Why do I feel the urgency to Pee so frequently?


Pee or urine is the body fluid which we have first learned as a child because we are all taught how to use the toilet. But as we got older we learned about this yellow stuff and it is one of the ways we get rid of the extra waste or water from the body. The urine travels all the way through the urinary tract before it leaves our body. Our kidneys are one of the keys and it does two functions including filtering the waste from blood as well as producing urine. It is very important that the flow of blood is maintained in a regular manner but sometimes when the frequency increases it might indicate the person is suffering from some problem. So, through this article we are going to discuss the urgency to pee frequently in detail.

Why do I feel the urgency to Pee so frequently


Normally the bladder is able to store the urine easily until it’s full and ready to pass it out of the system. The human being is able to pee for almost five to eight times a day which is very normal but sometimes more than that can be an indication for disease. Passing urine more than eight times a day could also be due to drinking more than enough water needed by the body. But there are many other various reasons for the increased frequency including:-

1. Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most common causes for increased urination is infection which can be due to bacterial infection. Commonly affected parts of the infection are the bladder, kidneys, and tubes that are connected to each other. In this condition the inflammation of the bladder is seen and some of the common symptoms seen are cloudy urine which smells foul. There are also other common signs like nausea, chills, fever and pain in the lower abdomen.

2. Diabetes Insipidus

There are commonly two types of diabetes including 1 and 2. In Diabetes insipidus the body is not able to use the vasopressin in enough quantity. This hormone helps in ordering the kidney to release water in the blood when needed by the body. In this condition you might feel restless, thirsty, confused and many more. Sometimes you might also want to pee and it might even lead to 15 litres per day and sometimes more than that.

3. Diabetes Mellitus

In both type 1 and type 2 the blood sugar levels are raised and your kidney is not able to filter out the waste. The sugar then ends up mixing in the urine and this causes the water to be excreted more from the body, increasing the frequency of urine. One of the first and most common signs of diabetes mellitus are that it makes you pass urine more frequently.

4. Kidney Stones

Salts and Minerals present in the kidney can become tiny stones. This usually makes you feel full in the urinary tract and increases the urge to pee. You might also feel nauseous with fever and chills along with that you may also have pain at the sides as well as back. This pain sometimes moves to the groin region and some of the common causes are drinking less water, eating a diet that is high on protein etc.

5. Vaginitis

It is commonly seen when the females sufferoms yeast, viral or bacterial infection in their vagina or this can also be due to hormonal changes. It can also be due to using creams or sprays containing chemicals and clothes that can cause irritation. Vaginitis can lead to increased urination with burning sensation along with itching.

6. Prostate

Normally men have a prostate which is the size of a walnut but grows after the age of 25. Sometimes this enlargement of the prostate can cause the stream of urine to be weak. This might make you feel like passing urine urgently as well as frequently. There are also chances of having cancer but it is seen in very rare cases.

7. Diuretics

These are water pills which are used for treating blood pressure, kidney or liver disease.This could cause the kidney to excrete much more sodium in comparison to what is needed by the body. This can lead to losing too much of potassium as well as sodium making the overall health very bad. Some of the common symptoms seen are feeling nauseous or dizzy.

8. Pregnancy

As the fetus grows in the womb the more it takes the space and pushes the bladder more which causes the urge to pass urine more. But even before the implantation of an embryo in the uterus can trigger the body to pass more urine caused due to the human chorionic gonadotropin.

9. Painful Bladder Syndrome

In this condition you might feel the urge to pass urine all the time but when you want to pass urine it does not flow out. It might cause pain in the lower belly making it difficult to pee or even having sex. It is common that when the tissue around the bladder starts to swell it becomes more sensitive. The other name for the disease is interstitial cystitis but can be managed through physical therapy or exercise.


It is important to do physical examination of the patient along with the medical history of the patient and common tests that can be done are:-

  • Urine Analysis
  • Cystometry
  • Blood Tests
  • Ultrasonography
  • Cystology
  • Neurological Test

Preventive Steps

Here are some of the things you can include in your daily life in order to control the frequency and this includes:-

  • Diet:- It is important to modify the change in your diet if you are suffering from the urge to urinate frequently. It is important to avoid drinks like caffeinated drinks, alcohol and also avoid eating tomato, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners as well. It is very important to include eating food rich in high fibers which can help in maintaining good health.
  • Kegel Exercise:- It is one of the very helpful exercises to make the muscles around your bladder stronger. This will improve the health of urethra and also control the urine which then reduces the urgency to pass urine. Exercising this once a day can be really effective in controlling the bladder.


Passing urine is one of the natural as well as important processes of the body which is removing waste. But the increase in the flow can also be very harmful and the above mentioned information describes it all. It is important to monitor the flow of urine and also to get a checkup from a doctor if you find any disturbance in the flow.

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