Acute Respiratory Infection: Treat It Naturally

This infection of respiratory tract is problem where your normal breathing gets affected.It can affect both upper and lower respiratory systems. Respiratory infection is dangerous, if patient is old,kid or suffering from immune system disorder.Acute Respiratory

Causes of Acute Respiratory Infection

Upper Respiratory Infection

1. Acute Ear Infection

Eustachian tubes become swollen or blocked which causes fluid inside your middle ear to build up ,due to inflammation and fluid, they are painful in the ear.

2. Common Cold

It is a condition when patient gets affected,then symptoms appear after 1 to 3 days.

Running nose or stuffy nose are the two very common symptoms of common cold.

Lower Respiratory System

1. Pneumonia

The air sections in our lungs (alveoli)when gets infected they tend to get inflamed,which results to fill with fluid or pus inside the lungs hence the person cannot breathe properly.

2. Symptoms of Pneumonia

Chest pain,shortness of breath,fever,coughing,and loss of appetite are the some of the symptoms which a patient of pneumonia shows.Sudden chills, sweating,tiredness and feeling of tiredness.

3. Bronchitis

The tubes which are known as bronchial tubes deliver air from trachea into windpipe. Mucus builds up due to inflammation of the tubes.The coughing which results from bronchitis can continue for several weeks,but bronchitis lasts not more than 10 days even in this condition of acute respiratory infection.

The Risk Factors Due to which Acute Respiratory Infection can Happen

Viruses and bacteria are not possibly avoidable, but some circumstances and risk factors can lead to acute respiratory infection.Older adults and children are more likely to fall prey, as children when getting in contact with their peers who are already are suffering from acute respiratory inflectional the carriers of the virus and bacteria even to healthy ones.

People who are affected with lung problems and heart problems are more likely to get acute respiratory infection.

Smoking is also one of the great causes to develop acute respiratory problem. If somebody is already infected by other disease and his immune system is weakened by other disease then he might be in the danger zone of acute respiratory infection.

Diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Infection

Physical Checking

To diagnose respiratory infection, physician may check your breathing by hearing it.If your breathing is abnormal, fluid and inflammation in lungs can be detected by checking breathing carefully by a qualified physician in physical examination.

He/she will examine your throat;nose and ear carefully. If condition of acute respiratory infection persists,  in your lower tract then X-ray or CT scan is also recommended.Lung function test is also used to diagnose as a tool, which  is best in this case.

Testing of sputum or taking swab from your mouth or nose in lab is also included in diagnosing the problem of acute respiratory infection.


Complications of this acute respiratory infection can be very serious also so don’t take it lightly.When fluid builds up in air sacs of your lungs known as “Alveoli” due to that your lungs can not release oxygen to your blood. The result is your organs are not getting oxygen rich blood to function normally,as if your lungs are not removing carbon dioxide from your blood. When blood vesselsbecomesmall and capillaries which surrounds your air sacs can’t work properly in exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen.It can-happen to be failure in respiratory functioning. In acute respiratory failure you can experience immediate symptoms of not having oxygen required for proper function in body. So it should be checked properly for treatment as it may lead to death also.

There are 2 Types of Acute Respiratory Problems

1. Hypoxemic

In hypoxemic your oxygen level in blood is not enough as it has to be, but your level of carbon dioxide levels are close to normal.

2. Hypercapnic

Hypercapnic respiratory failure means that you are having too much carbon dioxide in your blood and oxygen in blood is not as it should be.

Symptoms of Acute Respiratory Failure

  • People with low level of oxygen may experience the inability to breathe,color of skin,lips and fingertips get blue.
  • People with high carbon dioxide level may experience confusion and rapid breathing.
  • People with failure of lungs in acute lung failure conditions may experience:
  • Sweating in abundance due to acute failure of lungs.Heart beats are getting faster.
  • Restlessness,Anxiety,Loss of consciousness,breathing irregularities some time fast,some time swallow.

Acute Respiratory Failure has Different Causes

1. Asthma

when an exacerbation causes the airways to become narrow, it is the reason behind this when people have obstruction in getting oxygen.

2. Injury

Injury which halts your respiratory system can affect the quantity of oxygen in your blood. Asinjury in spinal cord or brain can immediately affect your breathing.

Some Other Factors which are the Big Culprits Behind the Acute Respiratory Failure

1. On Dope

Persons who are having drugs as habitual drug user or taking alcohol or on weeds smoking etc.,are on higher risk of getting the acute respiratory failure disease.

2. Inhalation of Chemicals

People who are in industry of chemicals and other type of industrial work where chemical exposure is in abundance ,are most likely to get the disease of acute respiratory failure.Chemicals may injure the tissues of their lungs, including the capillaries and other blood vessels.

Home Remedies For Acute Respiratory Infection

1. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C plays important role in a person`s health besides that its good for immune system and      acute respiratory infection can also be healed with help of vitamin C,oranges and lime are great source of it. If fresh lemon juice is added with hot green tea with a teaspoonful of honey is taken it helps to shun the phlegm and clear whole respiratory tract also.

2. Probiotics

Some bacteria are friendly, also for health Probiotics are one of them, they are found in our body,some food and in some supplements also.Yogurt is good source of probiotic bacteria,it helps you to get out of acute respiratory infection.

3. Garlic

As garlic has a natural substance known as allicin which helps you in getting rid of the problem of acute respiratory infection.And its cold fighting benefits also helps you to shun away this problem.

4. Honey

Honey`s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties with its immune boosting power is the reason to choose it against the acute respiratory problems.Honey with green tea plus lime is very good remedy for getting rid of acute respiratory problem.

5. Ginger

Few slices of ginger with some black pepper and honey is useful remedy for acute respiratory infection.

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