Best Herbal Supplements To Be Used Once you Reach the Age of 40


Every time we move on to another decade, whether it’s 10, 20, 30, or 40 years, it’s like we’ve just taken another milestone in life. But why does the 40-year-old threshold seem so different? Why do we feel like in our forties like we’ve just made it to the top of the hill and can only go back down to the old age valley? To sum up the answer in one word: Health.

In this article, we are going to discuss what happens after the age of 40 and how can the health of the human body be maintained with the help of herbal supplements?

What will happen once you reach 40?

The body begins to change from birth!  That is to say for both men and women between 40 and 50 years. Not only the weight, but the entire health starts to deteriorate, annoyingly. At any age, muscles melt when they’re not working. And if they develop regularly until the age of 15, maintaining and increasing muscle mass is proportional to physical activity. Not only you have to maintain your capital, but also have to fight against loss!

How to Balance your Diet?

You have to choose wisely what you eat and always prioritize quality, not quantity. It is quite possible to balance your diet without racking your brains and restricting yourself too much. We should cook fresh food at home, composed of green leafy vegetables (in quantity and with the greatest possible variety), animal or vegetable proteins (very satiating), legumes, and whole grains in moderate quantities. And we try to reduce as much as possible or even eliminate sweet products (no fake dairy products at the end of a meal!), which maintain a phenomenon of addiction and are formidable for the line.

It is not a question of depriving oneself for life, but adopting a more “responsible” and “adult” lifestyle which includes no junk food, and much less snacking, less alcohol, and no smoking.  You don’t have to stop your diet but follow the balanced diet and good physical activity which guarantees a stable and normal weight, good muscle mass, and a more toned silhouette.

Herbal Supplements for Anti Aging

What Difference Does a Human Being Make at The Age of 40?

Reaching at the age of 40 is a milestone that is worth celebrating. But at the age of 40, the human body does commence to transform in a different manner than you may have not been anticipating.

1. The joy of life can sway

Our energy may decrease during this period, due to lower hormone levels or because we get tired of our daily life routine.

2. The risk of joint disease increases

Stiff and cracking joints at this age can be a sign of osteoarthritis, which is much more common in the late 40s. This common rheumatic joint disease causes the cartilage of the joints to break down, causing stiffness. Risk factors are being overweight, genetics, and age.

3. Anxiety and chances of depression increases

The mood is also affected at this age. In some people, it manifests itself through anxiety, worry or depression due to the rapid hormonal changes.

But apart from that, during this period of life, it much has to do with external circumstances in life. For example, the children move away from home and thoughts of approaching retirement which is an uncertain time that can be perceived as stressful.

4. The skeleton becomes weaker

As long as you do not fall or something happens where you damage bones or joints, it can go quite unnoticed that your body is becoming more fragile. Therefore, it is good to be aware that bone density decreases as age increases. For example, it is appropriate to be a little extra care so that you do not expose yourself to situations where you could injure yourself.

5. Sleep often gets worse as you age

People get less deep sleep already after 25, and when they turn 40 the total sleep per day decreases by almost 30 minutes per decade. Impaired sleep leads to both psychological and biological stress. However, it is worth noting that the hysteria that prevails right now regarding lack of sleep and its effects on the body is much exaggerated. You can manage to sleep less during the night than you think.

6. Oxygen uptake

Oxygen uptake begins to decline as early as the age of 30 and after you turn 40, oxygen uptake deteriorates by 10 percent per decade (it is no wonder then that you rarely see an elite football player over 40). The best way to avoid this rather dramatic decay is of course to keep exercising and DO NOT smoke!

7. Vital Organ

In addition, the vital organs begin to shrink with age. For example, the brain can decrease in size by 15 percent. However, the cognitive functions do not deteriorate significantly as long as you make sure to stay active both mentally and physically and eat good food and try to stress as little as possible in life (stress hormones eat away at the brain).

Other health values ​​that deteriorate with age are cholesterol (around 40) and blood pressure (sometime after 30).

