Why Females are More Prone to Fractures after 40 and Safe Supplements to be Used by Females?

  1. <Why it is that Osteoporosis or Bone Fracture is related to Gender and Age?
  2. Have You Ever thought Why after 40 more women suffer more from bone fractures?
  3. Can there be any connection between the age and the fractures?
  4. Bone fracture or osteoporosis, why more women suffer more from bone pains for fractures than men?

We know you are here to know about the problem of bones and fractures there off. Let’s discuss what happens that as you approach the age of 40 you have started getting more painful joints and during medical checkups, the doctor has expressed that you are more prone to get a fracture and a regular dosage of certain supplements to replace the continuously losing bone mass has become a necessity.

The Answer to Your Confusion Is

Once the women reach the age of 40, they are 80% more prone to the fracture than men because they have less bone mass than men of the same age. Females are born with weaker bones than males. What causes the loss of bone mass in this age is the hormone called oestrogen. As women approach the age of 40, the body starts producing less oestrogen. Oestrogen is very important for the development of strong bones. The body has two types of cells, osteoblasts, and osteoclasts. Osteoblasts are the cells that make new bones and able to destroy the old bones. There is a very delicate balance between the osteoblast and osteoclast, which is maintained by the secretion of the hormone oestrogen.

When there is a decrease in the amount of oestrogen in the body, osteoblasts start losing the battery from the osteoblast as osteoclasts function more than osteoblast in the body resulting in more destruction than the production of the bones.

Consistent reduction in the bone mass with two osteopenia, which is a condition between healthy bones and not very healthy bones. If osteopenia is not checked and treated in time it leads to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is when you have weak and brittle bones due to decreased function of osteoclast over osteoblast. It is a silent disease without any pain until there is a sudden fracture from a fall. We are prone to break with even a little bit of pressure. Any factor of production can lead to osteoporosis, apart from menopause and excessive exercise, removal of the ovary or lots of weight loss.

Women who are thin are at more risk to lose of production of the oestrogen, hence more bone loss. So, it is important for women to maintain their weight as per their height.


Though the bone loss during the age of Menopause is not directly related with the calcium intake but it is recommended to the women of all ages to take calcium and Vitamin D to enhance bone mass. Particularly Oestrogen level falls faster after the age of 40 in women. This falls in premenopausal and menopausal periods, which are at the risk of osteoporosis. This happens more in women who experience menopause at an early age i.e. before 45 or have undergone hysterectomy or have missed periods due to excessive exercise.

So we found that menopause and osteoporosis have a strong connection, the earlier the preventive measures are taken, life can be of better quality to enjoy in your menopausal years.

The best thing is to make your body as strong as possible before and during the menopause to push forward the deterioration. This can be achieved by the Healthy lifestyle, exercises, diet, supplements as far as possible, to do this go with the natural supplements.

Various preventive measures that can be listed are as under

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Vitamin D (adequate exposure to the sun)
  • Supplements

Along with all the medical experts’ advice, if they try to be more aware as to what nature has provided to cure these problems, we can ward off these problems to greater effect with lesser side effects. The best is to make people more aware of the health problems which are age-related. As it will prepare them more and can motivate them to take timely action.

Herbal Supplements for Joint Health

Herbal Remedies for Stating Young

1. Female Health Support

It can be of great help to avoid incidences of fractures and hence medical expenses amongst women if they are told about approaching age during the thirties and they are prepared to face the consequences. If there are support groups that spread this message among masses, they are being told about the symptoms to look out for and approach for proper medical help on time, it will make them ready to take the bull by its horns.

Since we all have heard that Ayurveda is a line of treatment, which relies on herbs which grow in nature and are extracted from various trees, shrubs or the roots there off.  These herbs ensure they improve the balance of various hormones and Vaat, Pitt in the body and frees the body from any toxicity. The following are a few most important herbs that if taken in the right measures will give maximum benefits to the women and helps them to stay healthy and active, throughout their life.

2. Shatavari Capsule

A wonder herb, which is famous as Asparagus and is known to cure a hundred ailments. It improves ovulation: Ovulation is supported by a section of the right amount of estrogen in the female body. A constituent of Shatavari, steroidal saponins, is known to be an estrogen regulator; the estrogen aid in regulating the monthly cycle and hence supports better ovulation.

3. Brahmi Capsule

A small herb which we can grow in our kitchen gardens with minimum care. A therapeutic herb that is full of anti-oxidants and it strengthens the immune system. Makes gut stronger and helps skin and scalp to be free from any

4. Coral Calcium Capsule

It is the calcium of the highest grade. Obtained from the ocean reef, that has broken and fallen on the ocean floor. If consumed calcium in this form, it is more absorbed by the body and shows better effects. It is natural and minus side effects. Since calcium is directly associated with the bone health and it is this mineral that becomes less and less absorbable by women with age, it is important that the supplement taken is absorbed in maximum dosage. As women need some 300mg of calcium daily to ensure healthy bone strength to avoid fracture on fall or pressure on bones.

Ensuring these supplements are taken and in the right amount under the guidance of a health care practitioner, will ensure good health of women of all ages.

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