A Healthier Ayurvedic Way to Lose Weight


Today with the fast running life it has become really difficult to cope up with the day to day struggle to stay healthy and fit. There is no time for us to sit back and decide what is healthy for us and how should we carry out our life inorder to stay fit. All these things hassle up with our health resulting in lifestyle disorder, obesity being one of them.

Nothing is more frustrating than an increasing unhealthy weight or the stagnant one. Out of this frustration, we decide to go for appealing methods to lose weight which turns out to be either horrible or of no use. The world around us is full of lucrative advertisements which promise falsely to make us fit and healthy.

However, I can really understand that it must be very difficult to decide between so many things that what is best for us. Everyone who is going through this struggle must have tried all of the things like cutting off carbs, exercising more, taking a gluten-free diet and many more. Alas! Nothing seems to work out.

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A Healthier Ayurvedic Way to Lose Weight

However, you don’t need to worry anymore as in this article we will be sharing how Ayurveda can help us to lose weight in a very healthier manner and live a healthy life. Ayurveda is a science of life which not only helps to treat disease but also shows the right path  for living a healthy and contented life. There are few simple steps following which you can tackle your struggle without draining yourself up emotionally.

So let’s get started:

1. Light Dinner

  • Listen  everyone out there who is trying to lose weight, if you aren’t going to stop taking those large evening suppers than sorry to say, there is no chance that you will be losing weight. Cutting up the crap, take light and small meals at dinner.
  • Eat things which are easier to digest. According to Ayurveda, digestion is weak at evening time and during sleep, it becomes slower along with slow circulation and metabolism. Hence, if you are taking large heavy meals in the night , it results in improper digestion, building up of toxins and adding up in your unwanted weight as well.
  • Thereby, the people who are trying to lose weight take some synthetic protein powders, exercise hard and eat less in the day time but sorry to say it is of no use.
  • A proper diet as per Ayurveda  the night meal should be light, easy to digest, vegetarian, hot and liquid. There shouldn’t be fish, meat, and desserts. And here some would say no how can I not have a dessert. So it’s for you, make a dessert of fruits containing only less amount of unrefined sugar or jaggery.

Weight Loss Herbal Remedies

2. Full lunch-

  • Eat a wide variety of lunch containing warm and properly cooked food. Ayurveda says that digestion is connected with the Sun when it is at its peak digestion is also strong and when it sets down, like say in the evening so do the digestion becomes weak.
  • Hence, it is advised to have light dinner and full proper lunch. It is the most important meal and should be containing a variety of dishes, warm and cooked food. All this can be digested easily, also  there is a long time for the body to assimilate the food properly.
  • Here it is suggested to take a wide variety of food as it is important for the body to get  full nutrition. Your diet should have all kind of things as food only having protein or carbohydrate leaves the tissues undernourished, ultimately sending the hunger messages to the brain which makes you overeat.
  • A properly balanced lunch makes you feel full for the longest time hence making it easy to take only a light meal at dinner.

3. Warm food

  • It is recommended to take only warm food as it is easy to digest and go along with your digestive fire. Cold foods suppress your digestive fire making it low and resulting in bad digestion. Not only Ayurveda but chemistry also says this.
  • Some of you may remember that it is given in one of our chemistry chapters that chemical reactions are suppressed by cold temperature and if you give closer look digestion is a chemical reaction.
  • Consuming cold foods and drinks regularly only results in accumulation of ama, i.e. toxin (causing many diseases), indigestion and eventually unhealthy weight gain.

4. Go for Exercise not Dieting

  • Exercise helps to improve overall body functions like metabolism, circulation, bone density, strength, and complexion. These things eventually help in reducing weight in a very healthy way.
  • Doing exercise not only makes you healthy physically but emotionally and mentally too.
  • The mental and emotional part of us also leads to weight gain so mental health is important as well in weight loss. Here I am not talking about a heavy strenuous exercise but a simple one. You can just go for a walk or jogging. Be regular walker after having meals, it quickens the digestion.

5. Drink hot water-

  • Sipping hot water with lemon or ginger helps to clear your digestive tract, keeping the digestion on track. It also clears all blockages and helps to eliminate the impurities from the body.
  • Food cravings between meals can really prove a trigger to weight gain. So take this drink 2-3 times whole days so cravings are kept at a distance. For gaining most of the benefits, boil the water for 10 minutes at least.

6. Time to stop

  • According to Ayurveda, the food which is packaged, processed, canned and junk lacks prana, i.e. life. This lifeless food deteriorates your health and does no good to you only resulting in unwanted weight gain.
  • Food which is cooked and kept in the fridge (leftover) and again used after reheating is really bad for health as all of its nutritional qualities are gone along with the digestibility. Foods which are freshly cooked contains prana, life, intelligence, and freshness.
  • Taking leftovers, canned, junk, processed and packaged food lead to the formation of ama, the toxin. Ama gets accumulated in different parts of the body, blocking body channels and causing various diseases and weight gain.

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Meaning– Everyone should eat food in proper quantity and according to the digestive strength of their body. This helps to maintain proper health.

Reference- Charak samhita, sushrutsthan, chapter no. 5, shloka no. 3 and 4.


A good digestion is the key of healthy weight and body. So buck up and get going with the tips.

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