Food Combos as per Ayurveda for Boosting Immunity


Have you ever had a thought on what makes our body naturally resistant towards diseases? What helps us stay fit and unaffected during the breakout of a pandemic? Have you met anyone who is constantly having health problems and who easily gets pathologically infected.? It’s so difficult to cope up with that condition right.? When you have to visit a doctor every week or if you have to wander around with a wallet full of pills to consume everyday.! You might have seen people struggle like that or might have gone through the same too. To be honest.. It’s hard.! So who is the one responsible for all this in our body.? The answer is…our immune system.!

What Does Immunity Really Means

Immunity is defined as the ability of the body to naturally fight back against disease causing potential pathogens. It is a perfect balance of adaptation to external stress and survival instincts of the body during a pathogenic attack.

Ayurveda for Boosting Immunity

Different Types Of Immune Responses

Yes. There are.! The capacity of body to resist pathogenic agents are provided either by innate responses which are inborn capacity of body to resist pathogens known as natural immunity (present at birth) or via the resistance of body against specific foreign bodies including bacteria, fungus, viruses etc, which is known by the name acquired immunity.  Innate immunity is the first line defense against all infections while acquired immunity is the most powerful immune mechanism which protects the body. Both are equally important like the two sides of a coin.

So Who Are The ‘Soldiers Of Our Body’

The white blood cells, more specifically the lymphocytes in our body, are the agents that are mainly involved in the defense mechanisms against diseases. Lymphocytes are one kind of agranular white blood cells which are of two types namely B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes. The combined action of both provides acquired immune responses to the body. T- lymphocytes destroy the invading organisms directly while the B-lymphocytes destroy the foreign bodies by the production of antibodies.

This Is How Our Resilience Works

Whenever there is a foreign invasion in the body, the immune system identifies that potential foreign substances as antigens. After the recognition of antigen, the B- lymphocytes produce antibodies corresponding to the pathogen and destroy them. This inturn produces responses in the body which helps in coping up responses concerned with pathogen destruction and restoration of homeostasis.

Ayurveda and Immunity

In the ancient science of Ayurveda, to fight against the manifested diseases, it is suggested to advocate the practices of proper diet and proper regimen. This is popularly known as ‘Hita aahara vihaara seva’ which should be suitable in accordance with the timings of a day called Dinacharya, and in accordance with different seasons called Ritucharya, along with all other necessary corresponding physical activities.

Concept of Ojas : ‘The Fountain of  Youth’

The reason why our body might fall prey to different kinds of diseases is numerous. This includes seasonal, physiological, and pathological factors. So, in order to cope up with these turbulent responses, nurturing the proper resilience of our body is extremely important.

In Ayurveda, Ojas is defined as the crux and essence of all tissues which assembles various systems of the body to hold up against the external afflictions leading to diseases. The optimal balance of Tridoshas, the kindled bio-fire helping with proper metabolic functions and endurance of the body against external stress are all directly correlated with Ojas. It is the primary factor helping the body’s defence mechanisms known as Vyadhikshamatva.

Concept Of Vyadhikshamatva : The Supreme Resilience Of The Body

The enlightened science of Ayurveda looks over at the natural feedback responses by the immune system as the cause for supreme resilience of the body. This is where the concept of Vyadhikshamatva comes into light. It is the inborn strength of the body to recover out of the infections.

So Here’s How You Naturally Boost Your Immunity

1. Green Tea

We ain’t strange to all those ads on television that keeps telling us about the herbal benefits of the green tea. Although it is mostly found as a means to have a good weight loss regime, there is more to this simple drink. The flavonoids present in the green tea along with its antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties helps to restore the optimal levels of cholesterol and aids in proper blood circulation. This sequentially promotes a healthy heart and pillars overall detoxification and cleansing of the body, thus strengthening your immunity as well.

2. Citrus Fruits

Why…? Because of their high Vitamin C content. This is a vitamin that needs to be acquired through the food articles we eat everyday as the body does not produce them on it’s own. Vitamin C is known as the Ascorbic acid and it is that significant factor which helps in fighting the free radicals attacking the body and promotes good health. Tangerine, Orange, Tomatoes, Grapefruits, Lemon etc are all citrus fruits high in Vitamin C content.

3. Ginger : Ginger Tea

There is a reason behind the ‘Adrak wali chai’ hype. Ever thought about that?.. This is a fixed solution for most of the seasonal ailments like cold, flu, sore throat and gastric discomforts. This is one amongst the most important herbs of Ayurveda with amazing herbal benefits. You can accompany some ginger into your soup or into that morning tea you need to kick start your day. It will easily blend in with any of your recipes and will only enhance its flavour and savour your taste buds. Gingerol, which is the active ingredient inside ginger in addition to its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, acts as a perfect immunity booster.

4. Turmeric : Turmeric Milk

The North Indians are not new to the ‘Haldi wala doodh’ just like ‘Adrak wala chai’.! Haldi doodh or the golden milk which has remained to be a traditional overlook for all the health related queries proves how effective natural remedies can actually be for all our health issues. Curcumin, the active ingredient of Turmeric, is a well known component for restoring the immunity and healing effects on the body.

5. Papaya : Tender Leaves

Tender leaves of papaya although it could taste bitter is known to improve the leukocyte count which will in turn help in boosting the immune response. Leukocyte count boost will bless the body with better phagocytic actions, helps in allergic reactions as well as with good cell mediated and well as humoral immunity responses. You can add some sugar or honey and some peppermint along with the tender leaves and boil them together as your immunity drink.


Our immune system is strengthened corresponding to what we expose our body into. What we eat, what we constantly get engaged in physically, all are to be considered as significant factors which affect our body and mind. Isn’t it always a better option to find the solution to all your problems from nature itself?. From things we can find around us.! Little you have to do is open yourself to the healthy things around you. Once you step into natural remedies, You will have no doubt on if your body will heal on its own or not, because it will.! And it’s never too late to let that happen..!

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