Top 7 Natural Ways to Treat Slipped Disc at Home?

Natural Ways to treat slipped disc

Human spinal cord is made up of small bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are the backbone of human body. There are 7 vertebrae in cervical region, 12 in thoracic and 5 in lumbar that are supported by sacrum and coccyx at the bottom. All these bones are supported by disc to protect them from any type of injuries. Disc are divided into two part outer part is hard and strong portion while internal part is gel like. It is our backbone that support us to stand straight and erect. Any type of injuries to spine also associated with creating difficulties in our daily life and activities.

Any type of serious injury or damage to the disc is the major reason for bulging out the internal gel like portion out. This disorder is called slip disc or herniated disc. This condition is associated with pain and difficulty to perform body activity. Sometimes this bulge press the nerve endings that causes numbness, tenderness and pain. This condition gets so worse that it need surgery to remove slip disc.

It can affect any part of our body but majorly lower extremities are affected. It causes serious pressure and tenderness on both nerves and blood vessels.

Physical exercise, stretching, yoga and acupressure are the main are enough to treat slip disc in early stages. But when this condition becomes worst surgery is main treatment to get rid of from this disease. Best thing to treat slip disc that stay remain active all the day. Various medications and pain killers given for slip disc causes adverse effects on the other organs of body. So natural activities and herbal remedies and supplements are the best treatment to save our body from the ill effects of the slip disc.

Major Causes

  • Any type of physical injury and accident to vertebrae
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Obesity
  • Growing age
  • Excessive smoking and drinking

Top 7 Natural Ways to Treat Slip Disc

1. Stay Active

Stay Active

Best way to treat slip disc is to stay active always. People who always remain active with growing age are less prone to loss of mobility, inflammation, joint pain and disc related problems. Staying inactive causes muscle weakness and also puts a lot of pressure on spinal cord. Due to this they suffer from severe pain which finally results in causing slip disc. In case of mild pain you can do gentle walk and exercise daily to reduce the lower back pain. These spine friendly exercise reduces pain and inflammation and helps to protect our backbone from further serious damage. Those who are free from the ill effects of the slip disc do regular exercise, walking, cycling, swimming and gentle weight bearing exercises to protect their body from the risk of slipped disc. Stretching of spine is also very beneficial because it reduces pain, inflammation, stiffness and maintain good flexibility and good posture. Regular exercise helps to strengthen our core muscular strength that is beneficial for our spine and exercise can release endorphins that is natural pain killer.

2. Maintain your Posture

Maintain your Posture

For the people who are working in screen oriented upright positions for long hours a day, it’s time to improve their sitting postures. Ideally it is very important that they work on good postures and stretching their spine because this slouching over chairs for long hour is dangerous for our spinal cord. Avoid continuous sitting for long hours, take short breaks after regular interval of time. When you take break stretch your spine, get up and move around to sooth your spinal cord. In your free time always try to do isometric exercise to strong your spinal cord.

3. Therapies to Reduce Pain

Therapies to Reduce Pain

Heat compress or heat packs and gentle massage with natural herbal oils give relief from low back pain and inflammation. Use of heat packs on the particular areas of pain help to reduce extra stiffness and severe pain. You can also use icepacks on the affected area. Do shower with warm water by adding some Epsom salt also give some relief from pain. Massage with natural oil over lower back help in relaxation of muscles, reduces pain and increase the flow of blood. This oils penetrate into spinal cord and give relief from stiffness.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Food

Anti-Inflammatory Food

Inflammation is the main cause of slip disc and it may also cause serious damage to the spinal cord. Excessive inflammation in body is major cause of serious disorders and it also weakens our body muscles, cartilages and ligaments. So best way to treat this disease is to consume anti-inflammatory and nutrient rich food that gives energy to body and also help to reduce the excessive inflammation. Add green leafy vegetables, legumes, beans, extra virgin oil and turmeric to your daily diet. Avoid sugary, processed and canned food to protect your body from the damage of slipped disc.

5. Proper Relaxation and Sleep

Proper Relaxation and Sleep

Excessive stress and over working are the major reason of weakening of bones, muscles and damage to spinal cord. It is very essential for our body that stress hormones are under control. It is necessary of maintaining molecular level of cells and protect body from serious injuries. So it is very necessary to take enough sleep in correct posture to protect body from the risk of slip disc because proper sleep releases growth hormone that are very essential for muscle repair. Lack of sleep is unsupportive to spinal cord and it reduces the chance of muscle repair.

6. Vitamin-D


Vitamin-D is very essential in our body for bone strength and calcium absorption. Its deficiency causes inflammation in vertebrae, weakening of body bones and muscles and softening of bone surface in the spinal cord. It is very necessary to sit half an hour a day in sunlight because our body itself produces vitamin D on exposure to UV rays. It also fight against problems like anxiety and depression. Fatty fish, beef liver, eggs yolk, cheese, spinach and milk are good sources of vitamin D. add these food items to your daily diet to nourish your muscles and bones.

7. Yoga


Yoga is very necessary for core muscle strengthen and also for promoting flexibility of bones and spine. People who are suffering with lower back pain join regular classes of yoga to reduce inflammation and to prevent body from the risk of slipped disc.

It is very essential for everyone to listen to their body necessity because minor discomfort can cause back pain and this back pain contributes to cause serious damage like slip disc. Avoid stress and anxiety and beware of your sitting postures. If you feel low back pain do not ignore it and because it is responsible for causing serious damage to our body.

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