How CBD Can Help Treat Anxiety

An anxious mind simply doesn’t work for anyone. If life is anxious for you right now, there are products that can help you get on top of the symptoms and get your existence back in order. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis product that can help you fight your anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD is a derivative of the bottom of the cannabis plant. The euphoria-inducing product, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is found in the buds of the cannabis flower. THC can relieve anxiety, but it doesn’t produce a high.

How CBD Acts on the Nervous System

CBD plugs into the cells of your central nervous system and stops transmission. This means that the product can

  • reduce chronic nerve pain
  • stop the path of anxious thoughts that spin in your mind

If you’re struggling with anxiety, CBD can help in multiple ways. First, it can give you calm by shutting down the path on which these anxious thoughts are traveling. If you’re worried about your job or your income to the point that it’s hard to do your work, a microdose from a vaping pen or under the tongue before you start work can boost focus without leaving you sluggish or sleepy.

Should you find that anxiety over your family or other relationships runs on a reel at night and makes it impossible to rest, a larger dose before bed can help you wind down and drop into a deeper, higher quality rest.

Deep sleep is critically important to brain health. It’s in deep sleep that cerebral spinal fluid enters the brain, removing toxins and helping the brain stay fresh and healthy. Long-term sleep deprivation is hard on the whole body and can be particularly destructive to your ability to make decisions and healthy choices.

cannabis with cannabidiol (cbd) extract in a bottle
cannabis with cannabidiol (cbd) extract in a bottle

Dosage Methods

Your CBD dosage method can come in many forms. CBD gummies make it easy to pre-dose; if you need to sleep better, try a gummy two hours before bedtime so you can nod off at your regular bedtime. Taking CBD as a tincture or in an oil right before bed can also calm anxious thoughts as you snuggle in.

You can use CBD pre-rolls, San Diego, to shut down anxious thoughts with a microdose in the middle of the day, or try a vaping pen for a small dose. Finally, don’t forget topicals. If you struggle with chronic joint pain that adds to your anxiety or just makes rest difficult, applying a topical to the area before bed can also help your nervous system to settle down.

Dosage Differences

Many people find that a microdose has a surprisingly different result than a full dose. While a full dose before bed can help you rest, a microdose before bed may actually leave you more energized than if you hadn’t taken anything at all.

Monitor your intended dosage carefully. For example, a 150-pound person should not take more than 90 mg in 24 hours. If you struggle with sleep, you might find relief from a 25 mg product in multiple formats. You can take 25 mg under the tongue at bedtime to stop anxious thoughts and fall asleep and pair it with a 25 mg gummy at the same time to help you stay asleep. Throughout your waking day, take 1/4 drop four times when you notice your anxiety ramping up. For the day, that’s a safe 75 mg and hopefully a break from your anxiety.

Do not take any CBD product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Carefully discuss your plans with your physician if you’re on any other maintenance medications. Finally, this product is not recommended for children unless they have a seizure disorder.

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