Chlamydia Trachomatis Treatment With Herbal Remedies


Chlamydia trachomatis is a sexually transmitted disease and is very common these days. CHLAMYDIA is a gram negative bacteria. People having multiple sexual partners and who indulge in unprotected sex are more susceptible to the chlamydia infection. One might have a chlamydia infection but may not be aware about it because not all the patients suffering have symptoms and can act as a career. Most young womens are the ones suffering from this condition but men can also get infected. This infection is not that difficult to treat but if left untreated and negligence may result in further complications.


Chlamydia Trachomatis


Chlamydia trachomatis is the most common bacterial infection worldwide caused due to Bacteria named “Chlamydia”. Chlamydia is an intracellular pathogen. This bacteria spread through vaginal secretions, semen, eye secretions, saliva etc. Patients suffering from this infection have vaginal discharge, pain and burning while urination are some predominant features in this condition. Some strains of Chlamydia can also cause eyes, throat and rectum infections i.e sore throat, conjunctivitis, pain in rectum along with discharge. Apart from being the most common STD, chlamydia is the most common reason for blindness worldwide.


As this is a sexually transmitted disease unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex will spread vaginal trachomatis. Sharing intimate wears, multiple sexual partners, not using condoms while sex will lead to his infection.


Not all the cases of chlamydia trachomatis show symptoms (almost 40-50% of cases). Also symptoms may vary in males and females. Some common symptoms are as follows

In females

  1.  Pain
  2. Burning sensation while micturition
  3. Vaginal discharge (yellow to green)
  4. Sore throat (if throat involved)
  5. Redness and burning sensation in eyes (if eyes involved)
  6. Photosensitivity
  7. Discharge from Anus (if infection in in anal region)
  8. Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)
  9. Cervicitis.
  10. Bleeding in between periods.

In males

  1. Pain in lower abdomen
  2. Pain in testicles
  3. penile discharge (yellow to green)
  4. Burning micturition
  5. Sore throat
  6. Conjunctivitis
  7.  Photosensitivity
  8. Anal pain with discharge


  1. Urine test: analysation of urine for presence of any kind of bacterial infection in the urine.
  2. Swab test: A sample from vagina, anus, throat, cervix is taken using a swab for testing for any infection.
  3. Tissue culture.
  4. ELISA Test:(enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay)
  5. Nucleic acid amplification.

Complications of Chlamydia Trachomatis

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (P.I.D)
  2. Epididymitis (infection of epididymis)
  3. Prostate gland infection
  4. Ectopic pregnancy
  5. Infertility
  6. Infections in newborn via mother


Use condoms

One must use condoms or femedoms during intercourse aret he first line of defence against various infection such as H.I.V, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis etc

Limit your number of sex partners

Do not have multiple sexual partners as it increases the chances of chlamydia infection.

Get regular screenings

Person who is more sexually active should get tested for STDs on a regular basis.

Avoid douching

Douching is a vaginal cleansing procedure which must be avoided because it removes good bacteria of vagina, altering the normal flora of vagina which increases the chances of infection.

Ayurvedic Overview of Chlamydia Trachomatis

In Ayurveda all the diseases which are transmitted from one person to another by any means such as chlamydia trachomatis, gonorrhoea, syphilis, conjunctivitis etc. are kept under “Agantuja Vyadhi ”. Agantuja vyadhi can be caused due to any factor such as- air, water, bacteria, virus, injury, weapons, clothes, poison, toxins etc. Hence we can say that Agantuja vyadhi can be correlated with communicable diseases. In this condition according to ayurveda concepts there will be vitiation of  all three doshas vatta, pitta & kapha (kinetic , thermal, potential energy). Out of these three doshas vatta and pitta will be the main two which will be more vitiated and will result in symptoms like pain, purulent discharge, inflammation, burning sensation etc. Hence the treatment approach of ayurveda will be vatta and pitta shamak (vatta and pitta pacification) along with this we have to use some herbs which will be antibacterial so that we can reduce the infection side by side.

