Walking is a Wonder: Gain Health with a Walk

Walking is just a word of 6 letters, but believe me, you can get tremendous results with it.

Early morning walk is a blessing for whole da. It is a single activity, but the advantages are numerous. It can help you in many ways to boost your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, boost muscle power and endurance.

In other sports and some form of exercise require special equipment, but walking does not require any special equipment or training. Anybody can do it without any extra effort.

A person when indulges in walking feels a very nice kind of energy creeping into his/her body. As in case of other exercises you need to prepare yourself mentally, as they take efforts and more energy level is required to do vigorous exercises, but in case of walking you just have to get out of your home and start walking without any worry or thinking about the risk of any injury or other side effects. An early morning walk for at least 20 minutes keeps you fit & fine.


Walking is a great form of physical activity for each and every person who can walk means there is no limit of age or sex, either you are 8 years old kid or 88 years old person, if you can walk then it’s a good activity as well as an exercise for you to do.

It is not necessary to do vigorous exercises or exercises done with hardcore practice to get good results, to improve and maintain a good level of a healthy body. It is a good form of exercise as you can make it fun by walking in a company means, you can find a buddy (friend to walk), there are various clubs, venues to make walking a fun activity rather than a boring activity.

Benefits and Advantages of Walking

1. Heart

There are many benefits of walking as the heart, which is one of the main organs of our body, which helps in purifying the blood and it’s known as supplier and purifier of our blood without which our survival is not possible.

2. Reduces Body Fat

Body fat tends to get reduced when the body is on the ventilator threshold`s first stage. At that time even without getting lactic acid accumulation in the body you can get better results by reducing fat only with walking.

3. Hypertension

Walking helps you in improving problems like hypertension, reducing your high cholesterol level, stiffness in muscles and joints, keep them lubricated and it handles pain in muscles also.

4. Muscles Strength

By walking your muscles strength and endurance and stamina get increased day by day as you increase your pace of walking.

For Beginners, Tips to Start and do Better Walking

Anybody can walk, but everybody has a different capacity of physical stamina and endurance for doing physical activity and hence has his/her capacity to do walking differently. If you have any medical trouble, consult with your doctor before starting,  moderate activities such as walking do not pose any health risk, but you should have some checkups done with your physician before you start walking. 30 minutes of walking is a must for an average individual. The pace of walking should be brisk.

1. Footwear and Outfit

Your outfit and footwear for walking must be according to the weather and for the purpose of the activity (walking). Your shoes should be comfortable with appropriate heel and arch support. For walking your steps should be easy light and your heels should touch the surface down before your toes. Walking on grass is recommended rather than walking on the concrete, as the impact on your joints is more severe by walking on the concrete. Your dress should consist of cotton clothing, rather than warm clothing (synthetic material), which can cause skin irritations.

2. Conditioning

Not only for walking but for all sports (especially for athletics), conditioning is very important, and for good results of your hard work in sports, warming up and cooling down is a must. In walking, the best way to warm up is just to do stretching. Exercises, both dynamic and static exercises should not be done in abundance, but only very few. And do it with ease, you don’t have to put extra effort to stretch your body. Just keep calm & easy as much as you can resist. Not far behind your body are your reach and your level of endurance. Stretching should not be over a certain point. Bouncing and jolting should also not be done while warming up, as you can end up with overstretching the muscle tissue and cause microscopic tears, which leads to muscle stiffness and tenderness.

After that, in the beginning, start walking slowly, then increase your pace from slow to fast as you get warmed up gradually.

 Tips to Make Walking a leisure Activity      

It’s the best activity that makes it fun to do it, don’t make it hectic and boring. For making walking an enjoyable activity, here are some suggestions:

1. Variations to the Place

Making variation to the place where you walk is the best way to shun boredness away, try to change the venues of walking. If possible, but not necessary, walking on the same surface or venue daily can make your activity a boring one.

2. Pet

It’s the best thing to have a dog if you are a pet lover, as have proven to be man’s best friend. A dog can provide you a nice company for a walk, and you will enjoy your activity more with your pet than walking alone.

3. Walking Buddy

If you have a walking buddy or your friend is also a walk lover, then it’s the very best thing for you to have a company of that friend with you when you go out to walk. As it will make you are walking a pleasurable activity and it helps in strengthening and increasing your bond with your friend.

4. Walking Clubs

Not all but many cities have walking clubs, if you join them they can help you in numerous ways, as these clubs have many facilities including some fun events and other things for recreation, which helps you in getting the motivated time and again.

5. Time of Walking

Morning walk is considered as one of the best options to walk which has enormous benefits and makes your health good in shape as it is the time when flora and fauna are at its peak. But it’s advised to you, if you have time for walking then you can walk at different times in a day. Also, the views in the morning are the best, slightly different from those of the afternoon or early in the evening.

6. To make walking more interesting you can notice what is going around you like notice the sky, the people, the sounds, chirping of the birds in the morning, it will make you’re walking a pleasurable activity.


Walking is a wonderful activity we did try to provide you how and what you should do to keep it enjoyable and is the best bet for your health and wellness.

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