Blastomycosis- Treatment with Herbal Remedies


Blastomycosis is a fungal infection that can have serious consequences, even though it is rare. The lungs are usually the primary target of the fungus, which is called Blastomyces dermatitidis. The symptoms of illness that may result from contact with this soil organism can vary greatly. Around half of those who got infected with B. dermatitidis will not experience any symptoms. In those who do develop symptoms, the severity of those symptoms can range from mild to very severe and potentially deadly. If left untreated, the infection can progress to a severe and potentially fatal illness that affects multiple organ systems. In this article we are going to discuss its signs and symptoms with proper treatment from the Ayurvedic aspect.



Blastomycosis, caused by the fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis, is an infection that can be acquired by breathing in fungal spores found in moist soil and decaying organic matter. The symptoms, which can appear two to 15 weeks after exposure, include cough, fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain, and chest pain. Although the infection can spread to other parts of the body such as the skin or bones, it cannot be transmitted from person to person. People who smoke, have lung disease, or have weakened immune systems are at a higher risk of becoming ill.

Ayurvedic Aspect

Fungal infections can be categorized under kushta roga. As per Ancient textbooks, consumption of incompatible food, newly harvested food, or heavy meals can vitiate all the doshas and lead to the development of this kushtha roga.


This fungal infection can be caused by staying in contact with moist soil, rotten leaves and woods. This infection starts from lungs and then spreads to the other part of the body, showing impact on joints, skin, and many other areas.

Signs and Symptoms

When Infection is Pulmonary

Pulmonary may stay asymptomatic, insidious and may develop chronic or progressive infection then it will show us

  • Productive or dry cough
  • Pain in chest
  • Dyspnea
  • Chilling fever
  • Drenching sweats
  • Pleural effusion
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome

When Infection is Extrapulmonary

In Extrapulmonary Skin lesions are the most common ones, Papules or papulopustules appear on exposed surfaces and slowly start to spread.

  • Painless abscesses
  • Ulceration
  • Joint pain
  • Night sweats
  • General discomfort

General Treatment

Generally, in modern medicine Experts start to give antifungals on a prior basis in mild to moderate disease. And when the condition is more severe and is life threatening Amphotericin B is recommended to inject.

What Ayurveda Says

Ayurveda is a holistic traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago. Its basic principle is to maintain the all three doshas in a balanced state and fulfill the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Blastomycosis is categorized under the wide topic of kushtha Roga that is caused by imbalance of tridoshas. Ayurvedic treatment for Kushtha Roga typically involves a combination of dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, and herbal remedies. In addition to herbal remedies, Ayurvedic treatment for Kushtha Roga may also include other therapies such as Panchakarma, which is a detoxification treatment aimed at eliminating toxins from the body. Panchakarma involves a combination of massage, herbal treatments, and other techniques.

Some of the Ayurvedic herbs and medicines have antifungal properties that can potentially work against this disease like Neem (Azadirachta indica), Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Garlic (Allium sativum). Planet Ayurveda prepares herbal supplements by traditional method of preparation that gives 100% results in diseased ones.

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda for Blastomycosis

Planet Ayurveda is a herbal manufacturing company that produces a range of holistic formulations to aid in various conditions. The formulations are crafted by MD Ayurveda experts, ensuring the highest quality. These products are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, fillers, and other synthetic additives, making them safe for consumption with no side effects. Among the many beneficial formulations offered by Planet Ayurveda, there are some remarkable ones that may help alleviate Blastomycosis disease.

Product List

  1. Dermo Plan Syrup
  2. Kaishore Guggul
  3. Mahamanjisthaghan Vati
  4. Gandhak Rasayan

Herbal Remedies for Blastomycosis Buy Now: Herbal Remedies for Blastomycosis

Product Description

1. Gandhak Rasayan

This formulation is created using Shuddh Gandhak, a potent ingredient that promotes healthy and toxin-free skin while removing harmful free radicals from the body. This classical blend is highly effective in treating various infections throughout the body, and its powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties further enhance its usefulness.

Dosage– 2 tablets twice daily mixed in the dog food

2. Mahamanjisthaghan Vati

This is a classical herbal formulation prepared by traditional method consisting of manjistha (Rubia cordifolia). This preparation helps to maintain healthy circulation and is useful in purifying the blood. Manjistha has been shown to have antifungal properties and is used to balance the three doshas in the body.

Dosage– 2 tablets twice daily mixed in the dog food

3. Kaishore Guggul

This product is explained in ancient textbooks and in Planet Ayurveda, it is prepared by the same procedure that is mentioned in our books. It consists of some wonderful herbs like Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) and haritaki (Terminalia chebula) etc. This preparation is useful to maintain the all over body organs and helps to enhance the immunity as well, kills the unwanted or harmful organisms in the body and excrete them out.

Dosage– 2 tablets twice daily mixed in the dog food

4. Dermo Plan Syrup

Planet Ayurveda has created a unique and patented herbal formulation using a variety of powerful herbs, including Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), and Chopchini (Smilax china). These ingredients are renowned for their anti-fungal properties and work to improve the hormonal system, promote healthy skin, and maintain a balanced pH level in the body.

Dosage- 2 teaspoons twice daily mixed in dog food

Contact Planet Ayurveda Support Team to provide you the costing / ordering and delivery information at – or Call at 0172-521-4030 (India), +91-172-521-4030 (Outside India) or Whatsapp at (+91) 9915-593-604


In summary, Blastomycosis can spread in an immunocompetent person very easily so the prior step should be taken to improve the immunity with the help of herbal supplements and by improving the dietary lifestyle. These basic alterations can make your life easier, healthier, and happier.

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