Udumbara, Cluster Fig (Ficus Glomerata) – Practical Uses and Benefits

According to Vedas, Udumbara (Ficus Glomerata) is considered a symbol of good luck and it is one of the names of Lord Vishnu. In ancient Indian scriptures, this is sacred to lord Dattaguru and can be only seen in the temple of God Dattaguru. According to Buddhist scriptures, Udumbara is a white, delicate flower, which is a symbol of immortality and rebirth of Lord Buddha. According to reviews, it is believed that this flower blooms once in 3000 years and is recognized as the arrival of Royal King.

General Description

India is considered to be an ancient heritage of traditional medicines. Plants are considered one of the most important sources of medicines because of their curative properties. One of the important medicinal plants is Cluster figs (Ficus racemosa), which is a deciduous and evergreen tree having an erect and lactiferous structure. It grows up to 25-30m in height and having a diameter of about 60-90cm. The tree endures a pear-shaped, dull reddish color fruit measuring up to 2.5-5cm in diameter and its bark is up to 8-10mm in thickness.

Ficus Glomerata Udumbara

Vernacular Names

Common Name:– Udumbara, Gular fig, Cluster fig, Country fig, Cluster fig tree, Goolar fig.

Sanskrit:- Gular, Jantuphala, Sadaphalah, Udumbar, Udumbarah.

Bengali Name:- Dumur, Udumbara

Manipuri Name:- Heibong

Tamil Nadu:– Utumparam

Oriya:- Dimri

Assam:- Jagnadimaru

Gujarat:- Goolar, Umbaro

Malyalam:- Aththi

Marathi:- Audumbar, Umbar

Nepalese:- Dumrii

Kannada:- Atti

Chinese:- Juguorong

Thai: Ma-duer Uthhumphon

Biological Classification

Kingdom:- Plantae

Division:- Magnoliophyta

Class:- Magnoliopsida

Order:- Rosales

Family:- Moraceae

Genus:- Ficus

Species: F. racemose


It is found in deciduous forest, moist areas, beside rivers and streams at an elevation of about 100-1700m. Udumbara is native to the Indian subcontinent, Southern China, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea to northern Australia and Queensland. It is cultivated over Khasia Mountains, Punjab, Rajasthan, Orissa, Kerala, and Nagpur.

Chemical Constituents

Udumbara contains various types of phytochemicals out of which some are Non-enzymatic, which includes phenolic components like Flavonoids and Vitamin C while rest are enzymatic such as Glycosides, Alkaloids, Phenolic acids, Steroids, Saponins, Tannins, and Triterpenoids. The bark of the plant is possessed with various micronutrients like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, Nickel, Copper, Sodium, and Potassium, which help in the treatment of many ailments. Fruit of this plant consists of Glauanol, Tiglic acid, Phytosterol, and higher hydrocarbons.

Ayurvedic Properties

  1. Rasa (Taste)– Kashaya (Astringent)
  2. Guna (Physical property)– Heavy and dry
  3. Virya (Potency)– Sheetal (Cold)
  4. Vipaka (Metabolic Property)– Katu (Pungent)

Health Benefits

     1. Production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells)

Vitamin B2 in Udumbara is very helpful in producing red blood cells as well as antibodies, which simultaneously increase the oxygenation and circulation of blood in the different body parts.

     2. Prevents Anemia

Anemia is a disease mainly caused due to the deficiency of iron, which is an essential macronutrient present in the body. However, the Udumbara plant is very rich in Iron. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of anemia that occurs mostly during pregnancy and menstruation.

    3. Enhance Immunity

Copper is essential in promoting the healing of wounds and also helps in building the body’s immunity. Copper present in Gular fruit helps in the endothelial growth or tissue healing process.

    4. Management of Sleeping Disorders

Lack of iron leads to lower the count of RBCs in the body which in turn causes fluctuation in the blood pressure which ultimately leads to insomnia. Udumbara (Ficus Glomerata) is enriched with Iron, which treats sleeping disorders.

    5. Muscle Problems

A sufficient amount of potassium is essential for the relaxation and contraction of muscles. Figs are considered as a great remedy in relieving swelling and tiredness in muscles. It maintains the balance between nerves and muscles and promotes neural connectivity.

    6. Prevents Cramps

Deficiency of magnesium in the body leads to symptoms like leg cramps and general fatigue, as it helps in relaxing the kidney stress and muscular tension. Unripe fruit of Cluster fig helps in treating Shramahara (tiredness) and Rochana (strength in muscles).

Traditional Uses

    1. Mouth Ulcers-Paste formed by grinding the seeds soaked in milk will help in treating

    2. Bhasmak Rog– This term means food addiction. Consumption of Udumbara is proved to be very beneficial in treating Bhasmak Rog.

    3. Gonorrhea– This sexually transmitted disease (STD) comes from a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhea. Powdered unripe fruit of crustal figs can be consumed in the early stages of gonorrhea.

    4. Leucorrhea- Drinking udumbara juice twice a day can reduce symptoms of leucorrhea.

    5. Bleeding Disorders– Hemorrhagic diathesis/Bleeding diathesis can be treated by consuming cluster figs with milk and sugar depending upon the type and affected body part.

    6. Urinary Disorders– To treat many urinary disorders, Udumbara is consumed with milk, water, and sugar in different quantities depending upon the type of infection.

    7. Insect Bites– The bark of udumbara is rubbed along with water on the stone to make a fine paste. This paste can be applied overboils or insect bites.

Other Pharmacological Properties of Udumbara

  1. Antidiuretic
  2. Antitussive
  3. Antiulcer
  4. Antibacterial and antifungal
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Antidiarrheal

A Word of Caution

  1. Cluster figs should be consumed in pregnancy after consulting with a doctor.
  2. One must consult a doctor if he/she is suffering from cough, cold and allergic reactions before consuming Cluster figs.
  3. Ripe fruit should not be consumed, if the person has some intestinal worm infestation, consumption can worsen the condition.

Parts Used

  1. Bark
  2. Fruits
  3. Latex

Ayurvedic Product for Udumbara by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides the best herbal blends, which are formulated using pure and natural herbs under expert supervision. All herbal remedies are 100 percent Authentic, and Vegetarian. These are free from any kind of additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

       1. Pradrantak Churna

Pradrantak churn (powder) is a tremendous blend of herbs like Lodhra, Ashok, Udumbur, and Arjuna that are useful for treating various health problems. It is particularly effective in Menstruation cramps, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Ovarian Cyst Leucorrhea, Weakness and Menorrhagia.

Dosage– 1 Tsp, twice daily with plain water after half an hour of meals.

padrantrak churna


       2. Udumbara Powder

Udumbara powder is a pure herbal formulation that is very beneficial in maintaining healthy skin, digestive disorders, maintains equilibrium in Pitta and Kapha dosha. This magical product is free from additives, preservatives or colors and is 100% pure and vegetarian.

Dosage– 1 teaspoonful two times a day with plain water after meals.

Udumbara Powder


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