Chickungunya: Deadly disease, better treat it timely

It’s a disease which spreads due to the bite of a particular mosquito. The mosquitoes which are responsible for this disease are Aedes aegypti & Aedes albopictus. Person  is infected with this virus when bitten by this mosquito.  Mosquito acquires the virus at  time when it bites an infected person and feeds on his blood The virus then spreads in the system of mosquito and reaches its salivary gland. Again when mosquito bites a healthy person he/she (person) gets infected with this virus and gets the disease of Chickungunya.chikungunya

How it all Happens? What are the Reasons of this Disease to Spread?

Stagnat water, when remains for several days, due to that mosquito lies and lays their eggs. This is from where this disease spreads. So it’s advisable not to let water stagnate at any place for long, which becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes. In Indian subcontinent this problem occurs during season of monsoons.

When a healthy person gets infected by bites of this mosquito, the virus travels throughout his body,  It plays havoc there by invading into the blood stream and leads to inflammation of blood vessels of infected person, platelet count in the body also decreases as long as this infection exists in the body, “Nuetropenia” a condition mostly occurs in this disease, due to this condition antibodies destroy neutrophills, which are important white cells that are helpful in fighting the infections. Children, person under stress, pregnant woman will be prone for more serious form of complications.   Almost all organs of the body get affected by the virus like CNS (central nervous system), eyes, liver, kidneys, skin joints and muscles , it mainly affects the muscle cells, once it infects muscle cells, it keeps reproducing till muscle cell dies, and then virus moves to another cell. When a person gets infected the infection lasts from 2 to 12 days.

Complications of Chikunugunya

  • Seizure
  • Renal disease due to affected kidney
  • Neurological imbalances
  • Damage of liver due to jaundice
  • Bullous lesions, which are severe
  • Disease of eye (ocular)
  • Inflammation of heart muscles (Myocardits)

Symptoms of Chickungunya 

  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Cold fingers and toes
  • Painful cramps in abdominal
  • High fever
  • Vomiting, sore throat, constipation, dizziness, due to damaged blood vessels, rashes on skin, severe headaches, constipation, nausea.

Symptoms of chickungunya and dengu (also by mosquito biting) are very similar to each other but certain symptoms such as severe joint pains are only found in chickungunya that’s why it’s unique, if one has dengue plus arthritis both together it is equal to chickungunya

Diagnosis of Chickungunya

A blood test which is specially known as ELISA blood test (enzyme linked immunoasorbent assay) is the test which is performed to detect  chickungynya in patient. Igm antibodies presence in blood confirms the presence of this virus.

Treatment of chickungunya

Home Remedies for Chickungunya

1. Giloy

It’s a plant scientifically known as ‘Tinospora cordifolia” Guduchi is another name given to it, mostly used to treat fever associated with different ailments as pain of arthritis is severe in this case of chickungunya, having properties of anti-arthritis, anti-inflammatory properties which helps patient to get relief from the problem of chickungunya, its anti- microbial properties which fights with infections hence helps in fast recovery.

Methods for using it: Powder made of dry giloy should be taken 1 to 3 gms / day and it should be boiled in water should be and given to patient of chickungunya.

Note: Kids below age of 5 years should not be given giloy in any form, children above five years of age is advisable not more than 250 gms of gilloy powder should be given to kids.

2. Tumeric

Curcumin a very effective and strong antioxidant that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are useful in treating chickungunya .

Methods for using it: Take 1 table spoonful of turmeric and 2 spoonful of honey, after boiling turmeric in glass ful of milk, add honey into it and have it twice a day preferred in morning and evening.

3. Tulsi

(Basil leaves):Tulsi since time immortal is known as best remedy for to strengthen immunity. Which It is found in almost every household in India and its subcontinent. Tulsi helps in treating chickungunya as their antimicrobial properties help to get rid of fever and fasten up the recovery process.

4. Grapes

As they are filled with anti-viral properties along with anti-oxidants are the best remedy for chickungunya if taken with cow`s milk only (buffalo milk is not preferred). It helps in shunning away the fever and reduces pain also.

Methods for using it: A cup or more (according to your appetite) cow`s pure milk and some seedless grapes, just chew the grapes while drinking milk along with it.

5. Papaya Leaves

In infections like chickungunya and dengue which results in low platelet count ,papaya leaves ingestion will raise the number of these platelets,’ resulting  in helping to recover from the infection, these leaves of papaya also helps in fighting with the larva of mosquito which spreads chickungunya as they contains the larvicidal properties.

Methods of using it: Take some papaya leaves, wash them, remove stem and central vein, after chopping the leaves blend them with water and blend them till they form paste out of it.  Strain  the liquid and throw away the remaining pulp, drink this juice after every three hours. This should be taken from 2 to 7 days as problem persists.

6. Chili peppers

As chilli peppers are rich in capsaicin, an anti inflammatory agent. This agent reduces inflammation and by blocking the key compound it relieves the pain. This is the compound which is responsible for pain, as it sends signals of pain to the brain and chilies help to block it mid-way.

Methods for using it: Just take 3 tablespoon cayenne (chilie) pepper, 1 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup grated beeswax. After boiling all this, mix well and make a paste out of it and after chilling it to normal temperature, apply it on affected joints for relief in pain due to chickungunya.

Note: This is for external use only, you must use some gloves to apply it and keep away this paste away from eyes.

To avoid chickungunya we must take care that there should not be stagnat water and if the problem persists then you should diagnose it timely and treatments in this article will also be beneficial to you and consultation of physician is also very important.

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