Treatment of Sciatica Pain With Herbal Remedies


The sciatic Nerve is the largest in the human body composed of L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 nerves. Sciatica is a common term that indicates pain due to compression of the Sciatic Nerve. Generally, the condition starts with mild pain which can worsen if not managed on time. This pain can become a hurdle in daily activities. This article throws light on the causes of sciatic nerve compression and symptoms along with its ayurvedic management.


Sciatica occurs due to nerve compression of the sciatic nerve. Pain generates at the lower back and radiates from thigh to knee up to the foot. Mainly it is unilateral (pain radiates to one leg only), rarely it is bilateral (pain in both legs). Pain worsens while sitting and changing positions. Pain can extend to a burning sensation along with a tingling sensation. Some people also feel numbness in their extremities due to weakness. The pain and tingling sensation can be felt anywhere in the nerve pathway. Pain may worsen on coughing or sneezing too. This may also interrupt bowel and bladder habits. People who have severe sciatica (untreated) might need surgery.

Sciatica Pain

Ayurvedic Aspect

Gradhrasi rog (sciatica) occurs due to excess Vata dosha in the body, which along with Kapha dosha leads to compression of gradhrasi nadi (sciatic nerve). There is a tridushti of Ras, Rakt, and Mams present. Four Strostas are said to be affected altogether in this condition named –

  • Raktveh Strosta
  • Mamsveh Strosta
  • Medoveh Strosta
  • Prannveh Strosta

Gradhrasi rog is defined as a unique pain that arises from the Sphigh region (lower back) and by passing through Kati (pelvis), Uru-Pradesh (thighs), and Janu (knee), it radiates up to Paer (foot).

According to the dushti of doshas, two types of Gridhrasi rog are defined –

  • Vataj Gradhrasi – Pain, stiffness, tingling sensation, and typical postures are its main symptoms.
  • Vatkaphaj Gradhrasi – along with pain, poor appetite, anorexia, drowsiness, and excessive salivation are the symptoms to differentiate these 2 types.

Ayurveda offers effective management for Sciatica, without any side effects which is detailed further in the article.


Causes for Sciatica are many. These causes directly or indirectly put pressure on the sciatic nerve due to which nerve compression occurs and leads to Sciatica pain. These causes can be –

Vertebral disc

  1. Trauma/ injury in the lower spine
  2. Slipped disc
  3. Lumbar canal stenosis
  4. Cauda equina syndrome
  5. Tumor in spine

Pelvic causes

  1. Abscess
  2. Tumor

Infection thigh and buttocks cause

  • Hip joint disease
  • H/o Degenerative disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Osteoarthritis

Ayurveda explains the causes as

  • Habits of sleeping on soft beddings
  • An inadequate diet that aggravates Vata  dosha

Risk factors are

  • Occupations needed prolonged sitting
  • Age-related changes
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes


The first sign of Sciatica is a pain in sitting and walking

Further symptoms that are noticed can be different in people according to their condition and cause

  • Pain in the buttocks, leg, and back.
  • Pain worsens with movement
  • Numbness in legs
  • Weakness in legs


  • Straight leg raising test – Diagnosis can be made by the doctor by checking muscle strength and reflexes. Worsening pain may indicate Sciatica.

Along with it, some diagnostic tests help to confirm the diagnosis if they do not recover within a few weeks –

  • X-ray spine
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Nerve conduction study
  • Myelogram


Mostly, people recover from Sciatica with the treatment while some people may face consequences that can lead to certain complications such as

  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Loss of sensations in the affected leg


  • Medications – Certain medications are prescribed to provide relief from pain. But unfortunately, the relief is temporary.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Oral steroids
  • Antidepressants
  • Opioids
  • Physiotherapy – Most popular technique to strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Spinal injections of steroids– Long-term steroid intake could be harmful to the body.
  • Surgery – Bone spur is removed from herniated disc surgery is done in severe cases.

Ayurvedic Treatment by Planet Ayurveda

  • Panchakarma – Basti and Virechana are indicated in sciatica patients, depending on the condition of the person. Based on dushti of doshas (type), and the prakriti of the person the herbs are decided. You must visit an ayurvedic doctor for panchakarma.
  • Siravedh – Ayurveda texts also recommend siravedh in gradhrasi patients. This is to be done by an expert, under the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor.
  • Abhyang/potli swedan – Massaging the lower back and legs with medicated oils and providing heat to the area with a potli. It helps to relax muscles and increases blood flow to the area and relieves symptoms.
  • Medications – Permanent relief from pain and such problems of sciatica is the main strategy of ayurvedic treatment. Planet Ayurveda is a GMP-certified and ISO-certified ayurvedic company that prepares natural medicines using authentic ways. The herbal medicines prepared by the company are prescribed worldwide for the treatment of many disorders. These medicines are 100% pure without any side effects. Also while formulating these remedies, our experts take care of not adding any sort of resin, color, or chemical. The preparation of medicines is purely based on ayurvedic principles and strictly follows government guidelines. Our goal is, not to let the disease extend to such a condition that it may need surgery.

