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Some days you face that unspeakable issue of not getting enough peristaltic contractions to get a smooth evacuation while some other days you struggle with the uncontrollable bowels. Both are extremely contrasting yet troublesome toilet issues. Aren’t they.? We understand. And hey. It’s no shame talking about it. They are body responses to external stress and various other factors after all. If there is something taking place inside your body, which isn’t a normal optimal reflex, and if it is bothering you, then undeniably it needs to be given some attention. You won’t find a solution unless you talk about or enquire about it. Suppressing your health issues is not a wise choice and we all know that. Especially if it is related to excretion. So if you are someone going 10-13 stools a day. And not doing anything about it seriously. Then we need to talk.! We really need to talk.

Herbal Remedies to Get Rid Of Diarrhea

Your answer to ‘Why am I going to 10-12 stools in a day?’

Because, it’s a condition called diarrhea. You might be having frequent trips to the bathroom every now and then. In worst cases, if the spasms inside your stomach are strong enough, you might be barely making it to the toilet trying hard not to pass it on the way or in your pants. The extreme cases of diarrhea is hard and it’s even harder, having to think about that scenario, wondering if it was really your stomach which gave away all those horrible reactions.

It might happen because of something you ate the other day, or because of your irregular and unhealthy eating habits, due to the stress levels or maybe even due to your premenstrual symptoms in women. But diarrhea primarily occurs because of the bacterial presence inside your stomach.

What it really feels like

With every toilet session you get those painful aggressive intestinal contractions making you wanna empty your guts as soon as possible. While you pass the stools it might feel like you are giving away fire through your anal opening as your entire lower abdomen burns and makes you go weaker and weaker after every session.

That’s what diarrhea feels like! And if you are someone who has gone through this phase, then we totally get your point.

What are the consequences of getting such bowels so frequently?

You will be losing a good amount of water content from your body as you pass the stools each time making you dehydrated. You will be thirsty for some liquid to gulp down through your dry throat and it can get as intense as that. There are cases when patients are reported to get nausea as well which might lead to conditions regarding cholera as well.

You may not have noticed but you also lose a fair amount of good gut bacteria as you pass stools during diarrhea. This will further break your digestive power and gut health. Bloating, burning sensations around anus which is common, cramps and spasms in the abdomen along with mild to moderate body temperature also occurs. So what does Ayurveda say regarding this troublesome digestive issue?! Let’s see.

Ayurveda and smooth bowels

Apart from subsiding these topics as mere routine disturbances, it’s time we cast some real support to our bodies and keep the stigma surrounding toilet issues at bay. The mainspring for a healthy evacuation is directly connected to the maintenance of a robust Agni in Ayurveda. All the imbalances of our body no matter how minor it initially might appear to be, is indicated via the functional irregularities in Agni hence is to be viewed with utmost significance.

These disruptive health indicators take their deep root in the respective physiological systems in the body, if they are not cared enough. So instead of viewing the topic of elimination as a taboo concept, it needs to be observed, corrected and maintained healthily, normally and timely. Your stools are your key gauge in giving away what seems ‘fishy’ inside your guts.

Maintenance of Agni for a smooth evacuation

Digestive health as well as the excretory functions both go hand in hand with a kindled bio fire which is known as Agni in Ayurveda. Thus the imbalances in our health first occur on our digestive tract for the same reason. Any inconveniences in the bowels or any indications on indigestion or burning sensations can all be correlated to an impaired Agni which eventually leads to metabolic disruptions and in turn unhealthy responses within the body.

A kindled bio-fire is the one that maintains the normalcy of Tridoshas by making available the required nutrition to the body tissues. And in Ayurveda depending on the Tridoshic predominance in a person, their bowel habits, mode and nature of excretion also differs. The constipative nature of Vata dosha and the slow evacuation of Kapha dosha, as well as the active excretory reflexes by Pitta dosha, all helps us assess the sudden changes in the bowel habits if we know the dosha predominance in a person.

What Ayurveda says about Diarrhea

In Ayurveda, diarrhea is known as Athisaram. Just like the triggers in the stomach including bacterial presence, Ayurveda explains Athisaram as an unhealthy bodily response resulting from an impaired bio-fire or Jatharagni (low digestive fire) along with an aggregated Vata and Pitta doshas.

The toxins in the gut (Ama) aggravate the Vata dosha which brings down the fluid content in excess from the body tissues to the intestines. This fluid content mixes with the stools and forms loose feces which are evacuated via frequent bowel contractions by Pitta dosha, which is responsible for the burning sensations as well. Hence it is advised to bring down the Vata and Pitta dosha back to their optimal level and to follow a diet and regimen that will bring back the aggravated body tissues and doshas back into their natural state of normalcy.

Are there any natural remedies?

The natural remedies for a healthy gut are numerous in Ayurveda. The active principles of the below mentioned few herbs will help you keep a healthy gut with proper digestion and metabolism.

1. Ginger

This integral ingredient of the Indian kitchens who add the spice and flavour into the food is also a very appetite friendly person. Ginger helps in boosting up the bio fire and helps to keep the digestive and enzymatic reactions in their optimal levels.

2. Water

More than the herbs, you gotta feed your body with this very simple ingredient. Hydration is the key for a healthy living. Even in cases of extreme dysentery or diarrhea you will be losing a lot of water along with the loose stools as you gradually turn into a dehydrated state. So more than any other herbs and supplements, it’s necessary that you keep your body hydrated, no matter what.

3. Vata-Pitta Pacifying Diet

As simple as maintaining a grounding and nourishing diet plan avoiding too much spicy food, salty food, alcohol or caffeine and by including more liquid food articles to keep the hydration levels in check, you can keep the gut healthy to a certain extent.

It’s actually all about what you provide your body with.

Diluted Yogurt or Lassi

Bananas that are spiced etc are also some well known formulations to help the situation naturally.


Now let’s take a pause and have a look. More than half of the adult population as well as children report this common digestive error so often. It corrects on its own as all our bodies got the power to heal itself but if you notice that your issues with your gut is prolonging for some time, and if the so called ‘common diarrhea’ is more regular in your life, then it’s time you give it a thought before brushing away the issue taking its root in your guts.

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