In Ayurveda mouth ulcer/ stomatitis is known as “mukhpaka”. The presence of ulcers in the mouth is known as stomatitis/mouth ulcers. It causes the erosion or loss of mucous membrane (lining of the mouth).  The formation is due to accidentally biting the inside of cheeks, skin rashes in the mouth, bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

mouth ulcerSome of the symptoms of mouth ulcers are irritation or itching of the sores by spicy, salty, or sour food items, swollen skin around the sores, problem with chewing, problem with brushing due to skin tenderness, one or more sores on the lining of the skin, loss of appetite, burning sensation etc.

Ayurveda contains numerous herbs that manage these ulcers by giving cooling effects on the sores. The use of cold potency herbs are prescribed for its treatment.

Let’s have a look at the references of mouth ulcers from Ayurvedic books:

सर्वसरास्तुवातपित्तकफशोणितनिमित्ता : (सु।नि१६ /६६ )

This shloka tells that sarvsarroga is a type of mukhpaka (stomatitis). The reason for sarvsarroga is Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and Rakta.

स्फोटै: सतोदैवर्दनंसमन्तादयस्याचितंसर्वसर: सवातात।
रक्तै: सदाहैस्तनुभि :सपीतैंर्यस्याचितंचापिसपित्तकोपात। (सु।नि१६ /६७ )

The shloka is about vatajmukhpak and pittajmukhpak: The person whose whole mouth is full of ulcers that cause pain is known as vataj mukhpaka.

Pittaj mukhpaka: The person whose mouth contains red or yellow color ulcers causing pain is known as pittaj mukhpaka.

कण्डूयुतैरल्परुज ै: सवर्णैयर्स्ययाचितंचापिसवैकफेन।
रक्तेनपित्तोदितएकएवकैश्चितप्रदिष्टोमुखपाकसंज्ञ : (सु. नि१६ /६८ )

This shloka tells about kaphajmukhpaka: The person whose mouth contains wound like ulcers, that are not much pain, and the color is the same is known as kaphajmukhpaka. Due to impure blood, the ulcers are known as paiitiksarvsarroga. This is the only mukhpakasangyaksarvsarroga.

There is hardly any person who doesn’t have any blisters in the mouth. The pain of it is felt only by the one who is suffering from blisters.

Mouth ulcers cause a burning sensation, pain in the mouth. There is difficulty in eating food and drinking water. In some people, ulcers are present in the food pipe.

The formation of ulcers in the mouth is a common problem that gets subsided with time. Some people get ulcers on and off that frustrate their life. Those people should go to a doctor for a proper checkup so that the reason for this problem should be easily detectable and proper treatment should be done on time.

The reason for mouth ulcers is not one but many more. It’s not necessary that if one person is getting ulcer due to some reason the other person will also have the reason for it. Sometimes due to excess heat in the stomach causes mouth ulcers.

Consumption of excess spicy food may also be the reason for mouth ulcers because if the digestive system is not working properly then it results in ulcers in the mouth.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

According to Ayurveda mouth ulcers is due to the problem with your digestive system or the presence of excess heat in your stomach. This is the main reason for acidity.

Sometimes during chewing food the tongue or cheeks part comes in between the teeth that cause an ulcer in the mouth. These types of ulcers get cured with the saliva in the mouth.

The side-effects of allopathic medicines may be the reason for mouth ulcers, especially the intake of excess antibiotics for the long term. The overdose of antibiotics causes a reduction in the number of healthy bacteria in the intestines. This leads to the formation of ulcers in the mouth.

The irregular denture in the mouth may be a reason for mouth ulcers.  Because of irregular teeth, natal teeth, or Nagel teeth, these all cause piercing in the tongue or mouth. The rubbing of these teeth forms ulcers in the mouth.

If any acrid teeth from a long duration cause friction in tongue or cheek, it may cause cancer in the future.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Mouth Ulcers

Ayurveda contains herbs (sheetaldravya) that acts as a coolant for mouth ulcers. Shodhana is recommended in this condition. For proper treatment, you can use khadiradivati, eladivati, triphalakashaya, Amalakirasyan, usheerasava, drakshasava, chandanasava etc.

1. Khadiradi Vati

These are classical herbal tablets that help in purification of the blood. Due to its astringent nature, these tablets give wonderful results in mouth ulcers/stomatitis.

Dosage: Chew two tablets thrice daily.

2. Amalaki Rasayan

The herb Amla (Emblicaofficinalis) is used for preparation. The cooling effect of this herb gives good results in mouth ulcers/ stomatitis.

Dosage: One to two capsules twice daily.

3. Eladivati

These are classical herbal tablets that calm down the ulcers. The tablets give good results on ulcers due to bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

Dosage: Chew two tablets thrice daily.

4. Drakshasava

For the preparation of this asava raisins (Vitisvinifera) are used. The rejuvenative, cooling, and laxative effect of this asava gives good results in stomatitis.

Usage: Gargling your mouth twice daily with this asava is very effective.

5. Chandanasava

The cooling nature of chandan soothes the tissues in stomatitis condition.
Usage: Gargling your mouth with chandanasava twice daily is good in mouth ulcers.

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

The home remedies mentioned below removes your ulcers naturally.

  1. Chew leaves or buds of guava as it will reduce the pain and heal your ulcers easily.
  2. Apply coconut oil over the affected ulcers to reduce pain.
  3. Cow ghee is also very good in mouth ulcers condition.
  4. Take one teaspoon of gulkand twice daily. It will reduce the burning sensation and ulcers quickly.
  5. Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water. Keep this water overnight. Early in the morning strain the mixture and drink this water on an empty stomach.
  6. Drink green coconut water daily.
  7. Take a pinch of turmeric andmix it with coconut oil. Apply over the ulcers to get good results.
  8. Take a pinch of turmericand mix honey in it. Apply this over the affected area twice daily.
  9. Useone gramcamphor and eight-gram mishri. Prepare a powder of these two. Apply it over the affected area of the sores to reduce swelling and pain.
  10. Mulethi is a wonderful herb for mouth ulcers. Take one teaspoon of mulethi powder in a glass of water. Leave it overnight early in the morning gargle with this water. You can also drink this mixture.

Use these herbal remedies for getting quick and instant relief from mouth ulcers.