Ideal Home Remedies for Newlywed Female for Maintaining Overall Health


In this article, we will discuss – what are the effects of changing family on the mind and body of a newlywed female and her relationship with husband. We can take this as a case of slightly neurological origin because we can clearly see that change of atmosphere whether directly or indirectly will ultimately affect her mind and body state. It can be taken as positive or negative, depending upon our state of mind.


A newlywed female enters in a completely non identical world after marriage, as she spends 25-30 yrs of her early age at her parents home.It’s strenuous to adapt in the new atmosphere as she had a different kind of environment and surroundings at her early place. And, we all expect a girl to mould herself in the new environment.

In ayurveda, we can considered it as a case of  ‘देश परिवर्तन’ (Desh Parivartan) as her In laws home may have a different type of weather and environment.

Newlywed Female

As per Ayurveda, there are 3 types of desh

  1. जांगम देश
  2. आनूप देश
  3. साधारण देश

(But this happens in few cases only, not in all)

Considering this factor of ‘desh parivartan’ there are other factors also:

  • Psychological changes– Change in thinking of new family members will have a psychological impact on her mind.
  • Physical changes– After marriage her body also goes through some new phases.


As, we have discussed the effect of changing the environment on the mind and body of newlywed females. So, let us know about some amazing diet and lifestyle tips that will help them to live happy and healthful ahead.



Don’t skip breakfast

  • Drink lukewarm water right after getting up from the bed.
  • Eat soaked almonds and raisins as they help in increasing hemoglobin concentration.
  • Try to drink fresh fruit juice or smoothie daily for breakfast.
  • Go for vegetable sandwich, oat omelet, egg omelet, or boiled egg white only.
  • Eat 2-3 grams of chyawanprash with hot milk or water. As it is a great immune and energy booster.

IN BRUNCH (10.30 AM -11.30 AM)

Eat healthy snacks or fruit salad made at home. Try to include apple, pomegranate, banana, oranges, kiwi, watermelon, and muskmelon in the diet.

IN LUNCH (1 PM – 2 PM)

Take an adequate diet containing a small portion of whole grains, legumes, brown rice, 2 wheat flour chapati, moong dal, masoor dal and a small amount of green leafy vegetables.


One can drink tea/coffee or eat Nuts such as cashew nut, groundnut, almond, fruits or sprouts of chana dal/moong dal. Sprouts are a rich source of protein and ultimately help in maintaining body mass.


For vegetarian

Include cheese, pulses like urad daal, moong daal, potato, and wheat flour or corn flour chapatis.

For non-vegetarian

Eat egg curry, chicken, or mutton along with chapatis or brown rice.


Always drink golden milk (1 tsf of Haridra (turmeric) powder in 150 ml of milk) as it has a great antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property.


  1. Always share your thoughts –Marrying someone is not like you have to follow all the instructions of your partner or family members. You just have to take an initiative to communicate with your new family members and share your thoughts about likes – dislikes. It will help you in adjusting at a new place sooner.
  2. Try to Include everyone in your daily house chores–  Being  in a marriage doesn’t mean that a girl need to do all house chores and work by herself, divide your duties and try to include everyone in that as per their age, abilities & interest. It will create a positive environment in the house and doesn’t put pressure on newlywed girls.
  3. Always exercise on daily basis – Most of the girls get busy after marriage or say takes time to balance their lifestyle because they have to take care of all the family. Marriage comes with the new responsibilities, so your me time becomes your we time. But, daily exercise of atleast 30 minutes increases your energy, improves your body metabolism and boosts your self-esteem. Early morning walk and yoga assists you keeping fit and healthy. You can also do it with your partner, mother-in-law or any other family member to make a healthy bond.
  4. Never skip your breakfast – If you are a working woman or a homemaker, healthy and nutritious breakfast should be taken in order to maintain energy levels for all day long. Prepare foods which are easy to cook like poha, uttapam, vegetable sandwich, bread omelet, fruits, smoothie etc. if you are working. On the other side, being a homemaker, you can prepare a heavy and healthy breakfast that will benefit you as well as other family members during the day.
  5. Having food while you are famished– Enjoy eating your meal at early timings, so that you relish your time with family. Never eat junk food when you feel hungry. Try to eat something healthy and nutritious like nuts and fruits as they are a rich source of essential micro and macro nutrients.
  6. Take an adequate amount of vitamin D – Natural sunlight or dairy products are rich sources of vitamin D. Try to consume morning sun rays as they contain high amounts of cholecalciferol which help in maintaining bone health and possess other health benefits also.
  7. Get adequate amount of sleep – Take proper hygienic sleep for at least 7 hours. If your “sleep cycle” is good only then you can have a healthy mindset and thinking.
  8. Try to be in touch with your friends and parental family– This will help in keeping your mind positive. You can also share your problem and thoughts with them, they will give you good advice that will help in lowering your mental tension. But, as per the experiences, it is said to prefer creating a good understanding with your husband and new family to solve your problems there. Avoid merging the family problems of both homes as they may lead to conflicts in the long run.
  9. Share your thoughts with your husband– After marriage, a woman will experience drastic changes in her surroundings which can have positive or negative effects on her mind and thoughts. Sometimes, she might feel sad and unmotivated, so always make sure to discuss your feelings with your husband as he is the one with whom you have to spend the rest of your life.

Some Best Herbal Drugs Mentioned in Ayurveda For This are as Follows

  1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – It balances tridosha in the body and acts as balaya (strength enhancer) and bhrimaneeya (provides aqequate amount of nourishment to the body).
  2. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa) – It possesses reinforcing (balaya) and rejuvenating (vayasthapak) properties and builds up a healthy female reproductive system by nourishing the uterus and regulating healthy menstrual cycle.
  3. Brahmi (Bacopa monieri) – It is medhya (nervine tonic) and prajasthapan (eliminates all the hindrances which comes during conception and pregnancy) and boosts the mental as well as holistic health.
  4. Sankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) – It also acts as medhya (nervine tonic), balaya (strengthener) and prajasthapan (removes all the toxins which causes garbhapata (abortion), etc. and helps in producing a healthy baby by sustaining female reproductive health.

Try to Eat Prakriti Virudh Ahara (Diet Opposite to Your Body Type)

For example – If you have pitta prakriti, then avoid food that elevates the pitta dosha in your body such as spicy food, etc. and include Madhur (sweet), Tikta (bitter), Kashya rasa (astringent) in your diet. They will help in stabilizing the increased pitta in your body and maintaining its balance.


Therefore, we can conclude from the above information that after being in marriage, a newlywed female faces a great amount of changes in her life. All she needs to keep in her mind is to be more expressive and positive. Otherwise, it may result in depression, mood swings, and other mental health related problems which ultimately have a bad impact on your body and health for a long time.

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