Natural Cure For Muscle Fasciculations or Twitching With Herbal Remedies

Human Muscular System

Our human body is made up of -600 muscles, from the smallest stapedius to the largest Sartorius muscle, to the strongest masseter (jaw muscle) to the bulkiest- gluteus Maximus, our human body is a home to all of them. A human body devoid of any muscle will be as good as a log of wood, the muscles mediate all the motor activity, whether it is small or big, without muscles, you wouldn’t be able to move a grain of rice! Our nervous system is definitely grateful for the muscles in our body through which it mediates their necessary action, so are we.

muscle fasciculations

Let’s Study Fasciculations

We’ll talk about one of the most overlooked conditions of muscle-fasciculations! Muscle twitches are what we indeed call muscle fasciculations wherein small muscle contraction occurs in the body.Lets see how this works , our muscles are fashioned with fibres styled by our nerves , or in other words , our nerves control those fibres and either a stimulation or a damage results in your muscle fibres twitching. We tend to overlook or rather they go unnoticed as they don’t pose much concern to us.However, they may be an early indication of an underlying nervous disorder. Considering hypothenar muscle fasciculations, these are the twitching of the muscle located on your lateral aspect of your hand by the thumb.

Examining The Causes

Hypothenar Muscle fasciculations arise due to diverse reasons and are mostly of less serious lifestyle related origin. Having said that,severe muscle twitching shouldn’t hence be overlooked! For this , let’s dissect the minor and major causes.

Minor Causes

  • Stress and Anxiety: not only is a villain to your mental health, but stress and anxiety as we might be aware precipitates into various physical forms, one of its forms is twitching of the muscle and is known as ‘nervous tic.
  • Physical Activity:- during strenuous exercise and activities, there ensues a lactic acid accumulation often victimising the hands, legs etc.
  • Stimulants– as mentioned earlier, stimulating any nerves cause the same, here the stimulant may be of caffeine ,or any energy drinks etc.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies– Certain nutrient deficiencies manifest physically in the form of muscle fasciculations particularly in the hands , these include the deficiency of vitamin D,Vitamin B etc.

Other minor causes include lack of sleep , dehydration, any imbalance in the electrolyte concentration, irritation etc.

Let’s study more serious causes

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – als instigates the death of neurons thereby initiating twitching that mostly manifests in the arms and legs first.
  • Muscular Dystrophies -these are a bunch of diseases perhaps inherited that  slowly dwindles your muscle over time.
  • Isaac’s Syndrome – another nervine disorder leading to frequent muscle fasciculations.

Other syndromes that cause muscle fasciculations are Hoffman’s syndrome, myopathy, serotonin syndrome, even chronic kidney disease etc.

What Ayurveda Says About Muscle Twitching

In Ayurveda, Mamsagata vata and Mamsasthita/Mamsasthayi vata/ Mamsashrita vata conditions have been put under the umbrella of muscle fasciculations.It comes about regarding the delayed factors which incite Vata dosha (food-propensity medication, age-cold topographical region, cold season and so forth). Further, vitiated vata takes cover in the incapacitated muscles and vitiate the kapha dosha around there.

Learn About Planet Ayurveda

Planet ayurveda makes your recuperating venture more straightforward and hurdle- free with the medicaments extracted  straightforwardly from nature adhering to definitions that are taught in exemplary ayurvedic texts, consequently you might end your chase after an ideal ally for your wellbeing !Planet ayurveda makes accessible for you a wide scope of medications and supplements  and even furnishes a selective consideration range  concerning each condition your body and wellbeing , appropriately figured out by a MD ayurvedic doctor. You may likewise end your terms  of finding quality ayurvedic products as these items go through severe quality measure tests to guarantee your wellbeing, are 100% vegetarian and are sans additives! You may likewise make a beeline for planet ayurveda for any discussions connected with your wellbeing and you’ll end up leaving with a sound brain and a sound body!

The tailor made supplements are:

  1. Vrihat Vatchintamani Ras
  2. Ashwagandhaghan Vati
  3. Nature Amino
  4. Neurogenie Capsules
  5. Neuro Plan Syrup

muscle fasciculations
Herbal Supplements for Liver Disorders

Product’s Description

1. Vrihat Vatchintamani Ras

Muscle twitching demands a vata stabilising medicines. This herbo mineral preparation in the form of ayurvedic tablets consists of swarna bhasma, Rajat bhasma, Abhrak bhasma, Praval bhasma etc – is widely exploited concerning nervine conditions such as paralysis, hemiplegia , tremors and is a lifesaver when it comes to twitching too!

Dosage – 1 tab twice daily to be chewed after meal.

2. Ashwagandhaghan Vati

This is a single herb formulation in the form of tablet , utilising the miraculous Ashwagandha herb , well known for its peculiar activities on vata dosha , which is an abode of the nervous system and governing all motor activities.

Dosage – 2 tablets twice daily after meal.

3. Nature Amino

Proteins are very much required by our body to keep it utmost functional, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and our muscle movements are controlled extensively by a chain of proteins ! Hence it’s important to keep a check on our body’s protein content and that’s exactly what planet Ayurveda‘s Nature -Amino care takes off !

Dosage – 1 teaspoon twice daily after meal.

4. Neurogenie Capsules

Planet ayurveda’s neurogenie capsules are herbal formulations comprising the goodness of nervine tonics such as Brahmi and Ashwagandha in order to recuperate your muscular system !It brings about optimum working of vata dosha along the nervous system and hence renders the whole system hassle free!

Dosage – 1 capsule twice daily after meal.

5. Neuroplan Syrup

This poly herbal formulation from the house of planet Ayurveda cashes in the medicinal properties and richness of 11 herbs such as versatile Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri), Mandukaparni (centella asiatica) Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) etc. Which ensures a proper functioning nervous system thereby a muscular system under its guidance .This syrup is also a great stress reliever owing to its vata relieving property.

Dosage -2 teaspoon twice daily after meal.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with Planet Ayurveda

We all wish for a healthier life and for that , all the components of our body should be functioning at its best and it’s our duty to ensure we have them all intact and healthy, you may now understand why you need a lending hand of planet Ayurveda , in your journey of choosing a healthier you. For more details of our products check out our website and for queries you can send your queries to our email id

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