Astheno Teratozoospermia Ayurvedic Treatment With Herbal Remedies!

Astheno Teratozoospermia

As Indians we all might have gone through a really enigmatic period of puberty where teachers would usually skip an entire chapter of biology and leave us perplexed. Astheno Teratozoospermia, Thanks to them, we all have learned how to delete our browsing history though. This vexatious outlook towards the sexual health and sex education is still prevalent in our society. This impractical perception towards sex should be defenestrated as soon as possible.

It’s ironic how the people of a country having an ancient culture of kamasutra and medical textbooks on aphrodisiac therapies turn out to be so ignorant about sexual education and health. The science of Ayurveda considers sex to be one among the three pillars of life, the other two being food and sleep. Male and female infertility cases are on par with each other in recent times. Comparatively,the female sexual health and infertility is more often and frequently discussed. But there still persists a stigma when infertility is associated with the males. Even the patient finds it ignominious to open up about it. One among the chief causes of male infertility is Astheno teratozoospermia.

Astheno Teratozoospermia

What Is Astheno Teratozoospermia?

OAT, otherwise known as Oligo Astheno Teratozoospermia, is one of the most common causes of male infertility. This disease causes the reduction in the number of sperm cells. Low sperm motility and defective morphology of the sperm cells are the key features of this condition. It is a serious medical condition which should be acknowledged and should be openly discussed without any hesitation.

Etiology Of Astheno Teratozoospermia

We all can easily associate a situation where we have heard our moms screaming “of course… Keep away your phone..Then only you will get better” to practically every tiny discomfort we share with them. Since we are less likely to share this particular medical condition with our mothers, chances of hearing this allegation is too improbable. But actually, they may have a very valid point here, as there is much conclusive evidence which suggests the radiation of cell phones can affect your sperm count. Although we can’t pinpoint a particular cause for this disease manifestation, we still can attribute a variety of contributing factors to this condition. IBS. Many of which are a direct result of faulty lifestyle patterns the new generation seems to pick up. As mentioned earlier, usage of cell phones and many other lifestyle disorders like diabetes melitus, obesity, smoking, alcohol, exposure to excess heat etc.. are major attributing factors. Malnutrition, injuries, age, adverse drug reactions and other iatrogenic causes are also there.

How To Diagnose Astheno Teratozoospermia?

Spermiogram, otherwise known as semenn analysis, is the technique employed to determine whether you are having astheno teratozoospermia or not. Prior to this procedure, sexual abstinence must be followed for 3 to 5 days. The World health organization {WHO} has laid down some criteria to determine teratozoospermia, which is as follows:

  1. Mild Teratozoospermia – Containing 10 to 14% of sperms with normal morphology.
  2. Moderate Teratozoospermia – Containing 5 to 9% of sperms with normal morphology.
  3. Severe Teratozoospermia – Containing less than 5% of sperm with normal morphology.

Ayurvedic Approach Of Astheno Teratozoospermia?

Ayurveda as said earlier considers sex as one among the three pillars of life. According to ayurveda, shukra dhatu is considered as one among the seven dhatus. Shukra dhathu kshaya or depletion of the semen can be considered as Astheno Teratozoospermia. Ayurvedic treatment emphasizes on ‘samanya vishesha siddhanta‘ i.e, the things with same properties bring about increase and things with dissimilar properties bring about decrease in the body. Abiding with this principle, with the help of ayurvedic drugs this medical condition is treated very efficiently in ayurveda.

Planet Ayurveda’s Herbal Remedies For Astheno Teratozoospermia

Planet Ayurveda,the pioneers in the field of present day ayurveda, has sorted it all for each and every one of us. Planet Ayurveda has a specialized package which is based on evidence-based science and helps us to bridle this condition. Our care pack consists of three prime medicines:

  1. Atirasadi Churna
  2. Musli Strength Capsules
  3. Pitta Balance

Ayurvedic treatment For Astheno Teratozoospermia

Product Description By Planet Ayurveda

1. Atirasadi Churna

A great beneficiary product made out of 13 potent drugs. This is an ayurvedic powder formulation which really helps us to enhance the reproductive system. It, like all the other products of Planet Ayurveda, is chemical free. It contains many aphrodisiac drugs like Ashwagandha {Withania somnifera} etc. this amazing formulation pacifies the vata dosha, enhances the kapha dosha and balances the pitta dosha in the patient’s body. This drug is available in bottled form each containing 200 gm. Atirasadi churna is effective and aids the patient to get over this condition and thus plays a pivotal role in the management of astheno teratozoospermia.

Dosage: It should be consumed twice in a day after having your meals by mixing one teaspoon of it in plain water.

2. Musli Strength Capsules

One of the key products of Planet Ayurveda, Musli Strength cap is the main medication for treating astheno teratozoospermia. This product is made up of musli {Chlorophytum borivilianum} and gokshura {Tribulus terrestris}. This medicine is very much effective in enhancing the sperm production and provide us with a great sexual life.

Dosage: Each bottle consists of 60 capsules and 1- 2 capsules should be consumed once or twice in a day.

3. Pitta Balance

As the name suggests, Pitta balance is a medication which helps to balance the pitta in our body. This balance of pitta is very much essential in treating astheno teratozoospermia. It consists mainly of drugs having cold potency like,coral calcium, agate calcium, pearl calcium etc. This is advised to be consumed after meals with plain water.

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules daily is the standard dosage of this medicine.

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Planet Ayurveda thus, with its specialized packaging, tackles the tricky condition of astheno teratozoospermia. Our sexual health is very much important as our general and mental health. Let us not ignore it. With Planet Ayurveda here to aid us, we are extremely privileged to get cured with its chemical free and harmless manner.

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