How does a young woman prepare her body for her forthcoming Wedding?


The wedding is a fantasy, which every young heart wants to realize soon, yet it is not that easy. This cherished fantasy brings along a lot of responsibilities. Moreover, the marriage process itself is long and complex, which further strengthens the fact that it is not an easy or play thing. The wedding is the utmost important and serious affair in one’s life and hence requires serious attention. In order to have a hassle free and enjoyable wedding ceremony, there are plenty of preparations that need to be taken care of. Apart from the essential preparation of the ceremony, one should get married only once fully developed and prepared mentally as well as physically. If you are looking for advice on things to know before your wedding or the steps to get ready for marriage physically and mentally, then this article is for you to have a successful bonding.
How do I start preparing for my wedding?


Ayurveda believes that beauty comes from within. This extraordinary science is being praised for benefits of balancing the body systems, making the digestive system strong, optimizing the energy, Apart from making the body strong from within, Ayurveda works marvelously on skin and hair. Healthy body from within glows from outside, so in order to boost your overall wellness while glowing from outside, give Ayurvedic supplements a try. Our Ayurvedic practitioners have pen down holistic beauty tips that you can follow easily and effectively for that inner-outer beauty balance.


Who doesn’t want to have glowing skin. But today when we have a habit of indulging in bad food habits like pizza, burger, all the fast food stuff, unhealthy lifestyle habits like waking till late at night, these all have a huge impact on skin. When we have a major event where we need to look good and glowing we depend on a beauty parlor or use a variety of skin products. Although these products solve the purpose for the time being, they have a huge bad impact on skin, as these products are made of harsh chemicals that are not good for skin to use for a long period of time.

As discussed earlier, Ayurveda is the natural way to be at your best self. Ayurveda is a science based on natural principles and uses natural herbs to make remedies that work wonders on our body overall. As far as skin-care products are concerned, Planet Ayurveda uses natural best herbs that have a marvelous effect on skin that makes it glowing and there are no side effects and hence using them for long is not harmful. Planet Ayurveda has the best skin care range in the name of Gleaming skin hair cap that will prepare your skin for your D day.

Are you looking for more advice that helps you navigate through your transition from Miss to Mrs.? Read these useful bridal tips before your marriage that will help you prime up and embark on a beautiful journey of new life in a confident and healthy way.

Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula


Planet Ayurveda has remarkable herbal formulations that work wonders on skin and make it clear, healthy and radiant so that others will envy you. Gleaming Skin Hair Cap is a natural dietary supplement for radiant hair skin and nails and is a very authentic Ayurvedic formulation with excellent results. The shell of this capsule is purely vegetarian without chemicals and preservatives. This natural formulation contains Manjistha (Rubia Cardiolia), Pit Papda (Fumaria officinalis), Chirata (Swertia Chiretta) and Ghrit Kumari (Aloe barbadensis).

One of the herbs present in gleaming skin hair cap has been mentioned in Charak Samhita that it enhances skin complexion. Other herbs maintain glowing and even skin tone and they also contain various vitamins and micronutrients essential for skin.

Not just skin, even hair growth also depends a lot on the diet of a person. A diet lacking in protein results in hair loss and other scalp related issues. To maintain healthy texture, color, and growth rate of hair, a sufficient amount of protein is necessary. In the present world we see a lot of food adulteration and the natural nutritive value of food is decreasing day by day which has a huge impact on our health overall.

Natural dietary supplements by Planet Ayurveda consist of a right list of ingredients which help to a large extent in supporting healthy hair growth and skin without any side effects.

Dosage: 1-2 caps twice daily with plain water twice daily.


Using the scrub will leave your skin more smooth and even by removing the buildup of dead skin cells. It also lets your skin absorb moisture in a much better way by unclogging the pores. To get a smooth skin use any of these scrubs and get the benefit of glowing skin free of dark patches, flaky skin, and acne scars. It also boosts blood circulation and collagen production.

  1. Rose-Almond-Honey Cleansing Scrub: Contains rose extract, honey, glycerine, almond oil, etc.
  2. Green Essential Gel Scrub (Green Tea-Aloe): Green tea extract, aloe gel, allantoin, etc.
Rose-Almond-Honey Cleansing Scrub
Green Essential Gel Scrub (Green Tea-Aloe)
Anti Aging Face Serum


Skin serums are gaining popularity for their manifold benefits on skin and unfortunately the market is flooded with the products that are a combination of massive amounts of toxic and dangerous chemicals. Planet Ayurveda has the safest option to use in the form of natural products that are prepared as per Ayurvedic principles under the supervision of Ayurveda experts.

Anti aging face serum contains Mulberry extract, orange peel extract, vitamin E, Argan Oil, etc. This organic face serum quickly penetrates into the skin and immediate results are visible. It is suitable for all skin types. It is an ultra light weight and restoring serum that has natural aroma and soothing effects on skin and makes the skin look young, spotless and more luminous.

How To Apply: Apply a few drops after cleansing the face and before applying any cosmetic.


With your approaching wedding you must be looking to have that attractive figure and shed those extra kilos. Everyone is fascinated by the hourglass figure that we see in magazines, ads, or celebrities on the red carpet. Every bride-to-be wants to look her best in her wedding and want to be at best for that special person. But it should be kept in mind that an hourglass shape doesn’t mean that a woman is healthier and more attractive. Being in shape is good but in a healthy way and with realistic expectations. Rather than striving for a healthy figure, look for the healthy ways to achieve your goal of toned shoulders, hips or chest and slim waist. Planet Ayurveda with its natural herbal formulations will help you trim your waistline and enhance your curves in a healthy way.



Bustonica is a natural herbal product that contains Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Safed Musali (Chlorophytum borivilianum) etc. and is used for undeveloped breasts in young females, sagging breasts in elderly females, and in lactating mothers. Regular prolonged use of Bustonica helps in regaining the natural shape and perfect breast shape and tone. It helps in preventing sagging breasts in lactating mothers.

Dosage: 1-2 caps twice with plain water daily after meals.


Having fidgety feelings just before marriage is a normal part of the process. As you approach the milestone of your life it is quite natural to feel anxious. The wedding is a union of two souls and the next big step in a relationship of getting intimate with each other physically may be daunting to some girls. Here comes Planet Ayurveda to your rescue with its one of the extraordinary remedies which have marvelous results in female health troubles.

Shatavari Capsules


Shatavari capsule is a universal female friendly wonderful tonic. Apart from avoiding pain during intercourse it has manifold uses like it can be taken in almost all menstrual problems, it enhances the estrogen production in females, it is good for dryness of vagina, useful herbal remedy for leucorrhea, decreased libido, essential in development of breast, menopausal symptoms, etc. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and rutin.

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals.


Marriage is a milestone in one’s life and each one of us want it to be a perfect and memorable day. Every girl wants to look perfect on this special day. This article has explained well what a young woman can do to achieve this goal. Adapt to a healthy lifestyle routine and choose the right kind of diet for a healthy start of new life and if any supplement is needed always trust natural products hence trust Planet Ayurveda. Know more

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