Nowadays everyone is engaged in their lifestyles and  fails to remember healthy diets which are very  precious to being healthy. Due to this misfortune all health issues are arising day by day. Causes of health issues put a great impact on our lifestyle .In the same way, Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic condition which affects the trigeminal nerve. There are a number of  treatments involved in the healthcare system such as conventional methods or ayurvedic therapies .  The following article defines trigeminal neuralgia, its symptoms, possible causes, diagnosis and ayurvedic treatment as well.


Trigeminal neuralgia consists of 12 pairs of nerves that are directly attached to the brain. It is sudden facial pain which includes teeth, nose, eyes, lips, jaw or gums .It is an unpredictable attack which lasts from 2 second to 2 minute . But a series of attacks may last for days, week or month. Sometimes, it  affects one side of the face .Trigeminal  nerves are inside our skull that transmit pain from your face, teeth ,and  transfer in brain throughout the mouth .Blood vessels cause trigeminal nerves because they press  nerves inside the skull . The trigeminal nerve can be affected by some other medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or a tumour. It can be treated by using herbal remedies as well as allopathic medicine. But as per ayurveda herbal healthcare system is more advantageous because it is natural or free from side effects. There is no composition of chemicals, preservative or artificial additives.


Some common signs of trigeminal neuralgia are discussed below

  1.  Tingling and numbness on face.
  2. Initially pain is focused on one spot but after some time it spreads in a broad pattern.
  3. Trouble brushing teeth.
  4. Realize some difficulties while putting on makeup.
  5. Feel pain when you touch your face.
  6. problems in eating or drinking.
  7. Hardness Difficulty in speaking.
  8. In males, they feel pain during shaving.


Two types of TN are observed in our brain which are primary and secondary. There is no specified cause of TN   but it can be concluded by some other painful  conditions . Primary TN has been connected to the compression of the nerve ,generally  in the root  of the head where the spinal cord linkup  the brain, usually it can be due to connection among healthy artery and the trigeminal nerve. As  it enters into the brain it has a influence on the  nerve. On the other hand secondary TN is affected  by  the cause of tumour, a facial injury, multiple sclerosis. and some other medical condition

Trigeminal  Nerve

creates three branches when it leaves the brain and moves inside the skull. These branches helps in regulating sensation . TN’s smallest branches are discussed below

  • Ophthalmic(V1)- It includes forehead, nose and eyes.
  • Maxillary(V2)- Affects lower eyelid, side nose, and upper teeth
  • Mandibular(V3)-In this, jaw, lower teeth, gum and lip are damaged

Diagnosis Of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Diagnosis of  TN will depend upon the type of pain, area of pain and risk factor which cause that ache. There is no any specific test for the diagnosis of TN. Generally,  doctors will  determine your medical history and perform neurological exams to determine the part being affected. Trigeminal neuralgia can be treated by using some tests, injections, medications and surgery.


  1. A neurological examination – In this test , the doctor touches your face  to determine the pain, and the affected area where pain is produced .If you find the appearance of trigeminal neuralgia, which TN  branch is damaged by it.
  2. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


As per ayurveda, TN is caused due  to  imbalance in vata dosha.  Ayurveda correlates TN to Anantavata as per its symptoms. Ayurvedic remedies such as agni rasayana and therapies such as Agnikarma which offers relief  from chronic pain. Anantavata is a disease which damages the manya or greeva praswa and produces pain in the eye, root of nose, one side of face and neck .In ayurvedic healthcare system , every medical condition is treatable.


Ayurvedic treatment is a combination of pure herbs that helps to recover unbalanced vata dosha. Herbals are not managed or examined  like medicine. Herbal products are more inexpensive than western medicine.

Currently, most of the people prefer herbal products instead of using conventional drugs because herbal products are free from all types of side effects, it is 100 % natural and safe to use.

Planet ayurveda has proved that  Trigeminal neuralgia can be treated by using Trigeminal Neuralgia care pack. This is a set of four products which are extracted from 100% pure or natural herbs .The herbs which are used in these following supplements have various properties which help to manage painful conditions like trigeminal neuralgia. Planet ayurveda’s all products description and dosage are discussed below

1. Hakam Churna

It is an anti-inflammatory mixture which is not only beneficial for Trigeminal neuralgia but also effective for other diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis , Osteoarthritis ,sciatica and stiffness in lower is a combination of natural herbs such as methi(trigonella foenum graecum), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi), Chandershoor (lepidium sativum), and  Kalonji (nigella sativa).

DOSAGE- 1 teaspoon of hakam churna after a meal with normal water.

2. Boswellia Curcumin

This herbal remedy has been used for thousands of years in the ayurvedic healthcare is helpful to control joint pain and swelling. Boswellia is a herb that has anti-inflammatory properties which are very effective to treat TN and some other medical conditions which include chronic colitis, allergies, asthma, crohn’s disease and all kinds of cancer.

DOSAGE- 2 capsule with plain water, after meal.

3. Yograj Guggul

It is formulated by using guggulu (Commiphora mukul) , ghee or some other herbs . Yograj guggulu  is a pure combination with no side effects and it is a successful herbal remedy to treat TN and also utilized to treat digestive issues and  reduce obesity.

DOSAGE- 2 tablets after meals with plain water.

4. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) it is also known as indian ginseng. It is one of the best herbs in ayurveda.  Ashwagandha has a large range of health benefits which includes lowering  stress level, curing insomnia, and also helps to control fatigue and many health issues.

DOSAGE– 1 capsule with plain water after meals

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As per planet Ayurveda, herbal products are effective to treat disease but yes Diet also plays a very important role for a healthy lifestyle  because it  protects us against various Non communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Eating a variety of food which are less in sugar, salt, and saturated fat. Some examples of healthy diet may include

  • Avoid using fried, junk and packed food.
  • Stop eating too much hot, cold and spicy food.
  • Add fresh juice in your daily diet, avoid soft drinks
  • Less consumption of coffee and tea
  • Pick more fruits like pears, papaya, kiwis and apples
  • Prefer vitamin c and vitamin B12 for better nerve functions.
  • Keep away from pasta, maggie, noodles and biscuits of white flour.
  • Don’t take any type of mental stress and keep yourself healthy and active.

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