Top 7 Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain- Simple Exercise

Top 7 yoga poses to relieve lower back pain

Lower back pain may be associated with disc between the vertebrae, spinal cord, lower back muscles, bony lumbar spine, abdominal organs, pelvic organs, spinal nerves and the skin around the lumbar region. These days lower back pain the major reason of inability to do the work and seeking for the medical treatment. Pain related to the lower back can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Medical conditions and injuries can result in causing lower back pain. Reason may vary from patient to patient and it can affect every age group. Growing age develops the most chances of increasing pain associated with lower back. Pain in the upper back is mainly due to spine inflammation, tumours of the chest and disorders of the aorta.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has a variety of symptoms. It can be mild, severe and also be debilitating. Depending upon the causes various major symptoms that a person experience may include-

  • Dull or very achy pain
  • Burning pain that moves from lower back to the thighs and sometimes a person may feel tingling sensation and numbness in the lower back and legs
  • Spasm and stiffness in the muscle of lower back, pelvic region and hip bone.
  • Worse pain in both standing and sitting postures
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Difficulty in bearing your own body weight on legs

Yoga will be a preventive care and it also offers you relief from the pain of lower back. Our poor diet, unhealthy and sedentary

lifestyle and lack of exercise contribute to this serious problem. Yoga and gentle exercise are the simple ways to tackle with this problem. The daily practice of yoga poses a day help to relieve this problem. Yoga will help to strengthen both abdominal and back muscles and to get relief from stiffness and pain in lower back. A below mentions yoga poses will help to improve our posture and relieve severe back ache.

1. Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist

In this pose firstly keeps your left leg straight and then bends your right leg so that your foot faces flat with the surface. Place your right hand straight on the floor to support your body like a tripod. Now twist your body so that you can hook or place your left elbow over your right leg. Take a deep breath and slowly twist your body to right side. While doing this pose of yoga, keep your back straight as possible you can do. Now inhale and keep your body back to center position. Now again takes a deep breath and stretch your body to left side. This type of stretching is a good sooth massage for your lower back.

2. Stretch Your Spine Forward and Backward

Stretch Your Spine Forward and Backward

Firstly breathes out and straight your arms and stretch your hands to the front than interlink your fingers of both hands. While doing this simple exercise for back pain, make sure that both your arms are parallel to each other and both arms are stretched equally. Exhale while turning to both right and left side. Inhale deeply when you come back to center again. Now relax and unblock fingers of your both hands. Place both your hands straight over the ground and push your chest up. This powerful stretch is also very beneficial for our back pain.

3. Spine Lengthening

To do this yoga pose to soothe your back pain you need to sit comfortably. Place a mat over the ground and sit by crossing your both the legs. Your shoulders should be relaxed and your back should be totally straight. While breathing, straight your arms in an upward position and interlink your fingers and gently touch your both thumbs each other. Now bring your arms to the top and stretch your spine as possible you can do. Your elbows should be straight and your biceps must touch your ears. Take 3-4 long deep breathes and stretch your arms for 30 seconds. While doing this stretching, you must sure that you cannot do strain to your muscle.

4. Wall Plank

Wall Plank

To does this yoga pose stand straight in front of a wall. Bend your body forward with head facing downward and reach the wall by stretching straight your arms. Lengthen your arms by stretching your lower back as possible you can do. Now you come to an l shaped position. During this position when you bend your body you may feel pain in your lower back. Try do this spinal stretch continuously for 2 minutes. Take a deep breath and stretch your body back.

5. Back Stretch

Back Stretch

Hold your hands in front of you and sit down on your heels. Now stretch your hands and straighten your back. Slowly inhale and exhale continuously for 2-3 minutes. Now try to pull your both hands to the front by stretching your back to the front. By this simple exercise your lower back muscle feel relaxed and stress free and this will also soothe your muscle of lumbar and spinal region.

6. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

This pose of yoga will help to maintain the health of lower back. Stand and lie down on the floor facing the ground and place you’re both hands in front of you. Now flatten your palms on the ground. Now try to lift your hip slowly on the ground by making balance on both feet and hands. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths in this position. Lift your hip as much you can do and by this exercise you will feel a sooth stretch in your back.

7. Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose is again a great yoga pose and gentle exercise to for toning your spine and to relieve lower back pain. Because of extra sitting, we will feel pain in our lower back. This pose helps in promoting natural curvature of spine. To do this pose lay down straight on your stomach, bring your elbows under your shoulders. If you feel excessive pressure while doing this exercise, you can bring your elbows slightly forward. Hold your body in this position for 2-3 minutes. Now exhale and lower your upper body on the floor. Lie straight on the ground and relax your body as long as you needed and to take some relaxed breath come to child pose on ground.

Prevention Tips

  • Do not strain your body.
  • While doing these, yoga poses breathe slowly.
  • Avoid extra weight lifting
  • Try to avoid stressful workouts
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