Top 7 Amazing Home Remedies for Weight Gain

Top 7 Amazing Home Remedies for Weight Gain

Gaining weight is as difficult task as losing weight. It requires same effort, dedication and hard work as needed during weight loss process. The stomach size of a thin person is small and to increase appetite is not easy. Both weight loss and weight gain should be done gradually and in a natural way so that the body doesn’t have to go through side effects. A gradual weight gain or weight loss is permanent and healthy.

The most common reason why a person is not able to gain weight is stress and unhealthy lifestyle which include unhealthy food choices, malabsorption of foods, irregular eating habits, long meal time gaps, and lack of physical activity. Genetics also play a vital role in our body structure. Being significantly underweight is associated with negative health effects like lack of energy, weak immune system, osteoporosis and complications in pregnancy in women.

Many people want to add some flesh on their skinny bony structure. They want to gain mass in the right areas and not just on the abdomen. It is very important to indulge in nutritional diet in order to gain weight. A strict diet to build up muscle mass is needed. The diet should be healthy, low in fats but high in calories. One should stay away from foods high on Trans fats like burgers, cheesecakes, fries, etc. Instead they should opt for calorie foods like vegetables, eggs, beans, tofu, lentils, avocado, whole grains and dairy products (yogurt with granola). High calorie beverages like smoothies and shakes should be chosen.

There are some amazing home remedies that help with weight gain naturally. These are listed below.

1. Dry dates/dried fruits and Milk

Dry dates

Dates are rich source of protein, sugar, vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, K, B2, B6, niacin and thiamine and provides much needed energy. They are considered to be the healthiest choice when it comes to weight gain as it helps you gain muscle in a natural way. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, raisins are the best option and easiest way to gain weight. Almonds are rich in polyunsaturated fats while raisins are rich in essential fatty acids that help in weight gain.

One needs to consume a handful of dates with milk before bedtime. One may also opt for almond milk to gain weight.  Boil milk with almonds, dried figs and dates and consume it daily for one month. Another way is to soak some raising and figs in water overnight and eat them in the morning for about a month.

A regular consumption of a handful of dry fruits is very good to put on weight.

2. Mango with Milk

Mango with Milk

Mangoes are rich source of minerals and vitamins and are free of sodium, cholesterol and fats. They have adequate amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and protein that help in increasing the body mass. The fructose from mangoes is conserved by the body as energy and fat and thus leads to healthy weight gain.

One may eat two to three mangoes a day or take it as mango shake daily. One may even pair eating mangoes with a warm glass of milk for faster results.

3. Banana Shake

Banana Shake

Bananas are filled with calories and help to give one an instant energy boost. Bananas are filled with carbohydrates, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6. They are considered one of the best fruits to be included in diet.

One may eat two ripe bananas daily and drink a glass of warm milk with it or prepare a sweet banana shake and drink in between meals or in place of morning evening tea to gain some extra pounds.

Drink fluids in between meals to add extra calories and avoid filling up on beverages during meals.

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter as a spread on toast or whole wheat bread is an excellent way to boost energy and gain some healthy pounds. Peanut butter is loaded with calories, proteins and great in taste. It should be consumed on a daily basis for weight gain.

5. Clarified Butter and Sugar

Clarified Butter

Consuming a spoon of clarified butter with equal quantity of sugar, at least 30 minutes before your meals on an empty stomach is an easy and effective way to gain some healthy weight.

6. Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates. Consuming grilled or baked potatoes on a daily basis helps in weight gain.

7. Nuts


Nuts like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds are full of calories, nutrients and healthy fats. They are an excellent way, a perfect snack between meals to munch on and gain some extra pounds. Healthy snacks in small portions should be consumed frequently to keep the energy levels up.

Take afternoon naps for about an hour is a good way to gain weight. It helps to relax the body (muscles) and mind. It is the fastest way to gain weight.

In order to gain some extra pounds, eat before bed as a lot of healing and regeneration happens while we sleep so eating before bedtime can give the body enough nutrients to work with. Eating more frequently is also advised. Do not skip breakfast as breakfast jump starts the metabolism of the body and keeps one energetic the whole day. Starving the body causes it to get into a mode where it starts burning the stores of fat, so it is important to keep supplying the body with some food.

The rate at which a person needs to gain weight depends on their health goals and current health status. The absorption of food is slower in skinny people, so one needs to be patient for the results.

One must focus more on strength training exercises rather than the ones to lose weight. A mix of cardio, weight training and flexibility enhancing exercises should be done daily.

People may be underweight due to various reasons so it is very important to understand your body and get to the root of the problem before trying to lose or gain weight.

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