According to this shloka

Amla is described as the fruit which holds the body and has an anti-aging property that revitalizes the body.
Reference: Bhaavprakash page no. 10 (Haritkyadi Varg)

Amla is an undeniably the storehouse of all the nutrients. The essential vitamins and minerals present in it, are not only integral to the body’s well-being but also prevents and manages the widespread diseases.

In Sanskrit, it is called as Amalaki and in English, it is called as Gooseberry. Its Latin name is Emblica offcinalis or Terminalia emblica and belongs to family Euphorbiaceae. This is an extremely sour and nutritious fruit which grows in India (Middle East part) and few other Southeast Asian countries. Being an antioxidant, it is used in boosting skin and hair health related problems. It boosts the overall immunity of the body.
The amla fruit is light green in color and is fibrous to eat. In India, it is eaten in several ways, like as pickle or sugared candy. It is the most vital ingredient of Triphala and chyawanprash and these are the herbal formulations to boost health. The whole plant is used in the preparation of ayurvedic formulations including, roots, bark, trees, leaves, seeds, and flowers.

Benefits of Amla:

1. Diabetes

Amla contains chromium which has the therapeutic uses for diabetes. This reduces blood sugar levels and keeps the body healthy. Chromium present in it enhances the beta-blockers which are used to maintain the heart’s health by reducing the LDL levels in the body.

2. Aids in Digestion

Amla is rich in fiber like fruits that adds bulk to the stool and helps in moving food smoothly through the bowels and maintains its regular movements. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices so that the food gets digested easily and nutrients get absorbed in an optimal way and  person feels healthier and lighter. It has the property to relieve constipation and protects from various gastrointestinal disorders and even colorectal cancer.

3. Prevents Heart-Related Disorders

Amla strengthens the heart muscles and maintains the blood circulation throughout the body. Chromium present in amla powder reduces the chances of atherosclerosis (building up of plaques) in the blood vessels and arteries thereby decreases the chances of heart attack.

4. Acts as a Diuretic

Amla is rich in water content and is slightly diuretic in nature. As it increases the frequency and volume of urination thereby eliminates the unwanted toxins and excess salt, water, and uric acid. This property is necessary for maintaining the kidney’s function healthy. It also prevents uterine and urinary infections.

5. Hair Care

Amla powder acts as a hair tonic that enriches hair growth and pigmentation. Being a hair tonic, it strengthens the roots and improves the luster of hair. Apply amla oil to hair roots as it improves hair color and helps in hair growth. Due to its carotene as well as iron content, it reduces the chances of baldness and hair loss.

6. Anti-aging Agent

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in it can help eliminate free radicals, which are related to the signs of aging such as age spots and wrinkles. This fruit also prevents health-related conditions such as hyperlipidemia by decreasing the free radicals in the body through its anti-oxidant property.

7. Boosts the Health of Liver

As per Ayurveda, drinking amla juice boosts the vigor and vitality and it has the ability to re-energize the liver. A 2013 study on its liver-protective properties says that it is effective in removing the toxic effects of several medications and metals.

8. Anticancer Properties

Amla extract has various cytotoxic activities against ovarian and cervical cancer cells. In several researchers, it was found that its extract has several repressive properties against a number of cancers. This tiny fruit is packed with polyphenols and flavonoids which make it powerful against a variety of conditions

9. Improves Appetite and Boosts Digestive Fire

Amla helps to balance the nitrogen levels thereby increasing the weight in a healthy manner. It is used as an herbal remedy for anemia, indigestion, respiratory and urinary problems, liver disorders and fever. Amla increases RBCs production and provides strength to the nails and teeth.



Planet Ayurveda is offering amla supplements which are natural and 100% pure. These supplements contain pure extract of amla in it and are totally vegetarian.

1. Amalaki Rasayan Capsules

These capsules contain amla and it is a 100% natural product. This formulation is prepared by the classical formulations of amla, as mentioned in the Ayurveda texts. It is free of chemicals, additives, colors, and fillers.
Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Amla Saar

Amla Saar contains fresh amla juice extract and is a natural dietary supplement which is free from colors, additives, sweeteners or binders. You can take it on regular basis as a dietary supplement.
Dosage: 3 tsp with an equal amount of water mixed in it, twice daily.

Uses Of Amla

1. Leucorrhea

In leucorrhea, consume 3 to 5 grams of amla powder with sugar candy twice daily or you can consume by mixing amla powder with honey.

2. Metorrhagia

Mixing powder of amla and sugarcane with 4 parts and mixing 2 parts turmeric powder in it, taking 3-3 grams of this mixture with water in the morning and evening provides immediate relief in blood clots (vaginal bleeding).

3. Headache

Take 3 to 5-gram powder of amla with ghee and sugar candy, helps in providing relief in headache caused due to vitiated Vata and Pitta Dosha.

4. Gonorrhea

Take fresh turmeric juice or turmeric powder and honey mixed with the amla juice and drink it twice a day or take the powder of amla and turmeric in equal amounts and consume it with honey or water every morning and evening. It eliminates gonorrhea and its other related symptoms.

5. Constipation

Take an amla powder and mix ghee and sugar candy in it and lick this powder. You may also consume half teaspoons of Triphala powder with lukewarm water at night every day with water. It relieves constipation.

6. Excessive Sweating

If you have excessive sweating in hands and feet, then take 20 to 30 ml amla juice. Add sugar candy in it and drink or you may also take Triphala powder. Try to avoid hot items in the diet.

7. Strengthening of Teeth

Boil amla powder in water and do gargles with it. Gargles make the teeth strong and clean.

Amla is a great herb. Intake of fresh amla is beneficial for everyone. It prevents us from several diseases. Amla powder, marmalade, and chyawanprash can be used throughout the year.