Effective Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Bid Bye To Your Stretch Marks!

Stretch Marks
When body scenarios have already taken big U- turns to self-love, maybe it’s high time to stop blaming yourself and start treating it right. But why and how? Is that what you’re thinking? We have the answers you are in search of. Inevitable are those transformations which everyone’s body goes through once a while. But do they come alone? Often not! Aging, weight loss, weight gain, postpartum in females, heavy or routine physical exercises are some undertakings which carry your body to transformations. And what accompanies these? When it comes to skin, they attain narrow scars with a hue lighter than your skin or simply stretch marks! Though these are normal, again and again most of us aren’t really comfortable with these or some might get super conscious about them.

Should You Be Worried Or Not?

Stretch marks are absolutely normal and easily treatable. As long as they aren’t associated with any chronic disease and your skin is devoid of unusual allergies, you definitely should take your concerns out of your mind just like that! In fact, stretch marks are being embraced by many and mostly women as a souvenir of their delivery or as one’s signature of body transformation.

Do You Know How Stretch Marks Are Formed?

Just like the name says, it is simply caused by stretching of the body. Any changes to the skin like sudden expansions or reductions of muscle fat ends up at tiny tearing of your skin. While the body constituents try to separate these tissues, they appear to stand out different from the surface and in coloration as well. They may appear in hues of red or an off color of the skin on which it appears. These scars are often accumulated by collagen too. You can feel it by running your fingers along the skin.

What To Do Now?

Of course, there are many choices for you to cure or take care of this condition and it could be by seeking help from any medical line. Ayurveda as it is, the science which prescribes natural products as drugs has always been the reliable source for its trusted users. However, Ayurveda always recommends taking a chance on pure remedies at the starting stages of your treatment. Also, science has got you its simple formulations which are no less in constituents or use than these easy home remedies. Dig in and find out the right remedies for you right away!

Why Retinoid Is In This Business?

Retinoid is otherwise also called vitamin A and is very useful in treating skin. It helps in making the skin smoother and so is even used as base in many cosmetic creams as well. However, vitamin A can be taken in by identifying and utilizing the natural sources like sweet potatoes and carrots. Though the scientific reasons behind this marvelous vitamin to cure skin is still not known but has always proved to work right when applied externally and as well as when taken orally.

Know About Postpartum Stretch Marks.

After your delivery, postpartum includes skin transformations that mainly include stretch marks. They usually appear on the stomach, thighs, breasts and butt cheeks of the mother. These are absolutely normal as all pregnant women undergo rapid weight changes. Usually postpartum stretch marks are found red or deep red in color. Also, they tend to deepen after pregnancy. Though it might not seem easy, it is possible to get rid of the postpartum stretch marks by following correct ayurvedic regimes, diets and simple home remedies. Young mothers would even find it embarrassing or depressing to see your body going through bigger changes but always keep in mind that you went through all this to give birth to a healthy baby and of course Ayurveda is always beside you with its simplest and effective remedies.

Check Out The Home Remedies:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been serving as the skin medicine for years both in its natural forms and as well as packed products since ages. No doubt it’s one among the best to tackle stretch marks as its properties and contents compliment in making the skin softer. Application of fresh aloe to skin after cleansing is advisable.

2. Coconut Oil

The healing property of Coconut Oil serves skin the best. The same property helps you to heal or reduce your stretch marks. Unless you are allergic to it, apply coconut oil to your skin which might help you reduce the redness as well as the intensity of stretch marks.

3. Sugar

Sugar is a natural skin exfoliant. Hence will make a good scrub alone or with other preferred natural ingredients like lemon juice or tomato juice.

4. Castor Oil

Similar to coconut oil, Castor Oil also has healing properties and helps in treating stretch marks and even helps in curing wrinkles and fine lines on skin.

5. Egg White

Egg Whites serve as skin tightening agents and so it is easy to use it to get rid of the stretch marks. Whisk the egg whites and apply thick coats to the skin and wash off with cold water, post moisturizing is recommended.

6. Other Easy Ingredients Include

Lemon- rubbing lemon juice on the body, juice of apricots, cocoa butter- applying it twice a day,
potato- rubbing slices of potatoes on the body, alfalfa leaves- powdered and rubbed on the body.

Other Ayurvedic Products

Other ayurvedic products like kumkumadi tailam, ksheerabala oil, ayurvedic medicated coconut oil are available in markets.

Things To Be Careful About

  • Always avoid scratching the stretch marks.
  • Remember to apply moisturizers like Ayurveda oil on the area.
  • Keep an eye on your weight and also on your skin. Don’t forget that rapid body changes are the prior reason behind stretch marks.
  • Drink lots of water, as it rejuvenates your skin and maintains its elasticity.
  • Though it’s hard to believe, still it’s a fact that regular exercises can actually help you reduce stretch marks.
  • Postpartum care should also include the skin treatments for stretch marks, don’t keep it for later.

Insecurities are organic just like an unpolished cashew, though it is tasty and healthy from inside still every cashew is a happy one when it is polished from outside too! Similar is the case with humans. Though you are perfect the way you are, still for one to be happy and confident he/she should be free of insecurities. It’s not surprising that our skin concerns lodge the reasons behind most of one’s physical complexes. If it wasn’t for us, then who would take the responsibility to take care of our skin after all. So, Stretch Marks shouldn’t worry us anymore. Let’s get used to simple ayurvedic home remedies and tackle it slowly and steadily! Your body isn’t ruined, stretch marks are the opportunities to win over obstacles.

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