The Sciatica Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda is being used in the Treatment of Sciatica, which has wonderful results and doing great in managing the condition –

Sciatica Care Pack

Ingredients list

  • Hakam Churna
  • Boswellia Curcumin
  • Ashwagandha Capsules
  • Yograj Guggul
  • Vrihat Vatchintamani Ras
  • Dhanwantharam Tailam

Herbal Remedies for Sciatica

Herbal Supplements for Sciatica

Ingredients description

1. Hakam Churna

This classical formulation is prepared with herbs- Kalonji (Nigella sativa), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi), Methi (Trigonella foenum graecum), and Chandrashoor (Lepidium sativum). Ama dosha is responsible for the aggravation of doshas that lead to diseases. Consuming this churna will increase agni (digestion power) in the body and will remove Ama dosha from the body by enhancing the metabolism. This churna is warm and thus pacifies Vata dosha. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing swelling and pain in sciatica patients. It also reduces the stiffness of joints and serum cholesterol levels. The body is detoxified with the regular use of this churna. This product gives great results in the management of Gradhrasi Rog.

Dosage – Eat 1 tablespoon twice daily after meals.

2. Boswellia Curcumin

These wonderful capsules are prepared with a combination of two herbs Curcumin (Curcuma longa) and Shallaki (Boswellia serrata). These herbs increase immunity and act as an antioxidant. Its anti-inflammatory herbs reduce symptoms of sciatica. These capsules are helpful in various bone conditions like- osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis along with sciatica (pelvis or hip bones deformation causative sciatica). These capsules will improve blood circulation in the lower body, and promote joint health.

Dosage –Take 2 capsules twice daily with warm water.

3. Ashwagandha Capsules

These capsules are manufactured with the standard extracts of the marvelous herb Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). This herb increases body strength and immunity to fight against the disease. Ashwagandha is a very potent herb and has remarkable results in various diseases. It effectively maintains painful conditions like sciatica. These capsules will balance tridoshas in the body and relieve symptoms of pain and irritation in Sciatica patients.

Dosage – Have 1 capsule twice daily after a meal.

4. Yograj Guggul

This polyherbal preparation is made with Guggul (Comniphora guggul), Ajwain (Carum copticum), Pippali (Piper longum), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), etc. these herbs reduce Vata dosha aggravation and ease symptoms like pain, numbness, muscles twitching and more. It soothes nerves and intestines, thus improving blood circulation and treating indigestion. The results of using these tablets are very effective and permanent. The combination of many ingredients has been used for centuries to treat various diseases.

Dosage –  Take 2 tablets twice daily with water.

5. Vrihat Vatchintamani Ras

These wonderful acting tablets are prepared with Bhasma of – Abhrak (Mica), Pravala (Coral calcium), Swarna (Gold), Mukta (Pearl), Rajata (Silver), Loha (Iron), Suta (Purified Mercury and Sulfur). These tablets are generally prescribed along with Ghritkumari ras (Aloe vera juice). These minerals help in pacifying Vata dosha and improving sensory and motor functioning. It is also helpful in diseases like – epilepsy, facial palsy, migraine, vertigo, etc. Consuming these tablets regularly eases the symptoms of Sciatica.

Dosage – Have 1 tablet daily with water.

6. Dhanwantharam Tailam

This herbal preparation is made from Bilva (Aegle marmelos), Agnimantha (Premna mucronata), Kola (Ziziphus jujuba), Balamoola (Sisa cordifolia), Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Cow milk, Prishnaparni (Uraria picta), etc. This oil helps to reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and analgesic actions will reduce pain that ultimately maintain joint and bone health. Massaging oil regularly helps to pacify Vata dosha. It also helps in rebuilding the myelin sheath on the nerves which will reduce numbness, irritation, and pain sensations. It also reduces weakness and improves the overall condition of the person.

Dosage – you need to massage this oil on areas of the lower back or leg (externally), after warming the oil.


Herbs in Sciatica Care Pack, restore the imbalance of doshas due to the wrong lifestyle which increases the chances of recovery. These herbs are efficient in maintaining Sciatica. Our talented Ayurvedic doctors are constantly working on the management of such diseases and have been successful to a large extent. The efforts provide relief to the patients without any side effects.

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