Health Benefits of Cumin: Your Reason to Season with It

Health Benefits of Cumin

Tiny and fragrant seeds of cumin are used from ancient times as an aromatic spice in the Indian curries. Beyond its flavouring power it has been used as herbal remedy in Ayurveda for its various medicinal properties. Cumin seeds contain a lot of chemical compounds including terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids that are linked with potential health benefits.

Cumin seeds are rich source of iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. It is necessary for everyone to eat one tablespoon of cumin daily to add nutrients to our body.

Due to presence of these chemical compounds these effective cumin seeds aid with digestive problems, boost immunity and memory and also ease with irritable bowel syndrome. Its anti-oxidant nature helps to protect body molecular level from the attack of toxins and free radicals. Anti-microbial nature of cumin seeds fight against various microorganism and protect the body from the attack of infections.

According to Ayurveda, this natural herb is considered as shoolprashmana means it is used to relieve severe pain. It possesses laghu (very light to digest) and rooksha (dry nature) qualities. It helps to pacify vata and kaphadosha. But due to its hot potency (ushnaveerya) this herb aggravates pitta dosha in the body. It is ruchya (improves appetite), medya (good for intelligence), agnivardhak (stimulate digestive fire), vrushya (aphrodisiac), balya (boost immunity and strength) and jwaraghna (to cure fever).

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

1. Aid with Diabetes


If someone is struggling to cure diabetes than cumin seeds are very beneficial to cure this serious disorder. Beta cells are released by our body and these cells are responsible to release and store insulin in pancreas. Cumin seeds help to stimulate these beta cells to control the insulin secretions. It also helps to boost our immune system so that it can fight against various factors that are responsible for causing various infections and diseases in human body. Advanced glycation end products are very harmful for the body organs because it can damage your cells, kidney, pancreas and nerves. To season with cumin seeds is best to control this phenomenon and to control blood sugar naturally.

2. Control Blood Pressure Level

Control Blood Pressure

Hypertension is another serious problem that is curable easily with cumin seeds. Seeds are used to improve bad cholesterol level in the body. Pure extract of cumin seeds help improve the level of nitric acid in blood stream that is responsible to maintain systolic blood pressure. It helps to relax our blood vessels and protect muscles around vessels which helps to lower higher blood pressure. To season with regular use of cumin seeds helps improve bad triglycerides and LDL levels in body. It also helps to relieve inflammatory and oxidative stresses that are major causes of hypertension.

3. Helps to Manage Over Weight

Over Weight

For the people who are struggling with over weight, cumin seeds are very helpful remedy for them. It helps to lose your extra pounds. Consumption of cumin seeds continuously for 2-3 months will help to reduce your weight naturally.

4. Boost Digestive System

Boost digestive system

In ancient medicine system Ayurveda cumin is well known for its medicinal abilities. According to Acharya Charka cumin seeds help to improve digestive fire and very effective to cure stomach ache. It works effectively to increase bile secretion and improve digestion. It is used to ease blotting, flatulence and also used as a carminative. Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that is associated with intestine and causes blotting, abdominal pain and severe cramping. Cumin seeds also aid with the discomfort caused by this serious disease.

5. Fight against Microbes

Fight against Microbes

Cumin seeds also have potential to fight against harmful microbes that are main reason to give birth to serious infections. A variety of harmful microbes are present in our surrounding, consumption of cumin seeds give ability to our immune system to fight against these pathogens. Volatile oil and cumin aldehyde present in seeds fight against various bacteria and fungus present in environment. So try to season your meals with cumin seeds to kill harmful pathogens.

6. Ant-Inflammatory


Cumin seeds also have potency to fight against serious inflammation. Inflammation is major cause that give birth to serious disorders like heart problems, cancer, diabetes, joint pains and arthritis. So daily use of this spice in your food supplements help your body to ease with serious inflammation that causes various diseases.

7. To Cure Anemia


Cumin seeds are rich powerhouse of iron and iron is very important element in formation of haemoglobin and transport of oxygen in our blood stream. Anemia is condition of deficiency of haemoglobin and daily use of cumin seeds in our daily diet helps in the production of new blood cells.

8. Treats Asthma and Bronchitis


Rich essential oil and caffeine present in the cumin seeds are very effective for our respiratory system. Both the chemical compounds present in seeds are anti-congestive in nature that is very effective to cure asthma and bronchitis. It helps to relieve congestion in asthmatic patients. It acts as best expectorant to flush out extra accumulate mucus and phlegm. It helps to sooth our respiratory system.

9. To Treat Piles


For the sufferers of piles consumption of cumin seeds relieve harmful effects and destroy the causes of piles. It is rich dietary supplement, stimulant and carminative in nature that aid with digestive problems. It helps to relieve constipation because it power form is natural carminative.

Other Benefits to Season with Cumin Seeds

  • Cumin seeds are good for lactating mother as it increases the milk production in mothers.
  • It is good to aid with morning sickness, nausea and vomiting.
  • Cumin seeds possess anti-septic properties and are very beneficial to cure with common cold and flu.
  • It helps to scrap out extra phlegm, relieve congestion and good for the respiratory tract.
  • It helps pancreas to secrete enzymes and also help the body to absorb nutrients.
  • Cumin seeds are also beneficial for liver to flush out harmful toxins from the body.
  • Anti-fungal properties helps to fight against skin problems.
  • It relieves stress and anxiety and good for sufferers of insomnia
  • Cumin helps to stimulate nervous system and improves memory.
  • Anti-cancerous properties also give strength to body cells to fight against cancer cells.
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