Sinus: Ayurveda can help you in treat it

Sinuses: The sinuses are hollow spaces in the face and the skull bones around your nose. There are four types of sinuses: Maxillary, frontal, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses, collectively called paranasal sinuses. Simply small pockets located behind your nose, forehead, cheekbones, and eyes.
Inflammation and swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses are known as sinusitis, Mucus, which is a jelly look-alike liquid that protects the body by trapping harmful germs. When the growth of germs and mucus (fluid) blocks the passage of sinus, this makes germs cause infection, which is known as “Sinusitis,” it is the result of too much mucus accumulation, which blocks the openings of your sinuses.
sinus Infection

When you suffer from cold and allergies, lots of mucus build up in your sinus thus creating an environment for creating a bacterial and viral infection in your ENT(Ear nose throat) area.

Sinus infections are mostly due to viral infection, they leave the body in a week, but if they don’t improve in a week or a couple of weeks more than you should consult your physician.

Types of Sinus Infections

1. Acute Sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis, which is only for 1 to 2 weeks in duration and it takes the shortest period of time. Sometimes, if bacteria invade more fiercely than it might take around a month to the last.

2. Sub Acute Sinusitis:

Seasonal allergies and bacterial infections, when hits a person this results in sinus to last for around 80 to 90 days and this condition falls in the subacute sinusitis category.

3. Chronic Sinusitis:

When a person suffers from structural nasal problems and allergies, which persist to last for a long time are the ones that are chronic sinusitis and this can lead you to the problem allergies till 3 months or more than 3 months.

4. People Prone to this Infection:

People who are at risk of this problem are those having deviated nasal septum (wall of tissue, which divides your nostrils displaces to one side), and a nasal bone spur. History of allergies is also the reason for this problem.

5. Immunity:

If your immunity is weak, it also leads to the problem of sinusitis, as it makes you easy prey for the bacteria to invade your body.

6. Other Conditions which Cause Infection:

Smoking, airplane travel, cystic fibrosis (a condition that causes thick mucus membrane to build up in your lungs), infection in teeth can also lead you to face this problem of nasal infection.

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Symptoms of sinus infection are very similar to the symptoms of common cold, as in both conditions sense of smell decreases, feeling of nausea, headache, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose and cough are some of the symptoms.

Kids when they get infected with sinus problems, the symptoms they show are high fever and running nose with dark mucus comes from the nose and they do not get well even after more than 12 days and cough also keeps persisting.

Symptoms of all 3 acute,sub-acute and chronic infections of sinus are most probably similar to each other, but the severity and length may vary of these symptoms.

Diagnose of Sinus Infection

In the case of acute sinus infection, the physician checks you physically, by pressing fingers against your head and cheeks, the view inside your nose is checked by the doctor physically. It is also part of the diagnosis.

Chronic infections can be diagnosed by imaging tests for the examination of sinus and nasal passages. Polyps, which are abnormal structures can help us in diagnosing the problem of chronic infections of the sinus, the mucous blockage can also be detected by imaging tests.

Fiber optic scope test: A tube that passes through your nose, which helps in recording images of your sinuses. A Blood test may also be preferred in case of chronic sinusitis to check the disease that weakens the immunity of the body like HIV and AIDSdo.

Ayurveda and Herbal Remedies for Sinus Infection

Sinusitis is known as “Penas” in Ayurveda, an irregular diet like oily, spicy, heavy, and very cold foods which hinders you to digest properly is the reason for aggravating and impairment of 3 doshas like Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which builds toxins in the body. Main dosha is Kapha and when this dosha gets aggravated this result in blockage of Vatta in nasal cavity and inflammation in naval cavity is caused by imbalanced Pitta. As the brain is the most important part of our body and as the Naval cavity is known as Shirodwar, which is the entry point to our brain when it gets blocked it also affects the proper functioning of the brain.”Peenas roga” is the result of blockage or obstruction to this pathway.

Ayurvedic treatment includes in treating this problem is by expelling and liquefying aggravated body energies with the use of certain Ayurvedic herbs and diet as well as nasal therapies and some of the applications according to Ayurveda, Nasya in Panchkarma is the treatment for tackling the problem of sinusitis.

Herbs are the best bet for treating this problem of sinusitis as, like Tulsi(Basil leaves), Neem(Azadirachta indica),Haridra (Curcuma longa), Shirisha (Albizzia lebbeck) are some of the herbs which are very useful in getting rid of this problem of sinus.

As we all know that Planet Ayurveda is one of the rising names in Ayurveda fields, which helps in treating all kind of diseases with the help of Ayurvedic ways, Planet Ayurveda also provides treatment of sinusitis and many patients with sinusitis history has been treated with the best and natural practices of Ayurveda. Herbal remedies for Sinus are safe from any kind of side effects and they are pure and natural with their pure vegetarian contents with herbs like “Praanrakshak”,” Aller-G” etc. These remedies are made with the recommendation of highly qualified doctors of Planet Ayurveda, under their best guidance, which is free from all chemicals, additives, and preservatives, etc. Sinusitis is a problem that can be treated with herbs and with help of Ayurveda, its recommended to the patient of sinusitis to chose a healthy diet as mentioned above in this article with proper sound sleep and avoid the foods which aggravate the doshas, which cause this problem.

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