Chronic Headache And Usefulness Of Nasya

Headache is a common problem in today’s life. If a headache persists on a regular basis for more than two to three days, it refers to the headache that includes a variety of headache subtypes and the duration of this condition.

What are the Causes of a Chronic Headache?

There are various causes of headaches. It can be due to underlying disease.

Few of Them are Explained Below

  • Brain tumor
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Overuse of painkillers
  • Intracranial pressure
  • Infection such as meningitis

What are The Symptoms of a Chronic Headache?

Depending on the disease-associated symptoms of headache vary from person to person.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sensitivity to sound and light
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Restlessness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Seizures
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Double vision
  • Confusion
  • Fever

Usefulness of Nasya

Nasya”- A Daily Regimen for Healthy Living

The nose is the door to consciousness and a pathway to the inner mind and peace. According to Ayurveda, ‘Naso hi shiraso dwaram’ which means the nose is the way to the brain and head. The delicate skin of the nasal passage requires lubrication to stay healthy and protected in the winters. Dry sinuses are easily irritated by pollens, dry air, and pollutants.

The everyday brushing of teeth, having a bath, etc are a daily routine for our life. In the same way, nasya is done daily on an empty stomach an hour before or after a shower or exercise.

Types of Nasya

1 Bruhana Nasya (Nutritive)

Bruhana Nasya is good for Vata disorders. Commonly used substances used in this Nasya are salt, Ghee, medicated milk, and various oils. It helps in the nourishment of the body.

2 Virechana Nasya (Cleaning)

Powders of the medicated herbs are blown into the nose. Commonly used substances in this nasya are Brahmi, jatamansi, Vacha, etc. This type of nasya helps in detoxification of the body.

3 Navana Nasya

Navana Nasya is useful in treating vata-pitta and pitta-Kapha disorders. This nasya is done with Brahmi juice, Vacha juice, etc.

4 Shamana Nasya

Fresh juice of herbs, medicated oils, medicated tea decoctions etc are used in this nasya. It is useful in pacifying Vata, pita and Kapha disorders. Medicated oil or ghee which are used includes Vacha oil, Brahmi ghee,  tikta ghee etc.

5 Marshya

Ghee or oil is inserted into the nostrils with the little finger. This nasya is useful in relieving stress and also opens the deep tissues.

6 Prati Marshya

It is like Marshya nasya but it can be done on a regular basis.

Indications for Nasya

Nasya is a kind of Panchkarma Treatment. It is useful in treating various types of disorders also used for detoxification of the body.

Chronic Headaches

  • Headache and Migraine
  • Pain and stiffness in head, neck or jaw
  • Toothache and receding gums
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Obstruction in throat
  • Bell’s palsy (Facial paralysis)
  • Glaucoma
  • Goiter
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Tingling sensation on face
  • Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis
  • Speech disorders and loss of speech
  • Fainting or unconsciousness


There are Few Contraindications of Nasya Which Are Explained Below

  • Immediately after food
  • A person who is intoxicated with alcohol
  • A person suffering from dyspepsia
  • One who has just taken a head bath
  • The one who is injured
  • Pregnant women
  • Acute fever
  • Children below the age of 7 year
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea

How to do Nasya

Lie down on the bed with the head tilted back and put 4 drops of nasya oil (sesame oil, anu tail, mustard oil, Desi ghee, badam Rogan) in each nostril. Sniff it deeply and then remain lying for a minute or so, to allow the oil to penetrate.

Benefits of Nasya

  1. Nasya improves the memory power of the children
  2. It provides strength to the body organs
  3. This is the traditional method that helps the nasal cavity’s natural cleansing mechanism and lubricates its delicate tissues.
  4. This technique also gives strength to the root of hairs and prevents hair fall. By using this treatment regularly a person can get rid of the graying of hairs.
  5. It calms the mind and keeps it under control.
  6. It also combats allergy problems such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis etc.
  7. It is also helpful in sleep disorders.

Planet Ayurveda is offering Nirgundi Oil for a Chronic Headache

Nirgundi oil

Nirgundi oil contains an aromatic shrub which is known as Vitex negundo and it belongs to the family Verbenaceae. Other common names are neel manjari, nirgundi, saubha etc. This herb has an astringent taste, pungent, bitter with small brown fruits and rose-colored flowers.

Nirgundi Oil for a Chronic HeadacheNirgundi oil


Nirgundi is a Sanskrit word that literally interprets as- it protects the body from various ailments. This herb contains active compounds such as orientin, camphene, aucubin, monoterpenes, sitosterol, artemin, dulcitol, phenol, and anguside eurostoside and also contains casticin, vitexin, and flavonoids. It has an antihistamine and muscle relaxant property.
Nirgundi is pungent and bitter in taste. Its potency is hot and undergoes pungent taste after digestion. This herb balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.

Nirgundi Oil

Nirgundi oil is obtained from the leaves which contain resins and volatile oil. This oil is prepared with sesame seed oil. This oil is prepared with the pure extracts of herbs like haridra, kalahari, and manjistha. It is used as a wound healer that heals the non-healing wounds and also acts as an anti-toxin as well as anthelmintic.

It is rich in vitamin C which is one of the best anti-inflammatory and antibiotics that helps in reducing inflammation and preventing infections. This oil balances the Vata and Kapha Dosha.

By its anti-arthritic property, it is also useful in treating symptoms related to arthritis. It is also useful in malaria, typhoid, adenitis, and dermatoses. It has antioxidant and anticonvulsant properties. Being a diuretic this oil facilitates the micturition which is helpful in treating anuria and dysuria. This oil is used as a brain tonic which is useful in disorders such as insomnia, epilepsy, vertigo, etc. It basically acts as an analgesic which is extremely useful for conditions that are associated with liver, spleen, and thyroid. In female related disorders, this herb oil is very effective such as leucorrhea, menorrhagia, menopause, amenorrhea etc.

Usage – Nirgundi oil is used for internal and external applications.

In External Application

  • Apply this oil on the affected skin area with the cotton swab, twice or thrice daily.

In Internal Application

  • After performing neti, it is necessary to lubricate your sinuses with oil. 2- 2 drops of this oil are installed into each nostril thrice daily.

Duration of Usage

  • This oil can be used for a longer period without any side-effects.

Side Effects

  • There are no side effects of this formulation if it is taken in prescribed dosage but slight care should be taken.

Benefits of Using this Formulation:

  • This product is 100% natural.
  • No coloration added.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy digestion.
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy blood circulation.
  • Prepared by MD Ayurveda Experts.
  • Balances tridoshas in the body.
  • Absolutely free from preservatives, fillers, yeast.
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