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Rasaaushadis are well known miraculous remedies of Ayurveda having potency and capability to penetrate the body channels with minerals to boost up the overall body status. Vasant kalps are best known to nourish the dhatus; it promotes dhatus stabilization. Kalaps are beneficial in people of every age group. Basant kalp are beneficial in pregnant females. Swaran is one of the best rejuvenators, an aphrodisiac having ample properties, explained via a sutra below.

Gold is a rejuvenator, potent brain tonic, beneficial to maintain cardiac tone, stabilize the body channels and a best nervine tonic. Hence, it nourishes the 7 dhatus and promotes the ojas (immunity). Gold increases the immunity of the body. It is beneficial to cure the various ailments associated with children. This article contains information about Swaran vasant malti ras.


Sarvroge vasantah .. No disease is there which can’t be cured with Swaran vasant malti rasa. It is a special herbal formulation used to treat a variety of ailments, specifically the problem associated with lungs, tuberculosis. It helps to open the channels in the body; it enhances or nourishes the blood cells and increases the body strength. It enhances the dhatu-agni.

ancient references

Charak chikitsa 23/240

This formula of ayurveda mentioned in Charak samhita signifies that by using Swaran, rogas don’t stay in the body just like drops don’t stay on the petals of the flower. Swaran is an eminent product having documented therapeutic values. It has spermatogenic, antiaging, and cardiotonic properties.

swarn vasant malti ras


  1. Swarna bhasma (Gold calx)
  2. Mukta Bhasma (calx of pearl)
  3. Shuddha hingula (An ore of Mercury and sulphur)
  4. Kali maricha (Piper nigrum)
  5. Kharpara (Rasaka)
  6. Shuddha parad (Purified Mercury)
  7. Shuddha gandhak (Purified Sulphur)
  8. Trikatu (Black pepper, long pepper and dried ginger)
  9. Tamra bhasma (Copper bhasma)
  10. Loha bhasma (Iron Bhasma)
  11. Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum)
  12. Datura (Datura metel)
  13. Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa)
  14. Nimbu swaras (Lemon juice)