Ayurvedic Medications Used in Chlamydia Trachomatis

  1. Chandraprabha vati
  2. Ashokarishta
  3. Pushyanug churna
  4. Triphala guggul
  5. Madhusnuhi rasayan
  6. Dashmoola kwath
  7. Triphala churna
  8. Yoni prakshalana (vaginal wash) with aragwadhadi kashayam, panchavalkala kashaya.
  9. Drinking adequate fluids
  10. Maintain hygiene
  11. Proper rest

Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia Trachomatis by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is a GMP and ISO-certified company known for its herbal and natural products. All formulations are prepared as per the ancient ayurvedic texts. Planet Ayurveda offers the formulations prepared from best herbs for various ailments which are manufactured under the guidance of our MD experts. Out of numerous formulation below described products are the best in this condition.These herbal remedies are as follows

Products List

  1. Female Health Support
  2. Kaishore Guggul
  3. Chandraprabha Vati
  4. Neem Capsule

Herbal Remedies for Chlamydia TrachomatisHerbal Remedies for Chlamydia Trachomatis

Products Description

1. Female Health Support

This is a pure herbal formulation from Planet ayurveda that manages many gynaecological conditions. Pacifies vatta pitta (kinetic and thermal energy). Contains Ashoka (Saraca asoca), Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Shatavari  (Asparagus racemosa). Lodhra helps in managing the fluid  discharge as it is astringent in nature whereas shatavari treats hormonal imbalance and provides strength to the female reproductive system. Ashoka on the other hand is the best for gynae disorders & chlamydial infection. Together these herbs in this product acts as antimicrobial, analgesic, antioxidant thus having good results in chlamydia.

Dosage – 1 Capsule twice a day

2. Kaishore Guggul

This is a pure Ayurvedic classical herbal formulation that helps in healing wounds and subsides inflammation and also acts as blood cleanser. Also flushes out toxins from the body and improves digestion. Contains Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), Amalaki (Embillica officinalis), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Guggul (Comiphora mukul) etc. Contents of this formulation pacifies all 3 doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) but mainly it works on vata dosha giving good results in inflammatory conditions, reduces discharge, purifies blood hence reducing the chlamydial infection.

Dosage- 2 tablets twice a day

3. Chandraprabha Vati

A pure classical Ayurvedic formulation given in the condition of urine infection or in other urine disorders mainly. Apart from this chandraprabha vati is also given in abdominal colic, lower back pain  and many gynaecological problems. Contents in this formulation helps in pacifying all 3 doshas- vata, pitta, kapha (kinetic, thermal, potential). Ingredients- kapoor (Cinnamomum camphora), haridra (curcuma longa), shilajit (Asphaltum punjabinum), guggul(Comiphora mukul) etc. This medication has a very soothing effect and relieves the burning sensation. Guggul pacifies vata dosha relieving inflammation and pain etc. Shilajit being a good immunomodulator is also good in infertility, reduces stress and anxiety. Thus collectively all the contents of this formulation treats the symptoms of chlamydia like inflammation, burning sensation, redness etc.

Dosage- 2 tablets twice daily

4. Neem Capsule

This is a herbal capsule formulation by Planet ayurveda which contains only neem extract (Azadirachta indica). Neem is astringent and cool in nature to help in pacifying pitta & kapha dosha. Hence treating wounds efficiently, Neem also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and is used in chlamydia.

Dosage– 1 capsule twice daily

Contact Planet Ayurveda Support Team to provide you the costing / ordering and delivery information at – or Call at 0172-521-4040 (India), +91-172-521-4040 (Outside India) or Whatsapp at (+91) 9915-593-604


Chlamydia trachomatis is the most common STD due to bacterial infection and is curable. It starts as a normal uti infection and gradually increases displaying all the above mentioned symptoms. If left untreated in females can cause PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease), ectopic pregnancy & infertility and in males if left untreated in men can lead to proctitis, urethritis, prostate infection, epididymitis etc. Apart from this if one gets an eye infection due to chlamydia and left untreated one may lose eyesight. So regular investigations must be done if one is indulged in regular sex with multiple partners to rule out any chances of infection and if diagnosed with chlamydia infection treatment must be started at the earliest to avoid above mentioned major complications. As we all know prevention is better than cure so all the protection and preventive measures must be taken to avoid chlamydia infection.

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