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Astrology has been used for knowing the compatibility of individuals and also the suitability of a certain career or work profile for a person. But the lesser known use of astrology is that it also has medical importance. The branch of astrology that functions on the belief that planetary motion and positioning has a profound impact on the health, appearance and personality of an individual is known as Medical Astrology. In this article we are going to discuss what medical astrology is, what planetary positions and configurations make a person more good looking and what are the tips to achieve the benefits of planets in making one’s appearance more youthful and pleasant.

Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is an ancient form of science that is based on the belief that the distant heavenly bodies i.e. the sun, the moon, the planets and the configuration of these all with respect to each other at the time of birth of a person, affect and determine various aspects of their life and personality. The planetary position and configuration also has an impact on the person’s social and personal relationships, their career and work, family and the prosperity they are likely to have in their life. Usually astrology is thought of as just zodiac signs, but much more to it. Zodiac signs are only constellations of certain points and this is most commonly used to predict and match horoscopes. However, this part of astrology is so simple and general in sense that it is not always accurate but it shouldn’t mean that all astrology is so general and lacks accuracy. In order to produce more accurate predictions and estimations, more hard work is put in by the astrologers and this starts with making the natal chart of the individual depending on the exact time, day and location of birth of the individual. There are many forms of astrology, especially in Vedic astrology, which also determines how the cosmic configurations affect the health and physical aspects of an individual; this branch is known as medical astrology. 

What is the Medical Significance of Astrology

Astrology that deals with the effect of the sun, the moon and the planets on the physical appearance, health, parts of the body and their functioning, and how the body responds to medications and drugs, is called Medical Astrology. It is laid out on the basis that each part of the body is related with the twelve zodiac constellations or Nakshatra from the head to the toes. From centuries the traditional medicine has been used by all classes of the society and there seems a real correlation between astrology and the personality, physical appearance, medical constitution, disease and health, of a person.

Medical Astrology Functions in the Following Way 

  1. The person’s body constitution, appearance and formation of specific physical aspects, such as physique, skin, etc. are decided by what zodiac constellation the person was born in, and what the position of the planets was with respect to the sun and each other. 
  2. There is a specific zodiac constellation related to each body part. So if there is discomfort or disease in any part of the body, the related zodiac constellation has to be considered and corrected accordingly. 
  3. As seasons change, the Sun transits from one zodiac sign to another. This has to be kept in mind when a person falls ill because it will simplify the diagnosis and understanding of what is the cause of disease for the particular individual. 
  4. The suitable time of performing kriyas i.e. acts of therapeutic cleansing such as purgation, oil massage, sweating, sauna, enema and bloodletting etc. has to be decided depending on where the moon is positioned in the zodiac chart of the individual. 
  5. Each herb and medication possesses certain astrological properties of its own. These properties have to be considered before administering any herbs or medications to an individual. The astrological favorability of the herb has to be confirmed for a particular patient. 
  6. The natal chart i.e. birth chart that is drawn at the time of birth of the individual reveals significant information about how the individual is going to look and which diseases they are most likely to develop in their life. In this way diseases can be prevented by medical astrology. 

How the Planets Affect our Appearance

At the time of birth of an individual, the lagna chart or the birth chart is prepared where the positions of the Nakshatra and the planets are noted. There are countless heavenly bodies but only the closest ones i.e. the ones in our own solar system are considered while making the birth chart. The chart consists of a matrix where boxes, called houses, denote the respective configuration of the planets, the sun and the moon. The first house is a collective representation of the person. Therefore the planet residing in the first house greatly decides the personality of the person.

  • Mars is the symbol of masculinity, vigour, fitness, skin complexion, happiness and nature. Therefore the presence of Mars in the first house makes the person appear enthusiastic, brave, healthy and youthful. People who have a misplaced or weak Mars are timid, submissive and don’t look good physically. 
  • Venus represents femininity, beauty and attractiveness. Therefore the presence of Venus in the first house makes you pleasant, attractive, beautiful and eye-catching. People who have a weak or ill-positioned Venus are repulsive in nature and their behavior is not liked by others. 
  • Moon is the decisive factor of compassion, love, care and expression. Therefore the presence of the moon in the first house makes a person more efficient in expression and thoughts, and people are fond of this person because of its soft speech. People who have a weak or misplaced Moon are rude or not able to convey their thoughts properly. 
  • Saturn is the symbol of physical activity and hard work. People who have a string Saturn in the first house are great fitness enthusiasts and they have made their physique inspirational. People with a weak or ill-positioned Saturn are lazy and don’t like to exercise. 
  • A combination of Mars and Venus makes for the possibility of a great pleasing personality. 
  • The combination of the Sun and Venus also makes it favorable for an attractive reputation. 

How to use Astrology to Achieve Youthful Appearance

  • Mantra recitation has a great positive effect on correcting the debilitated or misplaced planets in your birth chart. A mantra channelizes specific vibrations around you and these vibrations can realign the bad effects of planetary positions and zodiac constellations. 
  • Donating articles is another way to correct the bad effects of planets in your birth chart. You should make donations of specific colored articles to balance the adverse effects of certain planets. 
  • Worshipping certain deities can be beneficial in avoiding astrological troubles. Certain items can be used to worship deities, such as flowers, camphor, sugar, etc. 
  • Fasting on certain days of the week can also be beneficial in pleasing the debilitated planet. 

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Astrology and medicine may seem far apart but medical astrology has been a component of traditional medicine in the east for many centuries. It is believed that every human, animal, plant, herb and medicine has an astrological significance and that the right combination of an individual with suitable person, food, or medication is important in preserving their health. Similarly physical appearance is also decided by what planetary configurations were prevailing at the time of birth of the individual. Therefore if these things are checked and given a try there is no harm as some benefit can be reaped with these tips. 

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