8. Muscle mass and aging:

A person’s muscle mass is greatest at the age of 30 and according to a study published a few years ago, they reach the peak of its strength at 38. After reaching the age of 40, the muscle mass begins to disappear slowly but surely. If people continue to train all their lives, however, the change is not much to talk about. In fact, the body does not lose its ability to build muscle with age. It’s just that a little less effective. It is important to continue exercising as it helps to burn more calories. If you allow yourself to become overweight with age, the risk is significantly greater than you might suffer from having a lifestyle disorder and various diseases such as diabetes, high BP, etc. Therefore, It is extra important that you keep training for your muscle mass with the growing age because metabolism begins to decline after the age of 40.

Herbal Remedies for Anti-Aging

Herbal Remedies for Stating Young

Herbal Supplements To Be Used Once You Reach At The Age of 40

Ayurvedic medicine originated in ancient India and dates back over 5000 years. It integrates natural remedies and a particular diet. The Ayurveda combines body, soul, and spirit. Its objective is the return to balance and the prevention of pathologies, including chronic ailments. Starting with the plate, “Good health is based on good digestion.” Having a good digestive fire (Agni) allows the body to absorb, use, and eliminate according to its requirements.

If this fire is disturbed, we badly assimilate, store, and above all various toxins can start to build up in the body. “These toxins (Ama) are made up of food that is not properly digested. Unprocessed, they clog the body year after year.” To get rid of these toxins, Ayurvedic dietetics aims to restore good digestion. And as all individuals do not digest in the same way, the content of the plate must also adapt to each person’s specificities. So Planet Ayurveda is here to help you out by providing natural herbal supplements to provide the best health after 40

Planet Ayurveda caters to the Best herbal Remedies that contain high-quality herbs. These natural supplements are prepared by strictly following the ancient Principles of Ayurveda. All these herbal formulations are 100 percent pure and vegetarian. All medicines are free from any kind of chemicals, color, yeast, and additives. These natural supplements are safe to use at any age.

These Herbal Remedies are Devoid of Any Kind of Side Effects.

Product List

  1. Amalaki Rasayan
  2. Ashwagandha Capsule
  3. Musli Strength
  4. Green Essential
  5. Youth Restora Capsules

Product Description

1) Amalaki Rasayan

Amalaki Rasayan is prepared by using the pure extract of Amla (Phyllanthus emblica). It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. It eliminates the toxic effects and combats radicals. Amla has cholesterol-reducing properties. This Rasayan helps in reducing extra fat from the body and increases the protein level. It is a natural product that revitalizes the immune and heart system. It is very helpful in managing peptic problems.

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily, with plain water, after a meal.

2) Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha Capsules are prepared by using a standardized extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Ashwagandha has anti-aging herb effect that is helpful in the improvement of Red blood cell count, hemoglobin, melanin in the hair. It manages stress, anxiety, and balances physiological imbalances. These capsules are the best supplements to strengthen heart muscles and their functioning.

Dosage:1- 2 capsules twice daily, with normal water, after a meal.

3) Musli Strength Capsules

These capsules are pure herbal formulation prepared as per the basic principle of Ayurveda. It contains pure extract of Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) and Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). These herbs work synergistically to balance Vata and Pitta Dosha. These herbs work efficiently in enhancing sexual health and its related disorders. Musli strength capsules give energy and maintain blood circulation.

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily, with normal water, after a meal.

4) Green Essentials

Green Essential is the highest quality of herbal supplements. It fights against various health ailments and nourishes the cells. Some major ingredients of Green Essential are Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera), Wheat grass (Triticulum Aestivum), Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis), Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Amla (Embllica Officinalis). These herbs are beneficial for tissue repair and improve blood circulation. It is also an excellent supplement for growing children and pregnant women.

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily, with normal water, after a meal.

5) Youth Restora Capsules

These capsules improve the immune system. It eliminates free radicals and controls premature aging. Different powerful ingredients like Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Cow Colostrum (Bovine colostrums) are used in it. These natural ingredients enhance metabolism and remove toxins present in the body. It balances potassium and manganese in blood and increases regulatory T cells and combat infections.

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily, with normal water, after a meal.


From the above article, we came to know that after reaching 40 how we can manage our diet and take Natural Supplement to Enhance Our Healthy Lifestyle with the help of Ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda will help you in resolving your health problems and strengthen your body after the age of 40.

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