Garcinia Cambogia : One of the Wonders of Nature for Holistic Health


Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia / Garcinia indica) is a treasure, filled with numerous health benefits. Some of them are already known and some not. So, we are here to discuss its enormous advantages. Every herb has its own specialty for at least one health problem, likewise, Garcinia is considered the finest and most potent herb for weight loss. The good thing about this herb is its fruit or generally prepared powder can be consumed directly and has a tangy taste, which also aids in maintaining health in various ways. Moreover, for better and effective results of Garcinia, vegetarian Capsules prepared using the standardized extract of the herbs are available for you.

Garcinia is sweet in taste, small in size, and a marvelous fruit, which is mostly found in South India and Southeastern parts of Asia. It attracts people more because of its fruitful results in aiding weight loss naturally. Asian mothers are using the Garcinia rind/peel in the homemade sauces and curries or centuries as well as a perfect home remedy for abdominal ache. Years ago, while researching the fruit and this herb, the scientists also found that the peel of Garcinia contains a substance known as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). After that, it started to become famous and a vital part of weight loss supplements in many western countries including Japan, America, Europe, and many others.

Weight loss Herbal Remedy

HCA or Hydrocytric Acid hampers the functioning of Citrate lyase in our body. Citrate Lyase is an enzyme that is mainly responsible for converting carbohydrates into fatty acids. By barring its working, HCA assures the non-conversion and becomes helpful in weight loss. HCA does not only useful in maintaining a healthy weight but besides this, it also boosts serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that naturally gets generated in the body and maintains the well-being of a person by keeping him happy, thus, it is also known as the Happy hormone. Therefore, HCA also becomes helpful in regulating mood, balancing hormonal levels, appetite, and sleep of a person.

The whole functioning of HCA is inter-related. How? Being the serotonin booster, it helps in the prevention of stress, anxiety, and depression; consequently, the person can sleep well and eat healthy as per his body’s requirement. As a general fact says that a person overeats in stress and depression, the hunger gets elevated when there is hormonal imbalance inside the body leading to obesity and vice versa.

It was all the general knowledge about Garcinia fruit and its main medicinal usages. Now, let us move towards its importance in Ayurveda. It already has created a good place in our minds and thoughts, but after knowing its Ayurvedic importance and functioning, we will love it more and will surely try to include it in our daily diet.

What Ayurveda has to say about this wonderful Fruit?

Ayurveda considers a balanced Diet, Healthy Lifestyle, and Proper Sleep are the three main pillars of a well-established life. The diet patterns in Ayurveda focus on those eatables that pacify all the three doshas and aggravates metabolism to keep the digestive fire at bay. Such eatables are called Samadoshaha in Ayurveda. Blissfully, Garcinia is rich in both of these properties with many more. Being highly enriched with most of the basic and necessary potencies, Garcinia is good at detoxifying the body and cleaning the fat tissues.

The good fat supports the healthy bones, so by supporting the fat tissues, Garcinia aids in bone health also

तित्तिडीकं च वातघ्नं ग्राह्युष्णं रुचिकृल्लघु।।1

वृक्षाम्लमम्लं कटुकं कषायं सोष्णं कफ़ार्शोघ्नमुदीरयन्ति।


(Ref: 1Dhanvantri Nighantu & 2Raj Nighantu)

As per the Above Shloka, Garcinia has thermogenic potency, due to which it enhances absorption. Other than this, it sharpens the taste buds, eliminates toxins present in the oral cavity, and lightens the body as it possesses 3 rasa (taste), sour (Amla), pungent (katu), and astringent (kashay). The presence of sour taste in Garcinia, makes it an effective remedy to support protein metabolism by improving the muscle tissue. These 3 tastes found in Garcinia, also allows it to unclog the channels of the body. It pacifies Vata and Kapha Dosha, contributing towards the health of all the 7 dhatu (tissues), chest and abdomen. Garcinia keeps a check on excessive thirst and hunger. Also, it balances and manages the functioning of the digestive system in a well manner.

According to the Ayurvedic principles, stomach is considered as the root of the health as well as the disease. Ayurveda believes when the digestive fire is appropriate and works properly then it controls the overall health of a person and safeguards it against all the diseases. But, if there is an imbalance in digestive system or the digestive fire then it results in the diseases.

Garcinia, is proved as the best fruit to maintain the healthy digestion of a person by enhancing the coordination among its all main functions which are the 3 supporters of proper digestion.

These Supports are

  1. Samana Vata (mobility of air and space within the stomach walls)
  2. Pachak Pitta (Proper enzymatic levels and healthy digestive fire)
  3. Kledak Kapha (Maintenance of Lubrication levels)

With all the above discussion, now we can say that Garcinia is really good at improving digestion and maintain overall well-being of a person alone. It assures the proper formation of the most basic dhatu in the body i.e., Rasa dhatu. It is the foundation of all other tissues, as it is the first to be formed after the intake of food by an individual.

Thus, after knowing the Benefits of Garcinia, we should know about its use to stay healthy in the most easiest and convenient way.

For This, we have many options, such as

  • Garcinia tea can be prepared and drunk.
  • Garcinia fruit chutney/sauce can be consumed with food or by adding in Salads, Soups, and curries.
  • Garcinia powder can be consumed
  • Garcinia Capsules can be taken as a daily dietary supplement

Another and a very delicious way of having Garcinia in your daily diet is mixing it with Fresh Buttermilk. The combined taste and benefits of Buttermilk and Garcinia will be amazing for your health.

तक्रं ग्राहि कषायाम्लं स्वादुपाकरसं लघु।

वीर्योष्णं दीपनं वृष्यं प्रीणनं वातनाशनं।।

ग्रहण्यादिमतां पथ्यं भवेत्संग्राहि लाघवात्।

किञ्च स्वादुविपकित्वान्न च पित्तप्रकोपणं।।

(Ref: Bhavpraksh Nighantu)

The above Shloka explains the health benefits of Buttermilk as it is Grahi, which means it is a great absorbent of essential nutrients and minerals. It is astringent and sour in taste but its taste after digestion is sweet. It is a hot potent herb that makes it efficacious in aggravating digestive fire and metabolism. The fresh buttermilk is a good cell rejuvenator and ensures lightness in the body by pacifying Vata dosha.

So, by mixing Garcinia with the fresh buttermilk, we improve the efficiency and potency of both these natural ingredients, which do wonders for stomach health. Having it daily with lunch is superb for the holistic health of an individual as well as the whole family.

In a nutshell, after explaining a lot about Garcinia and its infinite benefits, we should not wait and add it to our daily diet is the best and most convenient way without any delay. Overweight is already dominating our health and inviting a lot of lifestyle as well as diseases to stay in our bodies.

So, let us fight it intrinsically and live healthier for a longer period of time.
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