Brief Description

  1. Swarna bhasma (Gold calx)—- Suvaran bhasam is an eminent product. It is the ash of purified swaran (gold). It is beneficial in managing Bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus and nervous system diseases. Gold is a rejuvenator, anti-ageing and immunity booster.
  2. Mukta Bhasma (calx of pearl)— Mukta Bhasam pacify kapha , pitta, kshya(deprivation), kaas(cough), agnimandya(low digestive fire), daah (burning sensation), unmaad (mental disorders), vata rog (neurological disorders), napunsakta (infertility) and promote anti-ageing. It Acts as an antacid, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and controls blood pressure.
  3. Shuddha hingula (An ore of Mercury and sulphur)— Hingul is bitter and tridosha har. It is a rejuvenator. Shuddha hingula acts as an antipyretic. It comprises properties of  both hingul and parad. It is anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and promotes overall strength of the body.
  4. Kali maricha (Piper nigrum)— Hot in potency, ushna virya, vata kapha har. Preventing cough, fever.  It is kapha vata har (pacify kapha and vata). Promotes the pitta dosha, promotes digestion, helps to drain out the toxins and free radicals. It can be used in problems associated with low digestive fire.
  5. Kharpara (Zinc oxide)—It is Rasaka. Rasak is katu in rasa, kshaya (pungent), ruksha (dry) and laghu (light). It pacifies kapha-pitta har, shleshma har (pacify kapha). It is tridoshahar in satva form. It increases the strength of the body and helps to increase the testosterone in males. Kharpara can Counter various problems like eye diseases, diabetes, anemia, female hormonal balance.
  6. Shuddha parad (Purified Mercury)—Parad is the basic dravya of rasashastra. It is designated as shiv virya, the most important dhatu having multiple benefits. It Acts as a blood brain barrier, having potency to increase the quality of each metal mixed with it. It is called rasa and helps to promote the properties of associated ingredients.
  7. Shuddha gandhak (Purified Sulphur)—- Gandhak is pitta vardhak, kapha aadhar. It can counter skin diseases like kandu (itching), kustha (leprosy), pama (type of skin diseases), dadru (ringworm infection), aam dosha (endotoxins), bhoot dosha (psychosomatic disorder), krimidosha (worm infestations), pleeha roga (splenomegaly) , aam jeeran (indigestion). Gandhak (purified sulphur) acts as an anti-aging agent, raising the potency of Parad (purified mercury). It is one of the best up-rasa dravya in Rasa-shastra.
  8. Trikatu (Black pepper, long pepper and dried ginger)—–Trikatu is hot in potency due to the presence of ginger,pepper. It pacifies the vata in the body. Promote digestion and metabolism. It can cure thyroid issues and trim the extra fat from the body.
  9. Tamra bhasma (Copper bhasma)-Tamra Bhasma is katu(pungent), kshaya(astringent), tikta(bitter). It can pacify kapha,  promotes overall health. It is madhur in vipaka and hot in virya. It prevents anemia, kustha, peenas(cold), it counters liver disease and grahani (IBS) rog.
  10. Loha bhasma (Iron Bhasma)——Rasa is tikta (bitter), madhur (sweet) and kshaya (astringent). It is cold in Virya (potency). Also it is Guru (heavy), dry in texture. It is the best rasayan, tridosha nashak. Loha bhasma is proven to cure multiple health problems.
  11. Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum)—-Kantkari is stimulant, expectorant, diuretic, laxative, febrifuge. Kankari is used in the treatment of cough, bronchitis, asthma, phlegm, rheumatism, Liver issues, vomiting, urination difficulty, skin diseases, and promotes conception.
  12. Datura(Datura metel)—–Datura acts as anti-tumor, anti-rheumatic, anti inflammatory, anti dermatosis, asthma, nausea and vomiting. Datura is hot in potency, promoting hallucinations but if purified properly it can be used as a medicinal herb.
  13. Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa)—- Beneficial in stomach ache, antidiarrhoeal, hepatoprotective, hepatitis, chronic dysentery, due to presence of kutkin it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is hot in potency and promotes purgation to drain the vitiated fat.
  14. Nimbu swaras (Citrus limon)—Nimbu helps to drain out the toxins and its bhavna improves the basic texture and strength of formulation. Nimbu promotes the oxidants in the body, promotes vitamin c and hence it promotes the detoxification of the whole formulation.

Method of Preparation

Take swarna bhasma 2 bhaag, mukta bhasma  2 tola, purified hingul 3 tola, black pepper powder 4 tola, yashad bhasma – 8 tola. Mix everything and do mardan (cook) for 1 hour. Add butter in the mixture and mix again. Add lemon juice to reduce the lubrication of butter.

Dosage– 125 mg to 250 mg with honey after meals. It is advised along with long pepper, honey or decoction of Manjistha.

Therapeutic Uses & Key Benefits

  1. Tuberculosis (mainly on the symptom– hastpaadtaldah)
  2. Open the body channels
  3. Fever
  4. Female reproductive problems
  5. As a rejuvenator in pregnant female
  6. Indigestion
  7. Agnimandya (low digestive fire)
  8. Male sexual formula
  9. Brain tonic
  10. Eye disease
  11. Cure cough if administered with Pippali powder
  12. Aphrodisiac
  13. Immunity modulator
  14. Headache
  15. Nausea
  16. Premature ejaculation
  17. Pacify vitiated doshas
  18. Raktapitta
  19. Gastric problems
  20. Heart issues
  21. Stimulant
  22. Expectorant
  23. Diuretic
  24. Laxative
  25. Febrifuge
  26. Bronchitis
  27. Asthma
  28. phlegm
  29. Rheumatism
  30. Liver issues
  31. Vomiting
  32. Urination difficulty
  33. Skin diseases
  34. Promote conception.

Contraindications/ Side Effects

Keep out of reach of children and should be taken in prescribed dosages. Avoid self administration.


There are a lot of controversies related to rasaushadhi. People who don’t know about their positive effects have a lot of questions related to their side effects. It is important to check the correct procedure for the formulation of rasaushadhi so as to give a befitting reply to such questions. Rasaushadhi are a boon to mankind to manage multiple ailments. The Planet Ayurveda Swaran Vasant Malti Ras is best, GMP certified, authentic and result oriented. In case of any query kindly visit www.PlanetAyurveda.com. For more queries, you can send your queries to our email id herbalremedies123@yahoo.com.

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