How Depression Affects our Life? How can we Get Rid of it?


This write up is all about depression. Here you will not only learn about the signs and symptoms of this ailment but also we will be unwrapping the root causes of this insidious illness and natural ways to cope it up.Depression

All about Depression

This world is very vast and beautiful and there is so much to discover. But the most important journey any one will go through is the journey in ourselves, to find ourselves, to find who we are and what makes us happy. In this world and our society, we are told that if we are beautiful, physically attractive, successful, we have money and we do fit in is where our happiness will lie. I am talking about all this here because all these things incorporate our mental health which is as much important as physical health. Mental health has always been ignored and even many of us might not consider it anything in specific. But with the growth of rate of suicides, drug addiction and crimes (including where metal instability have played a part) it has become very important that each one of us should know about it and talk about it.

There are many mental illness, depression being the top one with which great number of people are affected worldwide. Even today people do not want to talk about, feel ashamed and embarrassed to consult a therapist and some of us even don’t consider it anything for real. But hey you must wake up, as this is real and cause of large number of suicides throughout the globe. If we talk in a common words depression is sort of mental illness that affects the way of your thinking and acting negatively. It changes your perception to everything and all the things and circumstances around you seems to be gloomy and negative. It amplifies the feeling of sadness within and you start to find everything non interesting in which once you had interest. Depression can affect your day to day activities and suddenly you might feel surrounded with many emotional, mental and physical problems.

You can analyze yourself and around you any one for depression by looking for the below given signs and symptoms:

  • Feeling helpless and hopeless about the situations that everything is gloomy and nothing can be corrected, there is no solution to the problems
  • Loss of ability to find joy or take interest in things which were once your favorite or part of hobbies
  • Marked change in body weight, either increase or decrease at less span of time
  • Disturbances in sleeping patterns like either one feels sleepless for whole night or there is oversleeping
  • Increased anger, irritation and agitation. Everything seems to get on your nerves and you might even become violent
  • Sluggish body and fatigue, feeling of no energy left to do anything even after doing very less consuming work
  • Perceiving own faults and mistakes, criticizing oneself and feeling of worthlessness
  • Indulging in reckless activities like rash driving, dangerous sports or drugs abuse
  • Low concentration, difficulty in making decisions and focusing
  • Unexplainable physical complaints like headache, back pains, stomach ache and joint pains etc.

Depression is much more than a low mood and sad feeling and it can prove to be dangerous if not treated timely. Today here I will be more focusing on how we can take care ourselves and our loved ones and prevent from depression and take them out if anyone is in depression. Very firstly it is very important to learn that not everyone’s happiness lies in the same thing and just being good in academics might not be euphoria for each one of us. Being successful, beautiful and having money is not what happiness lies in, if this was true then many of the successful people might not have committed suicide or might not be a drug addict. Today every one of us is being forced to be someone else, follow the crowd and bury the reality of our inner self. This type of happiness is nothing but a misery in disguise and start to make a person feel empty within, taking towards depression. So following own instincts and starting to live for non-materialistic things can make one self truly happy.

Secondly even if following the above ways, depression can strike you in any part of life due to certain setbacks, failures and disappointments. It may be unavoidable sometimes but there is always a way out there. If you have depression, mental anxiety or anything related to your mental health, this is not something to ignore and you must talk about it to someone as soon as possible before it starts to engulf your being. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and there is always a solution to every problem. Start looking for the signs within you or nearby you and if they are present do talk about them as talking make things easier.

Here we will be learning about the natural ways to cope up with depression.   Practicing the below given coping skills may help you to overcome your depression and give life a new start.

  1. Find a purpose to your life as purposeless life can only drag you to negative aspect of life. You can serve some NGOs of organizations those work for helpless people like widows, elderly or orphans. Service might be big or small to be count.
  2. Set an accomplishable goal for yourself which make your life feels worthy. Setting goals that are unreasonable or unworkable can a cause of disappointment and then depression. So set a goal that is manageable, attainable and reasonable.
  3. Give few moments to yourself to praise good things in your life and show gratitude every day. Also do not wait for a ‘good mood’ and indulge in at least for an hour in your pleasurable hobby every day.
  4. Indulge in mindful activities that means being in the present and stay away from self-judgment as much as possible. Overthinking about things can ruin your present moment as well so take a moment and be in the present to observe everything fully being around you.
  5. Good diet and exercise is must for both healthy body as well as mind. Do not go for strict diets but yes eat simple and healthy, however sometimes you can have cheat days but always remember theory of moderation. Doing exercise can lift your mood and body up and you will feel lighter and enthusiastic.
  6. Surround yourself with people who lifts you up rather than the one who drags you down. You can also have some alone time but remember being too much alone and isolated won’t be good.
  7. Maintain a healthy and balanced sleep routine, neither too less nor too much.


Depression is for real and we need to start to talk about it. Either be less or severe, both needs therapies and treatment at different levels. First learn about it and then spread the awareness about it so that the people who are suffering around you can start to share about it and can be saved.

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