Wheat Grass Powder
  2. Gotu kola Capsules
  3. Green Essentials
  4. Punarnava Mandur
  5. Echinacea Capsules Herbal Remedies for Hypovitaminosis B12Buy Now

Products Description

1. Wheat Grass Powder

Wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) powder is manufactured using fresh and small plant leaves of baby wheat plants. The product is rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants which act in a very useful manner and hence help in building the body defenses. Wheat grass is very effective in raising the levels of vitamin B12 in the body. It also helps in various types of skin ailments, metabolic or hormonal conditions and  weakness too.

Dosage: One teaspoon twice a day after meals.

2. Gotu kola Capsules

Gotu kola capsules are manufactured using gotu kola (Centella asiatica) alone. This herb is potent in managing several conditions. It helps in improving circulation and relaxing the body and mind. Gotu kola capsules also have antioxidant properties and are 100% vegetarian capsules.

Dosage: One capsule twice a day after meals.

3. Green Essentials

Green essentials have many ingredients like grape seed (Vitis vinifera), wheat grass (Triticum aestivum), spirulina (Spirulina platensis) and others. It is a very effective formulation that clears away several toxins from blood. This formulation is a rich source of natural iron, B complex and vitamins. It also helps in formation of healthy blood.

Dosage: One capsule twice a day after meals.

4. Punarnava Mandur

Punarnava mandur is a very effective classical formulation that has Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava), Zingiber officinale (Shunti), Piper longum (Pippali), Emblica officinalis (Amalaki) and many more. It is a very useful formulation that is used to clear toxins from the body, increases the blood count and also increases the oxygen carrying capacity of  blood. Punarnava mandur reduces the chances for ketone body accumulation and hence cleanse the body really well.

Dosage: Two tablets twice a day after meals.

5. Echinacea Capsules

Echinacea capsules are manufactured using kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata). This herb is known as the king of bitters. It helps in getting rid of parasitic, bacterial and viral infections due to which vitamin B12 is absorbed very effectively in the body. More over this herb is cardio protective and also has an anti thrombotic effect. It also strengthens the body’s  immunity and hence makes strong metabolic functioning.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

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Vitamin B12 is the key nutrient that your body needs for many essential functions. As mentioned in the above article there are many conditions that can arise slowly once your body leads itself towards hypovitaminosis of B12 and to prevent these conditions it is very important to maintain adequate and healthy levels of B12 in your body. Planet Ayurveda products are very much potent in maintaining healthy Vitamin B12 levels in the body. These products are manufactured under the guidance of expert ayurvedic doctors so as to avoid any kind of compromise in the quality. All the products are manufactured using potent herbs. In case of any query kindly visit www.PlanetAyurveda.com

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