Hemochromatosis And Amazing Ayurvedic Solutions

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for thousands of years and was formerly regarded as one of the most effective ways to treat diseases and retain a healthy lifestyle. We began to use the ideas and notions of Ayurveda in our modern society as well, due to the importance of safeguarding good health. Ayurveda incorporates current lifestyle and health-conscious behaviors with an ancient understanding of using natural ingredients, medications, and herbs to help us live a healthy, joyous, stress-free, and disease-free life. Let’s have a glance at how to cure hemochromatosis with Ayurveda guiding you!


An Overview Of Hemochromatosis!

Iron overload, also known as hemochromatosis, is a disorder in which your body retains too much iron. It is caused by an abnormal buildup of iron in parenchymal organs, which results in organ toxicity. Hemochromatosis is the most common autosomal recessive genetic condition and causes severe iron overload. It has the potential to harm your heart, liver, and pancreas, among other organs. Although the disease cannot be prevented, early detection and therapy can help to prevent, delay, or reverse organ damage.

Ayurveda And Hemochromatosis!

The term “liver disorders” refers to any anomalies in the structure and function of the liver. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, cysts, tumours, and malignancy are examples of morphological anomalies, whereas functional anomalies include RBC breakdown, serum albumin, platelet, and clotting factor diminution, among other things. Both abnormalities manifest as jaundice, anorexia, abdominal pain, weight loss, and pedal oedema, among other symptoms. The liver will repair new cells on its own if it begins to be damaged. Cirrhosis develops when damage to the liver tissues happens on a regular basis, resulting in a permanent scar.

Hemochromatosis is treated in Ayurvedic medicine by eliminating excess iron from the body, preventing excessive iron absorption, treating symptoms, and avoiding consequences. Bloodletting is done regularly to remove excess iron from the body. Medicines such as Panchamrut Parpati, Kutaj Parpati, Arogya Vardhini, Suvarna Parpati, Sukshma Triphala, Bilva Avaleha, Psyllium (Plantago ovata), Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Abhrak-Bhasma, and Gandharva Haritaki.

What are the main Causes of Hemochromatosis?

Hemochromatosis is divided into two categories, each with its own set of reasons. The most prevalent cause is an inherited genetic alteration. Primary hemochromatosis, also known as hereditary hemochromatosis or classical hemochromatosis, is a genetic condition. Primary hemochromatosis is caused by DNA abnormalities inherited from both parents, which lead the body to absorb too much iron. The iron excess in secondary hemochromatosis is caused by medical therapies or other medical disorders. Here are several examples: Anemia (low amount of RBCs), Iron tablets or injections, Transfusions of blood, Dialysis of the kidneys over a long period, fatty liver disease, or Hepatitis C infection, are all examples of liver disease.

Main Signs and Symptoms exhibited!

Hereditary hemochromatosis affects some people without causing any symptoms. Early signs and symptoms are frequently confused with those of other common illnesses. The following are possible signs and symptoms: Joint discomfort, Diabetes, Pain in the abdomen, Fatigue\ Weakness, Impotence, Suffering from a lack of sexual desire, Insufficiency of the heart, Skin tones of bronze or grey, Failure of the liver, and Memory haze. Hemochromatosis is inherited and manifests itself at birth. However, most people don’t notice symptoms until later in life, usually around the age of 40 for males and 60 for women. After menopause, when women no longer lose iron through menstruation or pregnancy, they are more likely to suffer symptoms.

Simple homely antidotes for Hemochromatosis!

Excess iron causes hemochromatosis, which causes oxidative stress and free radical activity, which can harm your DNA. Antioxidants are essential for protecting your body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Many antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and flavonoids, can be found in fruits & vegetables. Phytic acid, which is found in grains and legumes, is an inhibitor of iron absorption. This phytic acid can help persons with hemochromatosis prevent their bodies from absorbing too much iron from their meals.

Tannins, commonly known as tannic acid, are polyphenolic compounds found in both tea and coffee. If you have hemochromatosis, these two popular beverages are a perfect complement to your diet. Low-iron protein sources, such as chicken, turkey, tuna, and even deli meat, should be the focus of your meals. Avoid excessive intake of red meat, raw seafood, fortified foods, alcohol, and so on. When you have hemochromatosis, dietary changes can help you absorb less iron from your food.

Now, let’s see how beneficial Planet Ayurveda is in relieving hemochromatosis!

Planet Ayurveda is a renowned Ayurvedic organisation whose task is to manufacture powerful extracts and unique Ayurvedic medleys from natural herbs while adhering to the Ayurvedic Scriptures. The miraculous herbal pack for hemochromatosis consists of

  1. Punarnava Capsules
  2. Triphala Capsules
  3. Manjistha Capsules
  4. Navkarshik Churna
  5. Giloy Capsules
  6. Curcumin Capsules

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemochromatosis


1. Punarnava Capsules

This is an incredible herbal formulation prepared from Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) plant extracts, which is one of the most effective diuretics. It aids in the maintenance of kidney, liver, and heart health. This herb is said to be hepatoprotective, which means it helps the liver function properly by protecting it from poisons. Punarnava’s bioactive components even assist in balancing the Tridoshas.

Dosage: 2 capsules each, twice a day after meals, taken along with water.

2. Triphala Capsules

Ayurvedic medicine uses triphala as a herbal preparation. It’s made up of three Indian plants, Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica). Triphala is a terrific antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial herb that has been used for centuries. Triphala may provide a variety of health advantages, including promoting skin healing and boosting oral and intestinal health. Triphala contains antioxidants and polyphenols, which are substances that can aid in the reduction of iron absorption.

Dosage: It has to be consumed as one capsule each twice a day after meals with water.

3. Manjishtha Capsules

These very powerful capsules include single plant extracts of Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia). Manjishtha is a useful plant for maintaining healthy liver function. This is because it aids in the improvement of digestive fire, which facilitates digestion and lessens the burden on the liver. Manjistha also has the properties of Raktashodhak (blood purifier) and Pitta balance, which aid in blood purification and liver function improvement.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice a day with plain water after having meals.

4. Navkarshik Churna

An extremely productive powdered drug yielded from a distinct mixture of Amla (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki(Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Manjistha(Rubia cordifolia), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). It helps in blood purification and clearing away the channels.

Dosage: After meals, take 1 tsp of Navkarshik Churna with warm water.

5. Giloy Capsules

Capsules made with the sole extracts of Giloy (Guduchi – Tinospora cordifolia). It can cleanse the liver and aid in its correct functioning. Giloy could also be considered an excellent remedy to treat fatty liver. Guduchi has several advantages, one of which is that it can aid in the regeneration of injured liver tissue. Besides, it is well-known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which can help with inflammatory disorders including gout and arthritis.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily with water, after meals for best results.

6. Curcumin Capsules

These capsules are made exclusively from the extracts of Turmeric (Curcuma longa). Curcumin is a natural antioxidant that possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-aging and Alzheimer’s disease prevention properties. Pancreatitis, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and arthritis may all benefit from curcumin. Antioxidants help to protect your body from free radical damage. Curcumin, in particular, can scavenge several types of free radicals and regulate enzymes that neutralize them.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily twice after meals.

Hemochromatosis is an illness with no effective treatment in allopathy. Yet, ayurveda offers a myriad of methods to help you overcome it. This is put into practice through the products of Planet Ayurveda, which has earned its reputation through natural and 100% pure Ayurvedic preparations!

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