How Good Is Brahmi Chywanprash For Boosting Immune System?

Brahmi Chywanprash is not only nutritious but delicious as well. Taste plus nutrition is a very amazing combination, cannot be found everywhere. But no compromise is made in making it delicious as it is just the taste of the herbs used in this Chywanprash. Brahmi Chywanprash by Planet Ayurveda is an amazing blend of many herbs which have therapeutic effects on the whole body. Like elaichi present in it has little sweet and some bitter taste which describes its cooling and digestive properties. Similarly, there are approximately 28 herbs used in this herbal Chywanprash which have their own taste and properties makes it the first choice for all age group people. Ayurveda is much higher than just herbal science as it has found many ways to use various herbs which if taken crude have toxic effects, shows a therapeutic effect when taken as an Ayurvedic formulation. This is something even modern science is surprised about and do not want to agree with it. Planet Ayurveda has taken into account not only the taste of the 28 herbs used but also the qualities, which are most important. Brahmi Chywanprash works as a tonic to give strength to the body and nutrition to all body parts equally. As per ancient Ayurvedic teaching, it is best to take this Chywanprash with fresh warm milk of the cow or goat’s milk can be another option for it.

Brahmi chywanprash is considered as a Rasayana in Ayurveda, i.e. helps to build a healthy body and ojas (can be taken as positive power in the body). This ojas ultimately works in the direction to provide nutrition and bodybuilding. Brahmi Chywanprash is sweet and has a thick jam-like consistency. This makes it best for the bodybuilding. This Chywanprash is made by cooking the ingredients for long hours adding unrefined sugar or honey in it. Usually, the refined sugar present in common Chywanprash causes many problems but this is not in the case of Brahmi Chywanprash as it consists unrefined sugar or sharkara in it. Therapeutic properties of this Chywanprash are mainly based on this sharkara part and all other herbs used in it. The sweet flavor of this Chywanprash is not only just for the taste but it also increases the digestive metabolism of the spleen. Hence igniting the digestive fire and maintaining proper digestion. With this, the problem of refined sugar and its bad effect is solved. Refined sugar has lost all of the mineral content which sugarcane possess thereby making it a useless content. Intake of this white refined sugar depletes the mineral content of our body too. While in this herbal Chywanprash, Saccharum officinarum or sugarcane is full of all the minerals.

Usually, the common Chywanprash in the market claims to contain many ingredients or herbs which in reality have good effects on health. But to your surprise, it is not so effective due to the poor quality of the herbs used in that Chywanprash. While Dr.Vikram Chauhan, CEO of Planet Ayurveda is very particular about the quality of the herbs being used in their herbal products and same is the case with Brahmi Chywanprash. Only pure and authentic herbs of the best quality are used in this formulation. Preparation is done according to the strict principles and directions are given in Ayurvedic literature. Also, it is mentioned that to enjoy and relish all the benefits of Brahmi Chywanprash it should be taken with warm cow’s milk, specifically mentioned contended cow’s milk. But nowadays the trend has changed. No one cares that the milk is fresh due to the availability of pasteurized milk all around. Secondly, not many may even know the meaning of cow being contended. These all factors also result in failure of proper effects of Chywanprash or other health tonics. If we look at it closely at the scenario, cows are kept in overcrowded animal housing which makes them stressed and they ultimately end up secreting milk which is full of stress hormones. When this milk is taken by anyone it produces pain in the abdomen and other health ailments.
Brahmi Chyawanprash

Brahmi Chywanprash is an Ayurvedic Rasayana which should not be kept in the refrigerator and can be stored for a long time. Let us now learn about its valuable ingredients. It is made from a blend of 28 herbs:

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Dashmoola (contains roots of 10 herbs), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Bhumiamla (Phyllanthus niruri), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus), Jivanti (Leptadenia reticulata), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Jeerak (Cuminum cyminum), Rishbak (Malaxis muscifera), Vasaka (Justicia adhatoda), Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Chandan (Santalum album), Choti ealichi (Elettaria cardamomum), Agar (Jelly like substance obatined from red algae), Karchur (Curcuma zedoaria), Ghrit (desi ghee or clarified butter), Rajat Bhasma, Akar kara (Anacyclus pyrethrum), Pipali (Piper longum), Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea), dalchini (Cinnamomum verum), Tejpata (Cinnamomum tamala), Lawang (Syzygium aromaticum), Kesar (Crocus sativus) and Sharkara (Saccharum officinarum).

a shloka for life

Meaning- Phyllanthus niruri or bhumiamalaki is cold in potency, bitter, astringent and sweet in taste. It increases the appetite and treats anemia, Pitta dominant diseases, Kapha dominant diseases, skin diseases, and poisonings.

Reference- Kaidev nighantu

shloka amigo

Meaning- In this shloka, it is said that it is stated in Charak Samhita, sutras than that Amla is the best herb among all which have best anti-aging properties.

Reference- Charak Samhita, Sutrasthan, shloka no. 25

There are many health benefits of regular intake of Brahmi Chywanprash. Some of them are listed below:

  • Boosts up the immunity and helps the body to fight against various infections, common cold, fever, and cough. Production of white blood cells and hemoglobin is enhanced by regular consumption of Brahmi Chywanprash.
  • The functioning of the circulatory system and the nervous system of the body is maintained by it. Specifically, respiratory trouble is kept under check by this herbal formulation. It keeps the airways clean.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances like indigestion and nausea are relieved by Brahmi Chywanprash. It also helps to maintain the digestive functions of the body.
  • Relieves the menstrual pain and maintains the regular cycle of menstruation.
  • LDL, i.e. bad cholesterol is removed from the body and helps to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • It has detoxifying action on the various parts of the body like liver and kidneys.
  • Clear the toxins from the body and maintains the healthy functioning of the liver and urinary system.
  • Brahmi Chywanprash helps to increase the libido and enhances sexual strength of the person.
  • This herbal Chywanprash contains anti-aging herbs too that prolongs the longevity and slows down the aging.
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